Red Candy – A Delicious Journey into the World of Crimson Sweets

Who doesn’t love red candy? It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s fruity — it’s everything we could ever want in a treat. Its vibrant color has become a symbol of love, passion, and excitement. And let’s be real, red candy just looks cool too! 

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Candy admirers consider red candies fantastic treats for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and the 4th of July. But also, red is the authentic color of some of our favorite flavors, like cherry, strawberry, and fruit punch, not to mention that it can also represent spicy snacks. 

In this article, we will check out some of the most popular red candies that have been around for generations. 

Red Candy

9 Most Popular Red Candy for Sweet Lovers

1. Atomic Fireballs

Atomic Fireballs

Atomic Fireball is a popular brand of spicy candy that was first introduced in 1954 by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company. The candy is a small, round, hard, cinnamon-flavored ball that packs a fiery punch. The Atomic Fireball candy is made from a combination of sugar, corn syrup, and cinnamon oil. This red candy is a beloved treat for those who enjoy spicy and sweet flavors.

The atomic fireball candy is thanks to Nello Ferrara. His goals after joining the family candy company were to innovate and provide diversity to the confectionery market. With that aim in mind, he wanted to create a candy that was both sweet and spicy. With their hot pan candy procedure, he used this as the inspiration for the atomic fireball and produced a tasty hard candy that is wonderfully fiery. 

There have been numerous mergers and acquisitions over the years, yet Ferrara Candy Co. has always remained family-owned. The Ferraro Group presently runs the business, which is based in Chicago, Illinois. 

2. Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales Candy is a popular brand of cinnamon-flavored candy that was introduced in the 1950s by the Just Born company. After modifying Mike & Ike Candy, Bob Born created Hot Tamales. The occasional spiciness of tamales is where the term came from. In 1999, it dominated the market for cinnamon candies. Inside, the candy has a chewy center that is bursting with cinnamon flavor. One of the things that set Hot Tamales Candy apart from other cinnamon-flavored candies is its distinctive red candy color.

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The candy’s vibrant hue is achieved by adding red food coloring to the candy mixture.

This red candy is a popular treat for people of all ages, and it is often given out during Halloween or used as a decorative element in candy dishes or centerpieces. Its bright red color, intense flavor, and chewy texture have made it a favorite among candy enthusiasts for generations.

3. Red Hots

Red Hots

The first Red Hots were marketed in 1932. They were produced by the Ferrara Candy Company, which utilized the cold-pan technique for producing candies. Layers are progressively spun onto a candy within a pan while gold panning. Traditional processes like these are rarely employed to make candy today. This process gives these little candies their incredibly distinctive crunch and glossy feel.

Inside, the candy has a chewy center that is bursting with cinnamon flavor. Unlike Hot Tamales, Red Hots Candy is not chewy all the way through and has a more concentrated cinnamon flavor. Red Hots Candy is a popular choice for people who enjoy spicy and sweet flavors, and it is often used in baking and other culinary applications.

Technically, all cinnamon-flavored hard candies fall under the “cinnamon imperials” category. Despite being among the oldest in this group, these sweets are among the best. The original packaging for these candies included a circle of candies on the front, with drawn-on flames and the logo in the middle of the flames.

4. Red Starburst

Red Starburst

Starburst is a rectangular, red candy made of soft taffy that is individually wrapped and offered in a variety of colors. Currently, the Wrigley Company, a division of Mars Inc., manufactures and distributes Starburst candies. It is a candy with a fruit flavor and is offered in a variety of flavors, including original, tropical, sour, and very berry. 

In the United Kingdom, in about 1960, Starburst was created. Rumor has it that Peter Pfeffer created the first instance of the starburst with its original name in 1961. But back then, he referred to the candy as Opal Fruits

Lime, orange, lemon, and strawberry were some of the most basic candy flavors available at the time. Peter gave the candies to the Mars Company so they could be produced on a larger scale. Five years later, the Mars Company released the sweets to the UK market. The confection then made its way to the US in 1967, where it was initially known as “Opal Fruits” before being renamed “Starburst.”

Even though Starburst comes in a variety of flavors and forms, opinions on the Internet tend to indicate that the pink and red flavor is the most popular. This has developed into quite a strong predilection over time, which is not unexpected given the popularity of cherry and strawberry flavors, particularly in the United States.

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5. Twizzlers


Twizzlers are long, twisted candies that are considered to be licorice flavored. Twizzlers, which were created for the first time in 1929 and have been a well-liked snack for around a century, are best recognized for their traditional red candy color and twisted long form. There are several flavors, colors, and spin-off goods available for Twizzlers.

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Although Twizzlers resemble licorice, they aren’t actually licorice. Twizzlers neither mention being manufactured from licorice nor do they include licorice extract

However, they resemble licorice candies in appearance, and the original Twizzler taste was licorice. It seems that licorice extract is only present in the black licorice Twizzlers. According to 2013 research, over 1 million miles of Twizzlers are manufactured annually.

6. Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish

Neither the precise creation date nor the identity of the inventor of the Swedish Fish is known. We do, however, know that they originated in Sweden and were intended to be a confection that represented Swedish culture. Because fish is a staple of Swedish cuisine, this red candy has a fish shape. Another well-liked activity in Swedish culture is fishing. Although popular in Sweden, candy was already well-known in the United States. 

Swedish Fish Candy is a chewy, fruity candy that is popular around the world. Swedish Fish Candy was first officially introduced in Sweden in the 1950s by the Malaco Candy Company.

The candy was initially intended to be a wine gum, but it quickly became popular as a standalone candy. The candy’s popularity has even led to the creation of Swedish Fish flavored vodka and other alcoholic beverages.

The original Swedish Fish was all red. Both the crimson hue and the flavor, which have never truly been confirmed, were the originals. Instead of Cadbury, who was the initial party in North America, Mondelez currently handles manufacturing and distribution there. 

7. Red Vines Licorice Candy

Red Vines Licorice Candy

It’s impossible to talk about red candy and not mention Red Vines. Red Vines has been a household name for a very long time. The American Licorice Company, a tiny business with headquarters in Union City, California, is the brand’s owner. Red Vines is one of the firm’s popular products, while the company as a whole specializes in red licorice candies. 

In 1952, Red Vines were first put into production. Although it hasn’t altered much from its original taste, which we now refer to as the original Red Twist flavor, it was initially a cherry flavor. 

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To create the first batch of red, the business made a few minor adjustments to its original cherry mix. It still definitely has cherry flavor, but it also has other flavors. 

8. Life Savers Strawberry Candy

Life Savers Strawberry Candy

Life Savers strawberry candy is definitely the perfect choice when you require red candy. Clarence Crane created this sweet for the first time in 1912. It was initially created as a summertime treat that would fare better in the heat than chocolate-based treats. Because of the design of the candies, which resembled the rings used on boats to save those who had fallen overboard, the name of the sweet was chosen.

Fruity tastes were not at all the original intention of the candy creator; the candy was originally manufactured in mint variants to withstand the summer heat. It’s difficult to believe this now when fruit flavors are so widely used and so closely associated with candy.

9. Candy Canes

Candy Canes

Everyone is familiar with candy canes, which are regarded as Christmas candies, particularly the traditional peppermint variety. You might not be aware that the peppermint candy cane is more than simply candy, but its red and white stripes grace our Christmas tables and provide brightness to our trees.

Since no one can definitively claim to have invented the peppermint confection, the signature flavor of candy canes is shrouded in secrecy. Peppermint is a hybrid mint that is mostly found in Europe and the Middle East. It is a mix between watermint and spearmint. The plant is currently widely used and grown in many parts of the world due to its popularity and the advantages it offers. 

The traditional red and white peppermint candy canes, as well as red, green, and white peppermint candy canes, as well as several well-known branded candy canes in scrumptious and entertaining flavors, are all produced by Spangler Candy

Bottom Line

In this article, we explored some of the most popular red candy varieties. Who among us doesn’t remember that delicious red candy, like Red Vines Licorice or Twizzlers, that made us drool when we were children? Red candy causes an emotional reaction that just seems to have everyone salivating and in a good mood because of its vivid color and delicious flavor.

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