Peeps Marshmallow

Peeps Marshmallow (History, FAQ & Flavors)

The one thing we know to be true of Peeps Marshmallows is you either love them or you hate them. These sugary Easter treats are a lot of fun to look at and play with, even if you aren’t a fan of the flavors. Of course, you can always just make Smores instead of eating them plain if you like. 

Check out this complete guide to Peeps Marshmallow. 

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Peeps Marshmallow


You likely refer to Peeps marshmallows as just Peeps. This is what adorers across the globe know them as. They are marshmallows that are shaped into distinct cute little animal shapes and then coated in colorful sugar. Some Peeps are now even flavored to make it fun and exciting being that sparkly sugar coating. 

Originally, Peeps were mostly chicks but now the line includes chicks, bunnies, and some other animals as well. When these treats first came out, they were only available at Easter but now you can find them during some other holidays as well. 

Peeps Marshmallows were first introduced to the world back in 1953. That is almost 75 years ago at this time. When they were first created, they were made by a candy company known as Rodda Candy Company. That company had a marshmallow chick line, which is what we now know of as Peeps. 

When Rodda owned the line, they hand-formed all of the chicks on their own and produced them on a small scale. While they certainly get kudos for their efforts, the hand-making process was tedious and unnecessary. 

Sam Born purchased that line in 1953 and created a factory production line. This was when the candy became Peeps. While they existed before that, they were an entirely different line with different owners and they were only sold on a small scale because of the hand-making technique. 

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When Sam Born of “Just Born” purchased the line, he started mass-producing the marshmallows and gave them their name. The line quickly became a hit and Just Born was labeled the largest marshmallow candy manufacturer in the world because of it. 

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Around 1960, they started adding some other cute animals to the line, expanding from the chicks that are the most common. They always stuck with an Easter-type theme, even though they have expanded into other seasons. 

Through the years not only did they add some new shapes but they also added new colors. The original color was just yellow and pink was also available. Those are the original choices. Both lavender and blue tones were added in the 1990s. 

Once they got down to various shapes and colors, they started producing different flavors. The lines continued to evolve and expand, creating a myriad of fun things and even spreading out to products that weren’t candy but used Peeps as the theme, such as lip balm. They have other fun accessories that you can find as well. These are most commonly found around Easter. 

Just Born is a “small” candy company located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was originally started by a Ukrainian immigrant named Sam Born. Peeps are still manufactured there in Pennsylvania. 

In 2019, they added a line of mini-Peeps. These were intended to be available year-round but they are not always easy to find. 

There have been some fun experiments and competitions that included Peeps over the years. One major competition is an annual Peeps Eating event. The current record stands at 255 Peeps in 5 minutes, which was awarded in 2017. Now, there are several competitions like this in the USA. 

You can also attend the Annual International Peeps Art Exhibition at the Racine Art Museum every April. There are some other fun ideas out there, including a dessert pizza that adds Peeps and a science experiment that attempted to prove Peeps were indestructible. 

When Were Peeps Marshmallow First Invented? 

We are unsure when this sweet marshmallow chick was first created. The original owners of the company handmade every single marshmallow and it was a small company that spent a lot of time creating the chick shapes. 

However, that all changed in 1953 when Just Born purchased the line and started mass-producing Peeps as we know them. This is when the official named Peeps that we know today were created but the design and recipe were invented before that with the other company. 

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Who Owns Peeps Marshmallow? 

Peeps Marshmallows are owned by the Just Born company. They’ve been there since about 1953 and they’ve always been a huge success. Just Born still owns this line, although the original creator of Just Born, Sam Born, is no longer alive. 

These sweet treats continue to be produced in Pennsylvania and that plant is known as the largest marshmallow treat producer in the entire world. They certainly have changed through the years but have never lost popularity. 

How Did Peeps Get Their Name? 

When you consider the little animals that Peeps Marshmallows are shaped after, all of them have something in common. They are little peep animals that are cute and fun to everyone that sees them. 

Chicks were the first animal in the lineup and bunnies followed shortly after. Now, you will find a host of other shapes too, straying from the original patterns of this treat. It was those original animals and their sweet natures that produced the name “Peeps” and it just seemed to fit. 


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Now, you can find seasonal flavors that will vary with the interests of the season. They have become incredibly creative, producing a ton of different options and coming out with fun new choices each year. 

The original flavor was always just the marshmallow and they held to that standard until 1999. This means that the marshmallow original was the only option for close to 50 years after the production of Peeps Marshmallow began. 

Starting in 1999 and into 2002, they added vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate to the line of Peeps flavors. The originals still remained the popular choice. The company started adding variable color options before they ever started changing flavors around. 

They went from only offering yellow and pink to then offering lavender and blue as well. This is another change that didn’t happen until many years after the original concepts. Much like the flavors, you can now find a variety of colors and styles depending on the seasons. 

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And don’t forget the variety of accessories and merchandise items that can be found as well. Some of these are made by completely different companies that have contracted with Peeps to create fun gifts and items. 


  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Gelatin
  • Contains Less than 0.5% of the following: Potassium Sorbate (A Preservative), Natural Flavors, Blue #1, Carnauba Wax


Serving Size:1 peep (8.4g)% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat0.1
Total Fat0g0%
Saturated Fat0g0%
Polyunsaturated Fat0g
Monounsaturated Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates6.8g2%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Sugars 4.8g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000-calorie diet.


Peeps Were Made for Fun

Peeps Marshmallows have certainly created a lot of excitement through the years. You can find so many fun things out there, many of which we have talked about in the history above. 

If you absolutely love Peeps, you can find one of the eating contests hosted throughout the United States to get involved in. You can enjoy the art exhibit with Peep inspired artwork if you love Peeps and creativity. Of course, there are also newspapers that do various contests as well. 

The fun doesn’t stop with these activities and events either. There are tons of baking and creative cooking recipes that put Peeps to great use, even if it is just for a décor factor. You simply can’t go wrong. 


Whether you love Peeps flavors, colors, shapes, or just the fun, you can enjoy them in many different ways. It’s fun to see how this company has changed and grown through the years. 

What’s your favorite Peeps color and animal? 


How many Marshmallow Peeps are sold each year?

According to Peeps Incorporated, they sell over 700 Million peeps each year!

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