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Best Healthy Snack Ideas That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Keeping to a diet is not a struggle anymore. First, we learned that dishes that help you lose weight don’t have to be tasteless and dull. Further, we knew that snacking does no harm and even helps in your efforts. The key is, as always, to know what you eat. 

Nutrition experts tend to have different approaches to dieting (you will notice that when you access any site dedicated to healthy eating), but they recommend eating small but frequently. A healthy eating plan includes regular snacks to fill in the gaps between bigger meals and help you maintain your blood sugar level and eliminate hunger. 

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So, let us list the best tasty and healthy snacks you will enjoy. 

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1. Cottage cheese with fruit or veggies 

High-protein cottage cheese and fresh fruits (especially tropical fruits) are a match made in heaven. Or, you may combine it with fresh veggies (tomatoes or cucumbers). Also, you can add some basil, salad, and maybe a drizzle of olive oil. 

What makes this combination one of the healthy snack ideas? Protein, calcium, and B vitamins, and it is low in calories, so it suits any diet. The result is worth taking first place in any healthy snacks rating. 

2. Greek yogurt with fresh fruits and berries

Greek yogurt is another regular ingredient of the healthiest snacks, and it tastes great. Fresh fruits and berries make the taste brighter, won’t increase your daily calorie limits (they are quite low-calorie), and contain a lot of vitamins and anthocyanidins. You get a simple, tasty, and light snack that also raises your brain activities, reduces inflammation, and fills you up with energy. 

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3. Trail mix

Ready-made or homemade mixes of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits bring you protein and feed your brain and heart. It is one of the gamers’ favorites – the game unblocker and a portion of trail mix let them play and stay full of energy. So, rely on VPN for gaming to have stable access to the video content and trail mix to make you healthier. Just be modest when making the portion – these snacks are quite high in calories. 

4. Granola Bars

It is, perhaps, the most popular snack. First of all, it is ready-made – you have healthy and delicious ingredients with high protein, mixed in a perfect balance, and already done for you. It is like a part of the online security gentleman’s set – the work device, a VPN lets you access any site (refer to VPN reviews if you need to access a resource unavailable in your region). A bottle of fresh water, and granola bars to bring you energy at any time. Though, of course, you need to be mindful as some of such bars are high in sugar and carbs. So, read the list of ingredients carefully before buying. 

5. Hard-boiled eggs

This option is one of the simplest snacks that won’t ruin your diet – in fact, it is a part of many diets for weight loss. You might run across mentioning this snack in books about jockeys (I did). This snack is very easy to prepare. It has a lot of protein, vitamins (like vitamin D), and minerals (like calcium for your bones), and it is really filling. The primary concern about having hard-boiled eggs for snacks was high cholesterol level. You should not abuse it. 3 or 4 hard-boiled eggs per week are enough and mix them with salad and fresh vegetables. 

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6. Smoked salmon with vegetables 

If you are searching for some snacks that won’t ruin your diet and taste well, smoked salmon will definitely be on the list. Why? First, it is protein-rich, so you can feel satiated with a little piece of it. Second, smoked salmon has a great flavor that suits both the banquets and home meals you can enjoy while watching your favorite show or playing a video game. Combine it with cucumber, add some Greek yogurt or cheese, and enjoy the taste staying within your limits for daily calories! 

7. Nuts

The simplest option of all healthy snacks is taking some nuts. You get high protein and only healthy fats. It feeds your brain for complex tasks (our online security expert, for instance, is a great fan of hazelnuts). Besides, you feel well-fed longer than after having other snacks. However, keep in mind that though nuts contain healthy fats, they are still fats. Consider the portion per run carefully and choose raw nuts that are more nutritious. 

8. Canned fish on a toast 

Speaking of low-calorie, nutritious, and tasty snacks, we can’t ignore some canned fish. It is not the same for all fishes, but canned salmon and tuna are the great foundation of light snacks that make you feel satiated. Salmon and sardines are rich in fatty acids (omega-3) that are necessary for a healthy heart. Take a whole wheat toast, top it with canned salmon, sardines, or tuna, add some salad and cucumbers, and you are on a healthy eating plan that you can enjoy! 

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Final Words

As nutrition experts recommend, one such snack should be about 100-200 calories. You can calculate calories for each snack easily using dedicated applications or referring to specialized websites. And when you want snacks that won’t ruin your diet – turn to some of our ideas. They are simple and won’t ruin your pocket either. As we already said, keeping to a diet does not have to be painful. You can make it fun. 

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