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Ice Breakers Mints

Ice Breakers Mints

Ice Breakers candy is a brand of mints and gums, (usually mint flavored gums). Ice Breakers are known for having flashy commercials and an intense taste. They are usually white colored mints or gum, but come in other colors also depending on the flavor. Ice Breakers mints were first introduced in the year 1996, and since then they have increased in popularity and have developed a strong fan following. Ice Breakers markets itself as a brand of freshening and intense mints and mint-like gums that aim to make the consumer feel refreshed and invigorated with the intensity of its flavor and the freshness that flavor provides. The intention of the invention of the Ice Breakers brand was to take part in the increasing fervor for the popular mint candy and related market.

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Ice Breakers Candy History And Information

Ice breakers is a candy brand of mints and chewing gums currently manufactured by the Hershey Food Corporation. Ice Breakers mint’s original version is white in color, with other flavors of Ice Breakers having differences in their color-coating to help indicate their flavor. However, this mint candy was not always manufactured by Hershey’s. The original producer of the candy was Nabisco, an American manufacturer of cookies and snacks based in New Jersey.

Ice Breakers were first manufactured by the Nabisco Lifesaver division in 1996. It was initially produced as a response to the increasing competition in the candy markets from mint brands. The Ice Breakers brand’s manufacturing rights along with several other brands were then purchased by the Hershey Food Corporation for $135 million in the year 2000, which has continued to produce Ice Breakers since that time. The deal between Hershey’s and Nabisco that gained Hershey’s the right to produce Ice Breakers also gave them rights to brands such as Bubble Yum, Breath Savers, CareFree and StickFree. Ice Breakers was popularized to a greater extent then previously after Hershey’s took over its production and marketing. By 2006, the Hershey Food Corporation had the third largest market share in the chewing-gum market. This success was credited to the Ice Breakers candy as the company continued to use it expand its market share further. However, it was not able to do so freely.

The Wrigley Company filed a lawsuit on 16 March 2006 stating that Hershey’s had infringed a patent with Ice Breakers In the lawsuit, Wrigley mentioned that the patent was for “chewing gum containing physiological cooling agents”. Besides this allegation, the accuser demanded royalties to be paid on the past sales of the Ice Breakers candy. This was one of the factors why chewing-gum sales took a nosedive by 2014. However, Ice Breakers’ sales improved in 2016 with 17 percent increment in sales for their Ice Breakers Ice Cubes mint gun line.

The packaging of the Ice Breakers has also changed since its first production. Initially, the packaging included drawn steel bottom with two hinged plastic flaps. The case was round and the larger flap had “To Share” and the smaller one had “Not To Share” printed on them. By 2006, the manufacturer started making the cases entirely out of plastic. The labeling on the flaps was changed in 2015. The small flap then said “ONE” and the larger flap said “MANY”. Besides that, the cases had different colors which indicated the flavors of the candy they contained.

There are different varieties of mint candies that are produced under the Ice Breakers brand. These include cool mints, peppermint chews and soft, cube-shaped gum that the company calls Ice Cubes. The Ice Cubes, which were released in 2008, had a huge range of flavors. These included Bubble Breeze, Raspberry Sorbet, Cinnamon, Strawberry Smoothie, Cool Orange, Tropical Freeze and many more. The company added another candy to its mint candy line in March 2011 which was called Frost. Frosts have a stronger mint taste with peppermint and winter cool flavors.

Hershey’s launched Liquid Ice under the Ice Breakers brand in 2003, which had liquid filled mint. But this variety of the mint candy was not welcomed with open arms in the market. It had a bitter taste which was due to an artificial sweetener, called Neotame, added to the candy. The bad reputation created due to this ended up in the candy being discontinued a year after its first launch.

Another variety of Ice Breakers launched by Hershey’s was Ice Breakers PACS in 2007. In this variety, a powdered mint mixture was covered by two blue dissolving layers. PACS was also discontinued a year later in 2008 due to national concerns over its legality. It caught attention nationwide as it resembled street narcotics. Consequently, it faced huge criticism and the company president and CEO halted Ice Breakers PACS production in response to it.

 2014 saw a new line of Ice Breakers being launched. It was called Cool Blasts Chews which were packed in plastic stray-like containers that opened from its sides. The most recent launch of a variety of Ice Breakers is the glitter gum. It was released in April 2018 and the company hoped this would appeal to the younger generation. 


The Year Ice Breakers Was Invented

Ice Breakers was invented in the year 1996. It was invented to compete in a growing interest in mint candies.


The Company That Invented Ice Breakers Candy

The company that invented Ice Breakers Mints is Nabisco. Nabisco is an American manufacturer of cookies and snacks and is a subsidiary of Mondelez International, who is a company split from Kraft Foods Inc. Nabisco has helped to co-brand the cereal Oreo O's and has also produced Planters Peanuts before the product moved to using Kraft branding after Nabiscos acquisition by Kraft in the year 2015.


The Company That Makes Ice Breakers Candy

Ice Breakers is currently produced by the Hershey Company, a massive American candy company known for its famous Hershey’s Bar, as well as products like Whoppers, Twizzlers, and Almond Joy. The Hershey Company acquired the rights to produce Ice Breakers mints and gum in the year 2000. This was apart of an overall 135 million dollar deal that included other candy brands being sold to the Hershey Company alongside the Ice Breakers brand.