Yumearth (History, Products & Pictures)

Yumearth is one of the first companies to offer completely organic sweets for kids. The story of Yumearth is quite an unusual one.


Yumearth seasonal candy

To go along with their normal rotation of candy, Yumearth began making limited time holiday candies.

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Types of hard candies, sour candies, and gummies that were only allowed during each holiday. Everything from Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween candies that they make throughout the year.

Yumearth marketing

Yumearth was very much an overnight success. In the first years of operations, Yumearth expanded from a small operation to a large-scale operation.

This was thanks to Bicas and Wunder creating a product that wasn’t readily available to the public. Once people saw there was an organic candy alternative on the market that tasted good, people jumped at them.

The company was also featured on numerous tv programs both regional and national. 

Yumearth was featured on programs on the Discovery Channel, Food Network, and the Rachael Ray Show on ABC. Also big celebrity endorsements like Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, who loves Yumearth candy.

Yumearth Logo

Yumearth ingredients

Everything in a Yumearth candy are natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. All of the Yumearth products start with a natural and organic glucose syrup. This syrup is a bit darker than artificial glucose syrup, which gives all of the candy a darker tone.

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The next ingredient in all Yumearth candies is organic sugar that is from sugar mills that are closest to the factory. Why they choose to buy from the nearest sugar mill is to limit carbon emissions from transporting the sugar to them.

Then to give the Yumearth candies their bright color and sweet tastes, different fruit and vegetable extracts are added.

After all of the ingredients are added, each Yumearth candy goes through their old style taffy making machine. This classic machine is what gives the Yumearth candies the light texture that their customers like.

Yumearth Nutrition

Serving Size:1 pops (5.7g)% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat
Calories 23.3
Total Fat 0g0%
Saturated Fat 0g0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg0%
Sodium 0mg0%
Total Carbohydrates 5.7g2%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Sugars 5.7g
Protein 0g
Vitamin A0%
Vitamin C33.3%
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Yumearth Products

Since starting the company, Yumearth now makes a wide variety of different sweets. Here is the complete list of every Yumearth product currently listed on their website.

Buy Yumearth Online

Bestseller No. 1
YumEarth Organic Fruit Flavored Pops, 50 Lollipops, Allergy Friendly, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, No Artificial Flavors or Dyes
  • Contains 1 Bag of 50- YumEarth Organic Assorted Flavors Lollipops
  • Treat yourself to 8 delicious fruity flavors: strawberry, pomegranate, peach, cherry, grape, mango, watermelon and berry
  • Our Pops are colored with real fruit and vegetables juices, no high fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes here
Bestseller No. 2
Yumearth Organic Assorted Gummies and Lollipops Valentines, 9.38 Ounce, Allergy Friendly, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, No Artificial Flavors or Dyes
  • Nothing sweeter than a Valentine treat. Convenient and easy – write right on the wrappers. Enough for the whole class!
  • Free From Top 8 Allergens! Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free
  • No artificial flavors, dyes or high fructose corn syrup
Bestseller No. 3
YumEarth Organic Chewys – Allergy Friendly, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, 5 ounce, 2 Pack
  • Free from top 8 allergens: great treat for everyone! Perfect for class parties, school snacks and lunch snacks
  • rganic & Non-GMO: Project Verified Non-GMO, USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free
  • No artificial flavors, no dyes, no high fructose corn syrup

Yumearth Chewy Candies

  • Giggles Original Flavor
  • Giggles Sour 
  • Easter Giggles
  • Valentine’s Day Giggles
  • Christmas Giggles
  • Halloween Giggles
  • Organic Chewys
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Yumearth Fruit Snacks

  • Organic Fruit Snacks
  • Tropical Fruit Snacks
  • Easter Gummy Fruit Snacks
  • Christmas Gummy Fruit Snacks
  • Halloween Gummy Fruit Snacks

Yumearth Gummy Bears

  • Gummy Bears Variety Bag

Yumearth Hard Candy

  • Organic Vitamin C Fruit Drops
  • Organic Citrus Grove Vitamin C Drops
  • Organic Fruit Hard Candy
  • Organic Peppermint Hard Candy
  • Organic Candy Canes
  • Organic Mini Candy Canes

Yumearth Jelly Beans

  • Organic Sour Beans

Yumearth Licorice

  • Organic Gluten Free Pomegranate Licorice
  • Organic Gluten Free Peach Licorice
  • Organic Gluten Free Strawberry Licorice
  • Organic Gluten Free Black Licorice

Yumearth Lollipops

  • Organic Assorted Lollipops
  • Organic Hot Chili Mango Lollipops
  • Organic Easter Lollipops
  • Organic Christmas Lollipops
  • Halloween Lollipops

Yumearth Variety Boxes

  • Fan Favorites Organic Variety Box
  • Lunchbox Favorites Variety Box
  • Vitamin C Candy Variety Box
  • Favorites Sample Box
  • Christmas Variety Box
  • Easter Variety Box
  • Halloween Variety Box
  • Valentine’s Day Variety Box

Pictures of Yumearth

Yumearth today

Sergio Bicas and Rob Wunder could not have imagined how their passive idea would turn into a giant business. Today, Yumearth is one of the biggest organic candy companies in the world.

They went from making lollipops into their kitchen to a full blown candy factory with numerous employees. At their state of the art factory, they now make 500 Yumearth products a minute. 

Now, there are multiple Yumearth stores across the US and a few organic supermarkets that sell their products. There is also a Yumearth online shop, where anyone in the world can buy Yumearth candy.

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