Candy Myths and Truths

Candy Myths and Truths

Most of us adore candy, and it’s a fact. However, the internet is full of false information about sweets. Have you heard that eating chocolate is bad for your health? Do you think that no type of candy can be healthy and that eating too much chocolate can cause skin problems? Then, you’re probably among those people who are surrounded by misinformation about candy.

That’s why we decided to break the stereotypes and prove that all the common candy myths aren’t true! 

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In this article, we came up with candy myths that are very familiar to everyone and are always on our minds when we eat the whole box of our favorite M&M’s or Skittles. Thanks to the National Confectioners’ Association, we can prove that chocolate, candy, and various types of sweets are not only bad but, on the contrary, can have a positive influence on your physical or mental health. So, let’s get started. 

Candy Myths and Truths

Top 6 Candy Myths

In the modern world of misinformation, false news spreads faster than anybody can imagine. Therefore, even though it’s hard to identify all the candy myths, we’ve gathered some popular facts about candy and based on accurate information, revealed that most of them are in fact, false. So, here are the 6 most popular candy myths and we’re about to prove the truth about them!  

Myth #1: Sweets Cause Tooth Decay.

tooth decay

The one your mother always told you about. Right? This myth is mostly created by our moms who imprinted it into our brains. Imagine yourself eating some candy in the movie theater and being worried about waking up with no teeth the next day.

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The truth is, any food containing carbohydrates, like starches and sugars, can cause tooth decay and cause various injuries. The only way to protect yourself from it is to maintain regular hygiene. Good oral hygiene (brushing your teeth after every meal and snack) can protect your teeth from such damage.

Myth #2: Every Candy Is Highly Caloric

It’s true that every candy contains a high amount of sugar. But if we look at it in terms of calories,  eight gumdrops or jelly beans have 115 calories. Also, one Fun Size Snickers contains 8.5 grams of sugar, while a medium-sized apple packs 19 grams of sugar. As a result, consuming them in moderation will not result in the problems you expect.

Myth #3: There Is No Such A Thing As Healthy Candy 

snickers fat and cholesterol

It’s no secret that candy isn’t healthy food. They contain too much sugar, they are full of carbohydrates, and indeed, they affect our health badly. However, it’s among other popular candy myths that healthy candy doesn’t even exist.

In fact, many of them, like lollipops, Snickers, and gummies, have no fat or cholesterol, making them a healthier treat than you may have realized before. For example, one cup of candy corn contains fewer calories than the same amount of raisins.

Myth #4: Many People Are Allergic To Chocolate

dairy milk

A recent study destroyed this myth, showing that a mere one out of 500 individuals who thought they were allergic to chocolate actually turned out positive for the allergy.

If you’re having a reaction when you eat chocolate, you may be reacting to something else. You also may have a sensitivity instead of an allergy.

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Myth #5: Chocolate Can Be Deadly

dog and chocolate

This one is actually true – but only if you are a dog! Blame theobromine, which stimulates the cardiac muscle This one is actually true – but only if you are a dog! Blame theobromine, which stimulates the cardiac muscle and the central nervous system and causes toxicity in dogs, and even then, only in large amounts.

In spite of the fact that it is almost impossible for the average human to die from eating too much chocolate, “there certainly is a toxic dose of chocolate, and it can be fatal,” says Reed Caldwell, an emergency medicine physician at New York University Langone Medical Center. However, he says, if you attempt it, you are far more likely to wind up in the emergency room with a severely upset stomach (likely with vomiting) than with a chocolate overdose.

Myth #6 : Chocolate Causes Acne

chocolate acne

Studies dating all the way back to the 1960s have shown no correlation between the two, even in large amounts of consumption. No one loves to wake up with a pimple on their forehead, but we can’t blame chocolate for this. So you can enjoy the desired amount of chocolate and continue your skincare routine as you usually do.

Bottom Line on Candy Myths

To sum up, it might be an unpopular opinion, but it’s a fact that there are a lot of candy myths that are indeed false. Surprisingly, eating chocolate is not so harmful, and even more, it can even have positive consequences for your health. And even if sweets, in general, can be bad for our teeth, if you maintain good oral hygiene, we can bet that nothing can harm your teeth! So, the next time someone starts complaining about the side effects of sweets, remember that not everything people think is a fact is actually true.

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