Pocky (History, Pictures, Commercials & FAQ)

Japan is well known for its variety of unique treats. Since the beginning of time, the amazing people of this country have been making spectacular delicacies. The country is home to countless mouthwatering candies, cookies, and treats. When we talk about Japanese candy and sweet snacks, Pocky has managed to become a global phenomenon.

Pocky can be found in any part of the world and is exceptional not only in its taste but also in its colorful graphic boxes. The treat managed to make everybody fall in love with it and even reached cult-snack status.

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Pocky’s Debut

Ezaki Glico Co. is the Japanese food manufacturer and creator of Pocky. The brand was founded in 1922 by Riichi Ezaki. He managed to create the caramel candy called Glico Caramel. The candy used to be sold in Osaka’s Mitsukoshi store. The association with Pocky comes from this particular candy.

During World War II, Ezaki stopped the manufacturing process because of the disruptions. However, people loved it so much that its popularity was still there when it reopened in 1951. By that time, chocolate in Japan was mainly imported from European countries and the United States. The only available chocolate was Chunky Bars. The original candy recipe of Pocky is a combination of a short, stick-shaped biscuit that is covered in smooth chocolate all the way. 

To describe simply, the Pocky is skinny cookies that are dipped in flavorful coatings. It has 40 years of history, and in that time, it has managed to get famous worldwide. Manufacturing of Pocky started in 1966 and was introduced by Ezaki Glico Co., a Japanese food manufacturer company. The candy was invented by Yoshiaki Koma. 

The original name of the snack was Chocotek. However, it was modified in the second year of production. The inspiration for the brand name was the Japanese word “Pokin,” which is a snapping sound that is made when breaking the stick in two.

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Growth Of The Brand

After just four years since its first appearance, the Candy managed to become loved by Southeast Asia, and therefore, a new manufacturing site was opened in Thailand. The stick became so popular over the years that it was even offered in restaurants and cafes as a snack. 

Candy first started to appear in Europe in the 1980s. It was the merit of the Generale Biscuit Glico France S.A. company. They managed to bring Pocky into the European market and started manufacturing locally. In Europe, the license for this particular candy manufacturing belongs to Mondelez International. It is sold under the name of “Mikado” in the following countries: Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the UK. 

The Pocky reached Canada in 1987. Strange, but the sales in China did not start until 1995. The United States market was acquired in 2003. In the United States and Canada, you can find this delicious treat in the Asian supermarkets or the international sections of the supermarkets. They can be found at Walmart, Costco, Kroger, and some Target stores. 

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Original Pocky 

It is believed that the inspiration for the design was Kushikatsu. Kushikatsu is a fried pork dish that is a Japanese traditional food and is served skewered. At one end of the stick, there is the meat, and at the other, the stick is free and one is supposed to hold it from this site.

The original version is made from dark chocolate and wafer sticks. The candy was loved by many, but it had some issues. One of the issues was that the stick was covered in chocolate all the way around, and it created discomfort while eating. Because it was leaving the fingers sticky and chocolaty, the company decided to leave its portion undipped. 

Since then, the newer version has been successfully released, and it works great. The patent for this particular invention was registered in 1969. There was another idea that considered adding the removable foil, but it would increase the cost and therefore was rejected. Pocky has a distinctive shape and a special eating method, unlike western chocolate biscuits. The sticks have to be picked up by the fingertips from the side where chocolate is absent. 

The biscuit that pocky is made from has a pretzel texture but is a little thinner in comparison.  However, the original version of the treat comes in a red rectangular box. The package has an opening like a lid in the front, and it is possible to close the lid after opening it, so the snack does not go bad. The packaging for different variations is a mostly rectangular box that comes in different colors. The colors depend on the flavors.

Pocky is a thin stick of cookies that is mainly dipped in chocolate. However, different variations come with different creams. The treat is mainly made from the following ingredients: wheat flour, chocolate liquor, vegetable oil, milk powder, palm oil, sugar, cocoa butter, salt, artificial flavors, and others.


A new flavor of Pocky was introduced in the 1970s. Instead of the traditional chocolate Pocky, this version was rolled in almond pieces. Another version appeared in 1976; this time the sticks were dipped in strawberry cream instead of chocolate. 

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Today, there are 50 flavors of Pocky available. However, some varieties may be limited in certain countries. For example, the Royal Milk Tea Pocky is only sold in the United Kingdom. Three specific types are only available in Japan, and those are Kobe Wine, Shinshu Kyoho grape, and Hokkaido Yubari Melon. In the United States, there are five flavors available, including the original chocolate flavor, strawberry, cookie & cream, chocolate & banana, and matcha & green tea. Pocky’s seasonal flavors include kiwifruit, mango in the summer, and honey in the spring.

The brand also offers themed products such as “Decor Pocky” that are not only delicious but also have decorative purposes. This version comes with colorful stripes dipped in the coating. In some cases, you might get lucky and find the seasonal versions too. Limited edition boxes are often released during the holidays and celebrations.

A recent addition to the brand variations is called “Adult Amber”. This particular one has bitter chocolate that is slightly salty. It is thought to be an aperitif that goes with whiskey. 

“Desert Pocky” is a stick covered in sweet cream. This type comes in the variations of chocolate, chocolate banana, tiramisu, chestnut, strawberry shortcake, orange, and marron white. This type is often presented in a box, and there are five packets per box. Each packet has three flavors.

Pocky As A Part Of The Culture

Poky has become part of Japanese culture and traditions. If you watch Japanese anime, you will notice that those delicious treats are featured in most of the media, and their appearance is pretty common. In particular, the younger generation enjoys it. Pocky has become part of the trend in pop culture too. 

The 11th of November is designated as National Pocky Day. During the day, many different activities are held in Japan. One of the most popular activities on this day is the Pocky game. To play the game, only 2 people and a single Pocky stick are needed.

Two people put opposite ends of a stick in their mouths and begin biting. When one side retreats from the other and eats more, or when the stick breaks, the game is finished. The winner is the one who eats the most. The excitement of the game comes mainly from the fact that the opponent’s lips almost touch each other, and it creates the illusion of a kiss. The game is often played at parties and social gatherings. There are several games and variations, including Pocky, and it has become a huge part of everyday life in Japan.

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Pocky Logo

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  • Wheat Flour
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate Liquor
  • Blend of Vegetable Oils(Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil)
  • Whole Milk Powder
  • Vegetable Oil Shortening(Palm Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Oil)
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Salt
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Yeast
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Leavening(Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • Mono- And Diglycerides of Fatty Acids


Serving Size:1 bag (40g)% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat63
Total Fat7g11%
Saturated Fat4g20%
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates28g9%
Dietary Fiber2g8%
Sugars 11g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C0%
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.



Interesting Facts About Pocky

  •  The 11th of November is National Pocky Day, established in 1999 by Glico. 
  • The Pocky brand managed to hold two Guinness records. The first one was received on November 11, 2013. It was around the campaign to get Pocky to be the most tweeted brand in the 24 hours. The record was broken by 3.71 million tweets
  • The second Guinness record held by the Pocky brand was secured in 2019. This time, the brand became the number one chocolate biscuit manufacturer on the planet and reached sales of 589 million.
  • Originally, the Pocky candy brand was marketed toward women. It was thought to be a treat that was eaten on the go. However, not only women but everybody loved it, so they had to change the campaign.
  •  In Europe, Pocky is known as Mikado. The reason behind it is that in Malay, the name of the treat translates as a vulgar word.

Bottom Line

Today, the output of the pocky treat reaches up to 500 million. The treat has become loved and famous all over the world and is manufactured in many different countries. Even though there are 50 different variations, the most famous ones are strawberry, chocolate, and cookie & cream. 

Pocky is a great treat for movie nights or family gatherings. It is also classy, beautiful, and suitable for every occasion. This fun treat has undoubtedly become one of the most loved snacks in the world. 

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What is Pocky?

Pocky ˈpɒki/ is a sweet Japanese snack food produced by the Ezaki Glico food company.

Where is Pocky from?

Pocky is a Japanese snack.

How many Pocky flavors are there?

8 Flavours of Pocky – Pocky Matcha, Double Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate, Fruity Blueberry, Fruity Strawberry, Milky and Choco Banana (8 Boxes) by Pocky.

What is Pocky made of?

The main ingredients of Pocky is Biscuit stick and chocolate.

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