Canadian Chocolate Bars

Canadian Chocolate Bars – Rich and Smooth Sweet Treats

There are so many reasons for Canadians to rejoice and be proud of their creations. Canadians are really warm and compassionate, and there are so many wonderful things to discover in the culture. Canadian chocolate bars that stand out with their rich and smooth flavors are some of those things.

Yes, Canada is a country with a unique, beautiful, and mesmerizing culture, but did you know that Canadian chocolate bars are some of the most remarkable treats on the market? It should come as no surprise that Canadians adore chocolate, which actually has a very rich and smooth texture. 

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So, let’s take a closer look at the incredible Canadian chocolate bars that you must try. 

Names of Canadian Chocolate Bars

  1. Coffee Crisp
  2. Mr. Big Chocolate Bar
  3. The Big Turk
  4. Cherry Blossom Chocolate 
  5. Skor Candy Bar
  6. Caramilk
Canadian Chocolate Bars

Top 6 Canadian Chocolate Bars for Candy Lovers

1. Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp

Dating back to the 1930s, Coffee Crisp is considered one of the most widespread Canadian chocolate bars. A coffee-like sweet is sandwiched between layers of crisp vanilla wafers, and everything is covered in ripply milk chocolate. The classic Canadian chocolate bar known as Coffee Crisp is still at the top of any chocolate lover’s list and is proudly produced by Nestle Canada.

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old candy

Candy was first modeled after the British confection “Wafer Crisp,” made by the Rowntree business. Rowntree produced a coffee variation after it arrived in Canada, and the rest is history in the making for Canada. 

These amazing Canadian chocolate bars managed to enter some of the major facilities and companies, such as hotels, casinos, and resorts. Nowadays, chocolate bar is often consumed as a snack or energy resource by betting enthusiasts in Canadian live casinos to enhance their sugar levels and boost their energy. Click here to check out some of the most popular live and on-site casinos in Canada where gamblers reported consuming sweet Canadian treats.

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2. Mr. Big Chocolate Bar

Mr Big Chocolate Bar

My Big is a really large candy bar, as its name implies. It is the largest candy bar made by Cadbury in Canada and is around 8 inches long.  Mr. Big is available in Hungary, Poland, and some parts of the United States, despite being among the most widely adored Canadian chocolate bars. 

This chocolate bar is loaded with rice crisps and vanilla wafers that have been covered in caramel and delectable Cadbury chocolate, respectively. The only Cadbury candy bar with an ice cream version created by Nestle is Mr. Big. 

This Canadian chocolate bar has a light and chewy bite to it despite all of Mr. Big’s delicious toppings, and it is also incredibly full and fulfilling. That’s why we consider Mr. Big to be a unique and delightful treat for all candy lovers in Canada and around the world.

3. The Big Turk

The Big Turk

Big Turk is a candy bar made by Nestlé in Canada from dark magenta Turkish delight that has been covered in chocolate. The sweet treat has been around since 1974. The Big Turk Candy Bar is a unique Canadian chocolate bar that is one of the most popular sweets throughout the country. 

The traditional Big Turk bar is made of chewy, magenta-colored Turkish Delight and covered in decadent, rippling milk chocolate coating. The center of the Big Turk bars really tastes more like cherry or grape, even though the major draw of Turkish treats is rose and orange blossom water. Big Turk has 60% less fat than the typical candy bar. 

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4. Cherry Blossom Chocolate

Cherry Blossom Chocolate

Cherry Blossom is a chocolate bar made in Smiths Falls, Ontario, by Hershey Canada Inc. Prior to Hershey acquiring the business as a subsidiary, Canada’s Walter M. Lowney Company produced these amazing candies. It was initially produced in the United States in the 1890s. 

The cherries and cherry syrup fill the center of the bar, which is encircled by chunks of chocolate, coconut, and toasted peanuts. This Canadian chocolate bar is coated with an enzyme that transforms the solid into a liquid in 1–2 weeks, creating the filling rather than injecting it into the chocolates. Cherry blossoms are packaged in little pieces and delivered in a cardboard box.

5. Skor Candy Bar

Skor Candy Bar

Skor is a delectable milk chocolate candy bar from Hershey’s with a buttery toffee middle. The Heath bar made by the Heath Company faced competition when Skor was first introduced in the US in 1981. The business continues to sell Skor bars despite Hershey acquiring the brand in 1996 and producing Heath bars under the Hershey label. 

The word “shoes” in Swedish is “skor,” and the crown in the product’s logo is the same as the one in the Swedish flag. Hershey’s Canada has been producing products since 1983. The confection is a slab of rich butter toffee that is enrobed in mouthwatering milk chocolate covering. 

6. Caramilk


The two simple components – chocolate and caramel are what have made Caramilk the legend that it is today. How Cadbury incorporates caramel into its chocolate is a mystery that may never be fully solved. These bars’ chocolate complies with all the requirements for Canadian unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter labels. However, due to the caramel in the middle, they are classified as candy. Those Canadian chocolate bars are manufactured in Toronto, Ontario. 

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Since 1968, there has been a Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate Bar that has been widely available. For years, this vintage chocolate bar has made people imagine their lips getting sticky with caramel. It has always been luxurious and delightfully enigmatic. 

Final Thoughts

Although there is certainly great chocolate available all around the world, none seems to match the chocolate bars handcrafted in Canada. More and more chocolatiers are emerging from Canada every day to create beautiful and tasty chocolate as well as make a difference in the world. 

Above, we looked at some of the most popular and cherished Canadian chocolate bars that will undoubtedly make anyone fall in love with them. Regardless you choose to taste Coffee Crisp and fill yourself with energy, or you try Mr. Big Chocolate Bar, the Big Turk, or Skor Candy Bar, chances are that the feelings of nostalgia will soon strengthen your chocolate craving.

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