Warheads Candy

Warheads is an extremely sour candy that comes in several flavors. The candy itself comes as small ovals, in a variety of colors. First introduced in the year 1975, Warheads candy is well known for being a top choice for those seeking a purely sour candy. While many candies are advertised as sour, most of them also include a sweet flavor in them as well. Warheads offers a taste that focuses on sour, but tempered slightly by some of the flavors it comes in. This page offers information about Warheads candy, so feel free to parse through it for any information you want to know.

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Warheads Candy

Warheads Candy History

Warheads are a very sour and hard candy that is manufactured by a company known as Impact Confections. Warheads candy is very popular in today’s world and are enjoyed by many people. Warheads are mostly known for being extremely sour, but there some of the Warheads candies can less sour than others. Warheads were originally invented in the country of Taiwan in 1975 but did not come to the United States of America until the 1990’s when they were imported by The Foreign Candy Company. Impact Confections, after acquiring the rights to Warheads in 2004, currently manufactures them in the United States and and a company known as Funtastic Limited manufactures them in Australia. Warheads seem to appeal more to children than to adults, although they are liked by a wide range of people in general. As anyone who studies chemistry knows, acids are responsible for the sour flavors of things and Warheads are no exception. The sour taste comes from malic acid that is applied to the outside of the candy. As expected, this sour taste doesn’t last forever. It will usually fade after around five to ten seconds and is replaced by a much less sour flavor. These more milder sour tastes are attributed to the use of citric and ascorbic acid in the middle of the Warhead. It is not that difficult to see, after knowing for yourself how sour these candies are, where the name “Warhead” came from. It came from the notion that when eating a Warhead, it feels like a warhead is going off in your mouth. In some areas such as Australia warheads are referred to by the name “Mega Warheads”. 

The Warhead mascot goes by the name of Wally Warhead and is seen on the package of each individual Warhead. He is a boy that has puckered lips and a mushroom cloud coming out of the top of his head to show how sour Warheads really are. On the internet, people even post videos of themselves reacting to eating a Warhead, and a lot of people act crazy. As most other candies, there are many different flavors and varieties of Warheads. The only flavors on the market right now are blue raspberry, watermelon, green apple, lemon, and black cherry. The only flavors currently available in Europe are blue raspberry, watermelon, grape, and cherry. In the past, there were other flavors such as raspberry rage, cherry combustion, lemon-lime lava, and tangerine torcher. A pack of two hundred and forty grape will cost you about twenty-two dollars on the internet which. Warheads are definitely a candy that everyone should try at some point. Many people are attracted to the sour taste of Warheads that they simply cannot find in other candies. Warheads will most likely continue to be as popular as they have been for years

The Year Warheads Candy Was Invented

Warheads were first invented in the year 1975. They were invented in Taiwan, eventually being imported into the united states in 1993. Warheads are now a popular and well known candy brand in the USA, as well as many other country’s with large economy’s.

The Company That Produces Warheads Sour Candy’s

The company that makes Warheads candy is called Impact ConfectionsImpact Confections makes a number of candy, such as Melster’s Brand of Halloween Peanut Butter Kisses. Warheads are Impact Confections flagship brand and are one of there best selling products. Impact Confections acquired the Warheads candy brand in the year 2004 to expand their business prospects. 

A List of Warhead Candy Flavors

Here is a list of all the different flavors of Warheads that have been released . 

  • cherry combustion flavor
  • tangerine torcher
  • raspberry rage Warheads
  • grape
  • cherry flavored Warheads
  • watermelon flavor
  • blue raspberry
  • Black Cherry flavored Warheads
  • Apple Warheads
  • Lemon flavored warheads

Where To Buy Warheads Candy?

Are you trying to buy candy Warheads but just cant find it? You can check out our list on this page for some location where you can buy Warheads. If Warheads is not for sale in your area, you can buy Warheads candy online. You can check out some offers from online retailers by checking below. One advantage to buying Warheads in stores is that you can buy just a small amount fast. However buying Warheads online also has its advantages, such as being able to find a wide variety of flavors. Also you may be able to buy Warheads candy in bulk at good rates if your sour tooth is craving a lot of them, or you want to stock up.

Stores That Sell Warheads Candy

Here are some stores that are known for selling Warheads

  • Walgreens
  • Party City
  • Walmart
  • Dominic’s

What Do Warheads Taste Like?

Warheads are probably the most sour candy you could ever try. As soon as it hits your tongue, it is a pure blast of sour. The strong sour flavor lasts for about 30 seconds, and then eases off. This candy is made to be as lip-puckering sour as it could. Warheads are not for the faint of heart, the sour taste is very strong. The strongest flavor of the batch in terms of sour is the lemon flavor, so buyer beware, it is strong!

Warheads Brand Spin Off Candy

The brand that brought us the original Warheads candy has released several spin offs and variations. One popular variation to the original sour Warheads is Torture Scorchers. Torture Scorchers come in several new flavors such as Lemon-Lime Lava. They are marked as “intensely hot” on the packaging and added a powerful spicy heat to its already powerful sour punch. A rather missed Fizzy Warheads were introduced in the early 2000’s. These Warheads had a fizzy sensation that occurred when you got to the center of the Warhead. The Fizzy Warheads were discontinued sometimes shortly after being made, and records of their advertisements or even pictures of them are hard to come by.

Another spin off to Warheads is a best of festive cheer called Warheads Candy Canes. Warhead Candy Canes are sour and sweet, and these are amazing creations that are worth trying at least one just for the interesting flavor. Warheads candy canes are best sound around the holiday season in stores, but you can often buy them online in the off season so to speak.

A List Of Different Type of Warheads Candy

Here is a list of the different types of Warheads candy that have been released.

  • WARHEADS Extreme Sour Hard Candy
  • WARHEADS Extreme Sour Hard Candy Minis
  • WARHEADSSour Chewy Cubes
  • WARHEADS Sour Jelly Beans
  • WARHEADS Sour Twists
  • WARHEADS Super Sour Double Drops
  • WARHEADS Super Sour Spray Candy
  • WARHEADS Sour Dippers
  • WARHEADS Sour Candy Canes
  • Warheads Fizzy
  • Warheads Sour Coolers

Story About Eating Warheads Candy

When I was in the second grade my older brother came out of the gas station with my father. In my big brothers hands was several snacks. I asked him if I could have 1 and he said “here”, tossing me a colorful wrapper. Checking the name of the wrapper, the candy was called Warheads, and I henceforth unwrapped the candy. I put it in my mouth, and wow, I was not expecting the electrifying taste that it sent to my tongue. It was sour and it send a wakeup call to me that I never got from a piece of candy before. I spent the rest of the car ride home from the gas station sucking on that Warhead until the flavor ran dry, then I sat there thinking “what the heck was that?”.  Now that I’m older I still get them from time to time, even though they are getting hard to find, I still manage to snag a few here and there.

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Review Of Warheads By Impact Confections

It is time to give Warheads, brought to us by Impact Confections, a review. This review will cover the standard variety WARHEADS Extreme Sour Hard Candy. This would be the everyday Warhead, without the frills. The packaging for this item is a simple bag, bright green with a boy on the cover. Inside is a handful of Warheads separately wrapped by flavor. This package of Warheads comes with a variety of fruit flavors, and of course the first one I try is apple. The apple flavor Warheads is powerfully sour, and it really hits the spot. The apple flavored Warheads gives you what you want from the Warhead brand, that sour flavor, and this delivers. The lemon flavor was also rather sour, but had an odd tang to it. The rest of the flavors were pretty sour, but the more fruity flavors such as watermelon did not rise to the level of sour as the apple flavor. The more fruity watermelon Warhead was very tasty, and gave a more gentle, but still powerful, burst of sour and fruit flavor. Overall Impact Confections has brought to us a very sour candy, and combined it with a good set of flavors to satisfy peoples urge for sour and something that tastes good at the same time.

Are Warheads Vegan?

Are you wondering if Warheads candy are vegan safe? The standard variety of Warheads are made with ingredients that are safe for vegans, however they made be made in factory’s that handle milk byproducts. Other variety’s of Warheads like Sour Twists do contain animal byproducts. Also there is an unknown quantity to consider that some sugar is made using bone in the process, and we are unsure if Impact Confection’s Warheads use these or not. In the end we encourage you to use your best judgment and check multiple sources before eating anything you may not be comfortable with.

Does Impact Confections Warheads Contain Gluten?

The question if Impact Confections Warheads contain gluten is not clear cut or simple. The standard Extreme Sour Hard Candy Warheads and Warheads Double Drops variant are gluten free in term of its ingredients at the time of this writing. However other Warheads products contain wheat flower and are not gluten free. Also it is hard to find confirmation that there not be traces of gluten containing materials picked up in the factory from any other foods. As always, for those who cannot eat gluten snacks or candy, we recommend taking a very close look at the ingredients on the packaging, and check multiple sources.

Does Warheads Candy Contain Nuts?

Warheads candy is made using equipment that could have been in contact with nuts. It is not recommended that you consume Warheads if you have a nut allergy. 

Does Warheads Contain Soy?

It has been reported by Impact Confections, who is the producer of Warheads candy, that it contains soy. If you are avoiding soy in your snacks, then you may wish to avoid eating Warheads.

Warhead Candy Questions And Answers

Here is a FAQ for Warheads candy.

Q: Has Warheads been discontinued?

A: No, Warheads is still being produced

Q: Who Makes Warheads candy?

A: Warheads are produced by Impact Confections.

Q: How many flavors of Warheads are there?

A: There are well over 10 flavors of Warheads that have been introduced so far.

Q: What year was Warheads candy invented?

A: They were invented in the year 1975.

Q: Where was Warheads invented?

A: The location Warheads invented was in Taiwan.

Q: Are Warheads by Impact Confections sold in the United States?

A: Yes, there are several stores that sell Warheads in the U.S.

Q: Do Warheads have peanuts In them?

A: Warheads is made on machinery that have been in contact with peanuts. Therefore they are considered unsafe for those with nut allergies.

Q: Are Warheads considered vegan?

A: Warheads seems to be considered vegan, but it may have been in contact with equipment that touched dairy or animal byproducts.

Q: Is Warheads candy kosher?

A: It does not seem they are considered kosher.

Q: Does Warheads have any soy in them?

A: Yes, they do contain soy.

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