Sherbet Dip Dabs

Sherbet Dip Dabs are lollipop’s that comes with sherbet powder. You lick on the otherwise fairly normal looking lollipop, and then stick it into the sherbet powder. The sherbet powder gives a fizzy sensation that adds to the overall flavor of the lollipop. Some people like to use the lollipop to shovel the fizzy sherbet power into there mouths, often eating the lollipop portion after. Sherbet Dib Dabs would often come in flavors such as strawberry or lemon varieties. You can read more information about Sherbet Dib Dabs further down on this page.

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Sherbet Dip Dabs

Sherbet Dib Dabs Candy History

Sherbet Dib Dabs are the brand name given to a lollipop creation by the company Barratt. The lollipop creation is a small round lollipop containing a relatively strong sherbet flavor. This idea was dreamt up by the employees at Barratt who were looking on obtaining some profits from the significant popularity of the Sherbet flavor. The flavor was sure to produce a successful invention and after the release of the Double Dip brand a product was being rapidly developed by the Barratt employees to match that of the Swizzels Matlow one. The success of the Double Dip brand prompted the invention of the Dip Dab which may have a similar name to the creation from one its rivals but proved to be a unique and popular creation none the less. The Dip Dab had combined the sweetness of the lollipop with the sherbet powders used by the Double Dip brand. This resulted in the creation of a lollipop which was created to be dipped in he sherbet powders which were sold in combination with the lollipop. The aim of this product was to be as interactive as possible and provide many ways in which children and adults of all ages can enjoy the classic flavor of the Sherbet. The sherbet flavor itself had been invented much earlier which spouted the creation of many other products that would go on and utilize the flavor to its full potential. The sherbet powders accompanying the lollipop were commonly in the sherbet flavor but other flavors were also released however under other names as they would not be suitable in the current name. The sherbet powder provided with the lollipop was made using the traditional ingredients that the sherbet power compromised off. The ingredients commonly included many acids and bases which when mixed produced the desired sherbet flavor. The Sherbet Dip Dab had to contain lots of sugars as this helped to increase the intensity of the sweetness and also masked the result of the acids and bases reacting. The sherbet could either be eaten raw with the lollipop acting as the spoon in this case but the lollipop tended to have a extremely sticky exterior which was produced when licking the lollipop. The sticky exterior also acted to stick on the sherbet powder which also lived up to the Dip Dab part of the name of the product. The Dip Dab proved to be very popular among the United Kingdom audience where the majority the consumers for the product originated from . The good reception that was received and the extremely high sales meant that the Sherbet Dip Dab remained in production and factories were also dedicated by Barratt to ensure that the production of the classic brand remained in existence. To conclude the Sherbet Dip Dap brand used the Sherbet brand to its full extent and built on the products of rivals to create a completely unique brand which was successful due to the grounding of previous products such as the Double Dip brand.

The Company That Invented Sherbet Dip Dabs

The first company that made Sherbet Dip Dabs was the Barratt company. The Barratt brand also known for producing the popular fizzy snack, “Sherbet Fountain”. Barratt is subsidiary owned by Tangerine Confectionery, and it seems that Barratt may have had its named changed to Candy Land. However it seems that products may still be produced under the Barratt’s name brand.

How Do Sherbet Dib Dabs Taste?

Sherbet Dip Dabs have a great combination of flavors. The red lollipop portion of sherbet dip dabs is very succulent and sweet. The sherbet is sharp, fizzy, and zingy, it has a white color to it. Put them together and you get a sweet fizzy sensation.

When Where Sherbet Dip Dabs First Made?

The exact date of when Sherbet Dip Dabs where first made has been hard to pin down. What we do know is the Barratt company’s Dip Dabs where made sometimes around the mid 1970’s.

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