Top New Year Foods to Attract Luck

Top New Year Foods to Attract Luck in 2024

With the holiday season just around the corner, most of us are getting ready to gather a list of snacks and dishes that can bring good luck in 2024 — the year of the dragon. For everyone who eagerly waits for Christmas traditions throughout the year, preparing food has especially significant meaning during this time. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most lucky foods to prepare for your loved ones for this New Year and make the most of your good fortune!

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Top New Year Foods to Attract Luck in 2024

1. Ring-Shaped Donuts

Ring-Shaped Donuts

Have you noticed that people often aim to include ring-shaped foods on their New Year’s table? The reason is that a full circle is considered a symbol of good luck. As a result, everything shaped like a ring can bring you good fortune in the upcoming 2024. This can be either circle-shaped cakes, bagels, or onion rings. 

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Chocolate-covered donuts are probably the easiest to grab and enjoy among these ring-shaped foods. In order to enhance your chances of lucky fortune, you can even pair these lucky foods with extra fortune. One such opportunity is playing online slots, often featuring donut-shaped symbols on their reels. For instance, you can find out about these exciting offers on this Stardust casino promo code review by BonusFinder to add an extra layer of luck to your New Year’s festivities.

2. Tamales


If you don’t live in Latin America, chances are that your table on either Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s Eve doesn’t usually feature Mexican snacks. However, once you find out that Mexican tamales are considered one of the luckiest foods for the New Year, you might think about changing your traditions.

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Tamales is a traditional food in Mexico made from corn dough wrapped in banana leaves. This dish signifies a warm time spent with loved ones. That’s why it can be especially beneficial to bring this Mexican dish to your New Year’s table. Don’t mistake it for the popular Hot Tamales candy, though. While the traditional one can attract luck for your upcoming year, we can’t certainly say the same about this cinnamon-flavored candy.

3. Lentils


Making a dish using lentils might sound a bit odd for the New Year. However, in most cultures, this food is associated with luck and prosperity. That’s why we suggest creating a special dish using lentils for New Year’s Eve. 

While Italians usually cook this legume with their bolognese, you can consider making a lentil hummus, using it in your colorful salads, or just leaving it as it is and bringing a fresh lentil to your table. In either case, this vegetable is likely to bring you good luck if you don’t miss it from the list of your New Year’s groceries.

4. Cornbread


Cornbread waffles or cornmeal muffins aren’t really typical desserts for the New Year. But since corn is considered the symbol of gold, people believe that cornbread is one of those foods that promise prosperity for the New Year. 

There are plenty of cornbread recipes you can try in order to take advantage of its prosperous benefits. Ideally, we suggest baking something circle-shaped that’s yellow in color. Still, any golden corn dish can fill your New Year’s table with success and fortune.

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5. Fish


The final New Year’s dish that can bring good luck is something as simple as fish. Fish dishes are a natural part of New Year’s cuisine in most cultures without further planning. However, according to legends, the chances of having a lucky year increase if one person eats a whole fish on the New Year. And in whole, we mean literally an entire fish — with its head, tail, and body. The rest is up to you — you can cook any type of fish meal or maybe even bring the classic goldfish crackers to the table. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know what the five most exciting New Year’s foods are that can bring good luck to your family. Some of them are typical, others are a bit odd, but in either case, preparing foods using all of these foods will undoubtedly increase your chances of having a fortunate, successful, and lucky year in 2024!

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