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Fruit By The Foot (History, Flavors, FAQ & Pictures)

Fruit By The Foot is a fruit snack made from a long roll of fruit-flavored candy. Measuring approximately 3 feet in length, this soft fruity length of candy has proved rather a poplar thanks to novel design, and fruity flavors. Fruit By the Foot comes rolled up in on itself, allowing you to unravel it as you eat. Primarily enjoyed by children, Fruit By The Foot can invoke a bit of nostalgia from those who were young when it was released, thus many adults find themselves craving Fruit By The Foot as well.

Fruit By The Foot


Fruit By The Foot is a long piece marketed under the Betty Crocker brand name. Made by General Mills, Fruit By The Foot are made primarily from different types of sugar, and are packaged as rolls of 36 inches of candy. Fruit By The Foot was initially created in 1991, marketed to kids as a fun fruit snack. At the end of the length of this candy, there is a fold at the end, that fold seems to be included in the length that makes Fruit By the Foot be able to be called 3 feet long. Fruit By The Foot is often compared to Fruit Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups, are indeed they are similar in their ingredients, especially Fruit Roll-Ups. Besides any similarities or connections people may draw from other products, Fruit By The Foot does stand on its own as a popular snack and was all the rage when it was first released among kids. Fruit By The Foot was a common sight in schools during lunchtime, serving as a snack that parents would include for their children as a treat.

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Fruit By The Foot will sometimes include special features to make the snack seem more fun and interesting. This 90s candy often includes treats such as stickers in its packaging or trivia and jokes on the paper backing to the candy. One feature that Fruit By The Foot came up with as a fun surprise for consumers was to include secret messages that appeared blurred until you peeled back the Fruit By The Foot you were eating from its paper backing to reveal the hidden message under the translucent candy. Betty Crocker also has published recipes for fun ideas to turn Fruit By The Foot into, such as Fruity Pretzel Crayons, which use Fruit By The Foot As one of the main ingredients. Sometimes mistakes in packaging will result in 2 rolls of Fruit By The Foot being in one package, rather than only 1 roll as it normally would be.

General Mills has released numerous commercials to advertise Fruit By The Foot, as well as other promotional campaigns, such as a partnership with Nintendo to promote Fruit By The Foot. Most of the advertising commercials released for the candy were aimed at kids, who would view it as a fun colorful product. In 2017, General Mills removed artificial colors and flavors from Fruit By The Foot. A competitor to Fruit By The Foot is Kellogg’s Fruit Winders, which tends to be popular in the British market. Fruit By The Foot continues to be made as of 2019, and while it may not be in its heyday anymore, it is still a popular snack that is enjoyed by children, and also adults, who loved the snack in their youth.

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Who Makes Fruit By The Foot?

Fruit By The Foot is made by General Mills Inc, a U-S-based food company. Fruit By The Foot is made under the Betty Crocker name brand. The Betty Crocker Brand is owned by General Mills and is the same brand that markets many popular snacks, such as Fruit Gushers and Dunkaroos. Fruit By The Foot is very similar to other products made under the Betty Crocker name brand from General Mills, such as Fruit Roll-Ups.

The Year Fruit By The Foot Was Invented

Fruit By The Foot was invented in the year 1991 and was intended to be a fun fruit-flavored snack marketed to kids.

How Long Is Fruit By The Foot?

Fruit By The Foot is approximately 3 feet long, but a group of students went further to explain its length. In 2015, a group of students from Vernon-Verona-Sherrill School decided to test General Mills’ claim that Fruit By The Foot is truly 3 feet long. The students sent an email message to Betty Crocker asking for information about how Fruit By The Foot is made. The students also asked about why there is a fold at the end of Fruit By The Foot and asked how long Fruit By The Foot really is. The student claimed to have never have received a response from the E-mail. The students also claimed they called Betty Crocker and was told that any information about the manufacturing {of Fruit By The Foot} was classified, but the student did conduct their own study.

The students conducted their study to research the average length of Fruit By The Foot, to see if it meets Fruit By The Foot’s slogan of “3 feet of fun!” The senior class students also wanted to see how the lengths of Fruit By The Foot compared between the flavors in relation to the 36 inches of length claim. The students box various boxes of different amounts of Fruit By The Foot from Walmart, Tops, and Price Chopper. The student bought both 12 packs and 6 packs of Fruit By The Foot, and in the flavors, Cherry-Orange and Raspberry-Grape, and also Berry Tie-Dye and Strawberry flavored Fruit By The Foot packs.

Each Fruit By The Foot by the foot was measured with the same meter stick, and 2 measurements were taken of each, one with the fold in the candy and one with the fold removed. The students found that with the fold removed and not counted, Fruit By The Foot measures on average 34 inches, with some deviation. If you included the fold in the overall length, however, the students conclude that indeed the average length of Fruit By The Foot is about 36 inches.

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Artificial Ingredients Removed

In 2015, It was announced by General Mills that the company would be removing artificial colors and sources from all of its fruit-flavored snack products. This includes Fruit By The Foot, as well as other fruit-flavored snacks owned by the company, such as Fruit Gushers and Fruit Roll-Ups. The change is expected to have been completed in the year 2017. At the time of the announcement, it was stated by General Mills that over 20 percent of its fruit-flavored snacks brand were currently free from artificial colors and flavors, including products like Fiber One and Mott’s.

“We believe in the products that we have today and see this as an opportunity to make them even better,” stated Jacquie Klein, senior marketing manager, fruit-flavored snacks. “This is all about continuing to deliver what families want and meet the changing needs of consumers over time.”

“All of the changes will continue to allow us to deliver the products that families love today,” Jacquie says. “We’re going to make changes that delight them and will taste great.”


Fruit By The Foot Logo


  • Strawberry
  • Berry Tie-Dye
  • Razzle Boo Blitz flavor
  • Strawberry Scream flavor
  • Color By The Foot
  • Ninja Power Punch (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles edition)
  • Sweet blueberry and Sour lemon.(Sweet And Sour edition.)
  • Berry Blast
  • Strawberry Splash
  • Fiery Peach (Sweet & Fiery edition.)
  • Spicy Watermelon (Sweet & Fiery edition.)
  • Cherry And Orange flavor (Flavor Mixers edition.)
  • Raspberry And Grape flavor (Flavor Mixers edition.)
  • Ocean Punch flavor (Flavor Wave Fruit By The Foot edition.)
  • Berry Berry Twist
  • LOL Punch (ICarly edition.)
  • Tropical Tie-Dye
  • Fruit Punch flavored (Endless Party edition Fruit By The Foot.)
  • Goosebumps Fruit By The Foot.

The Different Versions

Fruit By The Foot has come out with several different editions and versions of its mainstay product.

  • A Sweet & Fiery edition was released, with the flavors Fiery Peach and Spicy Watermelon. This version of Fruit By The Foot contained in each box individually packaged rolls of each flavor, labeled with the corresponding flavor on the foil packaging. A Fruit Gushers partner product was produced with the same Sweet & Fiery branding.
  • A Goosebumps themed version of Fruit By The Foot was released circa 1997. The Goosebumps Fruit By The Foot candy was colored purple and light blue. A Fruit Roll-ups companion version was also released. This version of the candy included Halloween themed peel outs, though it may just by for the Fruit Roll-Ups. Goosebumps story teasers were included on the wrapper that the Fruit By The foot candy is stuck on.
  • Mixers are a variety of Fruit By The Foot that contains packages of 2 solid distinct different flavors, such as Cherry And Orange, or Raspberry And Grape. Each length of candy splits evenly and easily down the center, and a box contains a mixer of both flavor combinations. This version allows you to easily mix flavors together or eat each flavor with convenience to get the flavor you want when you want.
  • Mini Feet is a miniature version of the original Fruit By The foot. Mini Feet have been sold in small pouches as Valentine’s day candy and has been advertised as great for classroom parties on its packaging.
  • A special ICarly edition was released, based on the popular TV show. It was sold for a limited time and featured a new contemporary named flavor, LOL Punch.
  • A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles edition of Fruit By The Foot was released as a promotional spin-off candy to the popular TV show, comic, and game series. The Ninja Turtles version featured a new flavor of the candy, Ninja Power Punch. Posters and Bookmarks promoting a new movie for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been included in some boxes of Fruit By The Foot and Fruit Roll-Ups, though this may not be connected to version with the Ninja Power Punch flavored Fruit By The Foots.
  • A Halloween Monster flavors edition of Fruit By The Foot was released for a limited time as a Halloween Candy special that was based on the popular monster-themed cereals, FrankenBerry, and Boo Berry. The flavors released for the candy were Strawberry Scream and Razzle Boo Blitz flavor, respectively.
  • A version called Flavor Wave was released that contained both a new flavor and a new feature. The new flavor was Ocean Punch and was colored from light blue, to dark blue, then the cycle repeated. The darker the color, the stronger the Ocean Punch flavor. This new style of the candy was called “Flavor Wave”, to show how this version of Fruit By The Foot delivered its flavor in various waves of strength, depending on the deepness of the color of the candy.
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Ingredients and Nutritional Value

Here is some information on the ingredients and nutritional value of Fruit By The Foot.

  • Strawberry Fruit By The Foot Ingredients:
  • Serving Size 1 Roll (21 Grams)
  • Sugar
  • Maltodextrin
  • Corn Syrup
  • Pear Puree Concentrate
  • Palm Oil
  • Contains 2% or less of: Carrageenan, Citric Acid, Monoglycerides, Sodium Citrate, Acetylated Monoglycerides, Malic acid, Xanthan Gum, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Locust Bean Gum, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Red 40. (Last updated on 3/16/2019. Info from


Serving Size:1 Roll (21g)% Daily Value *
Calories per serving80
Calories from Fat10
Total Fat 1g2%
Saturated Fat 0.5g3%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 50mg2%
Total Carbohydrates 17g6%
Vitamin C10%



Here are some commercials to watch featuring Fruit By The Foot:




How long is a Fruit By The Foot?

A Fruit By The Foot is around three feet long.

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