Fruit Stripe Gum

This is a fruity tasting gum is often popular with kids for its colorful appearance. Fruit Stripe gum comes in several different flavors and colors and the gum sticks have stripes on them. Fruit Stripe Gum has a colorful packaging and has featured a Zebra as a mascot. Read more about Fruit Stripe Gum here.

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Fruit Stripe Gum

Fruit Stripe Gum – History and General Information

Fruit Stripe Gum, a gum that first came onto the market in the 1960’s, is a very popular gum to many adults and children. It has a powerful nostalgic value to many people as it was a popular gum for many children who are not adults. Fruit Stripe Gum is notorious being the only gum with stripes, something that many types of gum seem to lack, and for this reason, it remains a top choice in many people’s opinions. Fruit Stripe Gum was first invented by a man by the name of James Parker in the 1960’s as an extension to the then popular Beech-Nut line of gum. The rights to Fruit Stripe Gum were eventually acquired by the Farley’s and Sathers Candy Company, who acquired it from the famous Hershey Company in the year 2003.  In the year 2012, Farley’s and Sathers Candy Company merged together with the company Ferrara Pan. The Ferrara Candy Company then took their places and is now the producer of fruit striped gum.

One notable thing about the Fruit Stripe Gum brand, In 1996, Fruit Stripe donated five cents from every sale of the Variety Multipack and the Jumbo Pack of Fruit Stripe Gum to help fund the World Wildlife Fund, which existed to attempt to protect the habitats and lives of endangered animals. The donation amount to the World Wildlife Fund totaled over one hundred thousand dollars. This brought some noteworthy attention to the Fruit Stripe Gum brand’s company, and even more people began to fall in love with their product.

Fruit Stripe Gum also had a mascot called the Fruit Stripe Gum Man. The Fruit Stripe Gum Man worked to promote Fruit Stripe Gum as late as 1967. The Fruit Stripe Gum Man was basically just a pack of gum with arms, legs, and a face and many people found it to be be quite funny. Along with the Fruit Stripe Gum Man came an entire family of animals known as The Stripes Family Animals. These animals included species such as a tiger, a zebra, an elephant, and a mouse and also worked to promote Fruit Stripe Gum. These animals were very creative in how they would bring attention to Fruit Stripe Gum and could be found in everything from children’s coloring books to children’s toys. After a while, most of the animals mascots were removed and only the Zebra, named “Yipes”, remained.

For a long while, “Yipes” was the only mascot for the Fruit Stripe Gum and was a huge hit. Even to this day, there are collectors who will buy items containing the zebra for much higher prices than one might expect. Yipes is shown to very sporty, and the package will generally show Yipes playing either soccer or basketball.  Fruit Stripe Gum even played a part in many movies and television shows such as Home Alone, King of Queens, That 70’s show, and Family Guy. This just goes to show how popular this gum was. To this day, many people claim that Fruit Stripe Gum is the best gum they have ever had, loving this fruity gums flavor. It really is a gum that everyone should try for themselves.

The Year Fruit Stripe Gum Made?

Many people wish to know when fruit stripes gum was first made.  From the information we could find, it appears fruit stripe gum was first produced in the 1960’s. It appeared to get very popular around the year 1970, When its advertising really took off.

Do they still make Fruit Stripe Gum?

One of the most frequently asked question we get for this page is do they still make Fruit Stripe Gum? Well you are in luck my friends, it appears yes they do still make it. You can buy it from several stores or buy it online as well, check out the links above on our page if you want to buy Fruit Stripe Gum online. Getting it online seems to be the most convenient way for most people as it seems they are getting harder to find.

What happened to fruit stripe gum?

Fruit Stripe Gum has been getting harder to find for some reason. Fruit stripe gum, it has slowly started disappearing off many shelves. It may be due to the very high competition of the snack market, or perhaps its the health food friendly mentality that more consumers have in more recent times.  One thing we know is that its getting harder to find fruit stripe gum.  The best way to get your hands on it now is it buy fruit stripe gum on the internet.

The Fruit Stripe Gum Mascot

The primary mascot for Fruit Stripe Gum is a zebra by the name of “Yipes.”  There were other animals that were used as mascots for this gum in the past as well.  This includes a elephant, a mouse, and also  tiger. They were all used to advertise fruit stripe gum, mostly to kids.  There was also the Fruit Stripe Gum Man, another mascot.

Memories of Fruit Stripe Gum as a child

I remember the first time I tried Fruit stripe gum, I was just a small child.  I remember how fantastic it tasted and how my and my friend would gobble up a whole pack in an hour. This was of course in part to Fruit stripe gum losing its flavor rather quickly. At the time I used to wonder why the flavor faded so fast, but I dismissed it and just took another piece. In hindsight, perhaps that short lived flavor that tastes so great is what keep sales up for our favorite zebra stripped gum. Regardless, this gum sure was a staple of childhood for many adults today.

Where Can I Buy Fruit Stripe Gum

Over the years Fruit Stripe Gum has become slightly harder to find. Those who wish to know where to buy fruit stripe gum have two option, local stores or buying online. Those looking to buy fruit stripe gum in stores can check places like Sams Food Stores or Wal-Mart. We have a full list locations of where you can buy fruit stripe gum further down this page. If you wish to buy fruit stripe gum, you have the advantage of getting bulk deals and often free shipping. You can buy Fruit Stripe Gum online by checking further down this page as well.

The Company That Makes Fruit Stripe Gum

The Company that produces fruit Striped gum is called The Ferrara Candy Company. Ferrara Candy Company is known for making several popular types of candy such as jaw busters and the now discontinued Atomic Fireballs.

Buy Fruit Stripe Gum Online

Fruit Stripe Gum Locations

Locations were you can buy Fruit Stripe Gum

The following is list of said locations you can purchases Fruit Stripe Gum.  If you want to know were you can find Fruit Stripe Gum, check this list for possible locations.

  • Sams food stores in the United states.
  • Walmart
  • cvs
  • Local convenience stores may have it in some locations.
  • online
  • amazon
  • Ebay
  • You can buy them online through the links above
  • Some stores in the UK are said to still have them.

Check in local stores in your general area as availability of this products seems limited in many areas.

Fruit Stripe Gum Commercials

Watch these Fruit Stripe Gum advertisements

The Fruit Stripe Gum Tattoos

One of the best things about being a kid and eating fruit stripe gum is the tattoos. fruit stripe gum comes with tattoos in there packages, and kids love them. admittedly, Fruit stripe gum’s tattoos are really cool, having a variety of different designs. usually they were the various mascots fruit stripe had, most often times animals. These tattoos could be applied using water and pasting them on your skin. Afterwards they would come off after a few days from bathing and such.

The Downside Of Fruit Stripe Gum

As great as fruit stipe gum is, it does have one major flaw. Apparently its not a fatal flaw, because it fruit stripe gum remains popular, but its a flaw nonetheless. The issue is fruit stripe gum’s flavor runs out really fast. As is when you first start chewing it tastes wonderful, but before you know it taste like nothing, tasteless. Clever marketing trick, or the price it pays for that short burst of fruity and flavorful wonder? Perhaps that just the way fruit stripes gum ingredients need to be to get the flavor just right.