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Japanese Kit Kats – The World Of Unique, Lucky Flavors

Have you ever heard of Japanese Kit Kats? These colorful, incredible-flavored candies are just a phenomenon. Kit Kats didn’t only succeed in becoming a favorite candy for Japanese people, but they also had an important impact on their pop culture. 

Japanese Kit Kats come in different flavors, and some of them may not be found anywhere else in the world but only in Japan. If you have tasted and enjoyed regular Kit Kat bars, then be sure that you won’t regret getting to know the whole new, unique flavors of Kit Kat’s family. But what is it about these simple candy bars that have made them so popular? And what makes them so different from other countries’ versions? 

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Keep reading to explore the amazing Japanese Kit Kats and get to know their unique flavors.

Japanese Kit Kats - The World Of Unique, Lucky Flavors

The History of Japanese Kit Kats

The original Kit Kat brand, which was the main inspiration for Japanese Kit Kats, was created back in 1911 when the name Kit-kat was registered as a trademark by a confectionery manufacturer, Rowntree’s. The name did not become famous until the 1920s when they released Kit Kat boxes of chocolate. 

It wasn’t until 1973 when Kit Kats were introduced to Japan, and finally, in 2000, Nestlé released its first – strawberry flavor, which was the starting point of all the Kit Kat flavors in Japan. Since then, they’ve created more than 350 varieties of candy that soon became so famous that they were available in every Japanese store. 

Most of these Japanese Kit Kat flavors are only available in certain cities, regions, and seasons, depending on people’s tastes and desires. The candy has a strong symbolic meaning as well, and it is frequently given as a gift to loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues upon their return from travels.

Marketing Insights from Japanese Kit Kats

You might ask, “There are many delicious candies, but not all of them deserve to be adored by cultures.” Why is this candy so highly popular? Well, it’s not just about the tastes… Nestlé Japan even received a prize at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for promoting the Japanese Kit Kats as a straightforward candy bar.

Even the original Kit Kat inventors wanted to create something that would make people feel better about their lives. During hard times, the candy should have been a reminder of brighter days. Some things never change. Even today, Japanese Kit Kats are marketed as candy that helps you relax. 

That’s how they made a delicious bar with wafer and chocolate layers. Hundreds of different Kit Kat flavors are founded on the concept of happiness and simplicity. More and more flavors are simply a guarantee that everyone will be able to locate the personalized KitKat bar.

The symbolic meaning of Kit Kats in Japan also benefits their marketing. Kit Kat sounds similar to the Japanese phrase “Kitto Katsu,” which means “You Will Certainly Win.” People believe that candy brings happiness, and Kit Kat bars are considered lucky. As a result, it is a common practice for Japanese students to eat candy before exams.

Japanese Kit Kat Flavors and Varieties

The main ingredients used to produce the candy are wheat flour, sugar syrup or honey, chocolate powder, and margarine. The short-size list of ingredients is one of the reasons Kit Kats are marketed as a healthy Japanese snack. Japanese Kit Kats are one of the most natural snacks on the market today, with only four simple ingredients and no preservatives or additives, making them one of the most natural snacks on the market.

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Following its popularity, a variety of Japanese kit kits were developed, including mint and caramel, and in 1999, the delicious Kit Kat Chunky was warmly received by chocolate lovers all around the world. 

Some of the new flavors have proven to be highly successful, including Matcha Green Tea and Wasabi Ginger, which easily deserved the love. Some of their wide range of flavors can be found in other countries around the world, and others are unique to Japan only.

You already know about Japanese people’s obsession with Kit Kats and all their unique flavors, but let’s take a better look at some of their incredible candy bars. Here are some interesting flavors you might be interested in trying!

1. Purple Sweet Potato 

Purple Sweet Potato 

Have you ever felt the taste of sweet potato flavor? It is definitely something every candy lover should try. The taste of this Japanese Kit Kats flavor will surprise you!

The Kit Kat Beni Imo starts with a conventional Kit Kat wafer and is then dipped in a creamy white chocolate mixture with authentic Okinawan purple sweet potato. This is the flavor you were looking for!

2. Hojicha Tea

Hojicha Tea

Hojicha tea, meaning roasted tea, is another incredible flavor of Japanese Kit Kats. Once you taste this flavor, you will wish you had gotten a bigger box of these! It tastes almost identical to the toasted brown tea that is nearly as popular in Japan as its green relative.

The taste of roasted tea is somewhat smokey, with a mellow bitterness. Hojicha flavors the white chocolate that covers the Kit Kat as well as the cream within the wafer. What gives it an extra crunchy texture? Crushed cookie pieces that are mixed into the chocolate make it just perfect.

3. Uji Matcha

Uji Matcha

There are several different Matcha Kit Kats you can find in Japan, including regular, premium, and this one, which is specifically listed as Uji Matcha. Uji is the region outside of Kyoto where some of Japan’s finest matcha tea is produced, and the flavor perfectly represents the unique taste of the region.

4. Strawberry 


This is one of the most popular flavors of Kit Kat in Japan. It’s safe to say that many people love strawberries and Kit Kats, so why not try these amazing tastes combined into one incredible candy bar? The taste is very sweet, as it should be. It is coated in a muted pink creme.

5. Wasabi


Do you want a little more action? Then indulge in these limited-edition Kit Kat wasabi chocolates! These Japanese Kit Kats are prepared with Tamaruya Honten’s historical and beloved wasabi, which is usually exclusively available in Japan’s Shizuoka region.

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The taste is a combination of mild horseradish, fiery wasabi, and sweet Kit Kat white chocolate! If you want to try something different, you should get the wasabi-flavored Kit Kat!

6. Apple 


This universal fruit is widely loved by everyone and is said to be very beneficial for our health. What about trying them as the flavor of Kit Kat?

You have the option of choosing apple as the flavor to go along with dark chocolate or white chocolate, depending on what kind of chocolate lover you are. It still tastes like an apple, for sure. It is crisp and fruity, and you will not be disappointed.

7. Raspberry 


The Nestle KitKat Raspberry Blast wafer is covered in milk chocolate and raspberry flavor. You can enjoy the fantastic 12-mini chocolate bars accented with sweet raspberry. There is no denying this one tastes like raspberries and real fruit. The berry does a good job of offsetting the sweetness of the white chocolate and leaves you with an unforgettable taste.

8. Cranberry Almond 

Cranberry Almond 

Chunks of whole almonds and cranberries are baked into a rich dark chocolate wafer to create this premium, delicious snack. Rich dark chocolate with crispy bits embedded on the top of it. It seems like it should be more of a holiday flavor instead of a spring one. 

Interestingly, as the customers say, the flavors of Cranberry Almond taste pretty much like the popular Almond Joy. So, whatever you do, get this premium chocolate as a gift for your loved ones. It never fails to make them happy!

9. Butter Cookie 

Butter Cookie 

This taste has something unique about it. There are two ways to enjoy these KitKats. You can eat them raw or bake them for 2 minutes in an oven toaster. This way, you get an entirely different KitKat experience and a crunchy texture with a buttery cookie flavor.

This one comes with instructions on the back for baking it in a toaster oven, which creates a caramelized layer on top. Even if you have no toaster, it’s okay, you can just eat it plain. Trust us, after you taste this amazing Kit Kat, you will start wishing you had grabbed two boxes!

Fun Facts About Japanese Kit Kats

1. Luxury Kit Kat Boutiques

Did you know that Japan offers high-end Kit Kat shops? The Kit Kat brand has grown to over 100 nations and regions since its creation, but Japan was the first country to establish unique Kit Kat stores. These places are a chocolate lover’s paradise since they sell limited-edition items that can only be found in these shops.

2. You can make your original KIT KAT in Japan!

Although it is obvious that Japanese people adore this sweet delicacy, did you know that there is a particular service in Japan that allows you to print your unique design on the Kit Kat package? And there’s more! You may send a note to someone you care about, and this present is sure to make them grin!

3. Funny Kit Kats Hack

They took it even to a higher level in Japan, and invented a Kit Kat that can be toasted! Yes, you heard it right. By simply baking the Yaki Kit Kat in a toaster oven, you may experience a unique flavor that is unlike any other Kit Kat.

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You may have a crispy texture while still enjoying the smoothness of the chocolate when you bake it. The taste and texture of Kit Kat radically changed and became a whole new taste. It’s a must-try for everyone who loves enjoying something new as a dessert.

Where to Find Japanese Kit Kats

After getting to know some of the best flavors of Kitkats, you might want to know where to get those sweet miracles. 

They can usually be found in train stations and airports. If you visit Japan’s train stations, you will find many small-sized shops that are full of different flavored Kit Kats. So, this is a great place to start your Kit Kat journey. Japanese Kit Kats can also be found in airports, where there are many duty-free shops and little souvenir stores. They even sell Kit Kat gift packs, which may be a good gift for your family and friends. 

Japanese Kit Kats are also sold at souvenir shops, convenience stores, and bulk candy stores. Candy is a popular gift in Japan, and many souvenir candy stores sell it. These establishments also sell larger amounts of this candy, and they frequently have bags containing a variety of tastes. So if you are a tourist and want to get some unique flavors, these are the places you should visit. 

The Japanese have a great time sampling these various flavors, but what about the rest of the world? The good news is that a lot of these varieties, including Sake, Wasabi, Apple, Beni-Imo, and Strawberry, as well as several flavor assortments, are available on Amazon.

However, you should be aware that the price is also high. But we deserve to enjoy things we desire at least once in our lives, so if there is a specific flavor you’ve been wanting to taste and you don’t have a trip to Japan scheduled soon, then what are you waiting for?

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Bottom Line 

It’s crystal clear, Kit Kat is not only a delicious chocolate snack but also an exquisite souvenir for Japanese people! Japanese Kit Kats come in a variety of flavors, each with its own significance. That’s why many of the tastes, which were developed to resemble regional delicacies, are exclusively available in certain parts of Japan.

Japanese people just took a simple, regular candy and turned it into a symbolic, cultural snack that people consider lucky and turned it into everyone’s favorite new treat. Next time you have your finals or just about any kind of exam, get Kit Kats. Who knows? It may be lucky for you, too! If you like Japanese Kit Kats, then check out some of the Japanese candies! Which flavor of Kit Kat would you like to try? Let us know in the comments!

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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