Ritz Crackers

Ritz is a circular cracker with ridge edges. Ritz is crunchy, but easy to bite into crackers, and is salted on one side. Other varieties of Ritz exist, such as Ritz’s “Hint of Salt” and “Garlic Butter” flavor. Ritz Crackers are a fairly simple snack but have won over consumers with that simplicity. Ritz makes use of the color red for much of its branding, a noticeable color that denotes warmth, something that blends well with the taste and aesthetics of Ritz Cracker’s snacks. Ritz is also popular for its use in a wide variety of recipes and usefulness in combining the crackers with other foods. Ritz are golden and are about 2 inches wide.

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Ritz Crackers

Ritz Crackers – General Information

Ritz Crackers are a brand of snack crackers introduced by Nabisco in 1934 and are currently manufactured by Mondelez International, a spin-off of Kraft Foods. The circular, lightly salted cracker with a small scalloped edge became a top seller soon after it was introduced and has been ranked at or near the top of America’s snack polls for a number of years.

In 1934, during the Depression, Americans yearned for something fancy and exquisite, so a Nabisco employee came up with the name Ritz for its new cracker to help sell it. An employee, Sydney Stern, had one weekend to come up with a marketing idea to compete with Sunshine Biscuits’ most successful cracker. Sydney Stern helped design the box to appeal to consumers. Nabisco introduced the Ritz cracker to the Baltimore and Philadelphia markets on Nov. 21, 1934.

Many are familiar with the buttery-tasting original Ritz cracker, but there are other varieties available, from Low Sodium and Reduced Fat Ritz to Whole Wheat, Bacon, Garlic and Honey Butter Ritz. There are Ritz crackers that come in alternative sizes, including Crisps & Thins, a thinner version of the original cracker and Ritz Bits, bite-sized versions with peanut butter and cheese fillings. Ritz Fresh Stacks come in shorter sleeves so they stay fresher longer. Ritz Toasted Chips has been sold in five different flavors and small packs of Ritz Cracker Sandwiches, which are filled with peanut butter, cheddar and cream cheese.

You can eat Ritz Crackers straight out of the pack or Ritz in recipes to create a wide variety of dishes. A recipe for Mock Apple Pie that was found on the back of boxes may have been invented by Nabisco during the 1930s, when apples were hard to come by, according to culinarylore.com. The recipe uses Ritz crackers, lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon instead of apples. Ritz crackers can go in casseroles, main courses, side dishes and desserts and can be used with macaroni and cheese, baked chicken and butter toffee cookies.

Ritz Crackers has had a few slogans over the years, such as in tv commercials with Andy Griffith saying, “Everything tastes great when it sits on a Ritz,” maybe the cracker’s best-known advertising message. There are many more current executions, including the 2015 “Life is Rich” campaign that invoked the Depression-era founding of Ritz to promote the cracker and used a hit song by New Kids on the Block to support it.

A campaign in 2016 utilized an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response sound design technique to accentuate the crispiness when eating a Ritz cracker as part of a TV and online campaign.

Ritz crackers make a simple but time-proven snack, they can be eaten on their own for a light snack or topped with peanut butter or cheese to add more complexity and flavor to the snack. Ritz is said to have a buttery flavor to it, and Ritz is often sold in cardboard boxes that contain inner plastic packages that are very long and narrow that contain the crackers themselves.

The Year Ritz Crackers Was invented

Ritz Crackers was invented in the year 1934 and was first introduced by Nabisco.

The Company That Owns Ritz Crackers

Ritz is owned by Mondelez International. The company is headquartered near Chicago and manufactures chocolate, cookies, biscuits, gum, confectionery, and powdered beverages. Modelz International also owns products such as Sour Patch Kids, Ice Breakers, and is part owner of Oreo O’s Cereal.

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