Orbit Gum

Orbit is a sugarless gum product that is made by Wrigley Company. This gum has been around for a very long time, but it has not been sold continuously since its first appearance in 1899. It is unusual for a gum product to have come and gone so many times from the shelves of stores across the US and in other countries, but Orbit has a unique history that led to this appearing and disappearing act throughout the years since Wrigley first released it to market.

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You might have missed out on trying this really enjoyable chewing gum due to the various times that Orbit was not being made. Thankfully, if you do want to try it, it was successfully relaunched in 2001 and is still sold all across the US, as well as being offered in various other countries.

Orbit Gum

Orbit Gum History

Orbit gum was first sold in 1899. It was then launched again in 1944 as a way to replace other chewing gum brands that were not being made due to rationing related to WWII. The brand was then discontinued again at the end of the war when Wrigley’s was able to return to making its other products without concerns over rationing. The focus of Wrigley’s marketing efforts was placed on Juicy Fruit, Wrigley’s Spearmint, and Wrigley’s Doublemint for years, and Orbit gum was forgotten about by almost everyone.

However, Orbit would again be relaunched in 1976, when it started being sold in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. This was the first time that a sugar-free gum had been sold in those markets under the Wrigley name. The Orbit gum product was a hit in these markets and was subsequently launched in Canada, Australia, the UK, Norway, Poland, Israel, and Serbia.

In the UK, Orbit is called Wrigley’s Extra. The hard-shell version of the gum is called Extra Gum. In most markets, the original Orbit products have always been sold as hard-shell gum that is contained in blister packs. In fact, that is one of the things that has not changed about Orbit over the years and through many changes in the manufacturing status of the product. This a gum product that is made in the traditional style of the Chiclet and other hard-shelled gum with a soft interior. This is one of the things that makes this product so fun and enjoyable, particularly for those who love this old-fashioned style of gum.

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Orbit Gum didn’t come back to the US until the late 1970s but was then pulled off shelves yet again in the 1980s due to a rumor that a sweetener in the gum was causing cancer. The gum was not sold again in the US until 2001. Sweetener options have changed a lot since the 70s and 80s, and there are many different kinds of sweetening alternatives that have been proven to be entirely safe to consume in food products. Orbit was likely able to come back to market due to the new options for sweetening products while still maintaining its classic sugar-free recipe.

When Orbit was relaunched in the early 2000s, the marketing campaign used a British girl who navigated a variety of awkward social situations that were “dirty” situations. Orbit was advertised as a way to “clean it up!” which was the tagline of all of these ads.

These ads were a big hit, and they were so memorable that even school-age kids would recite the taglines from the ads to one another as they shared Orbit gum with friends. Many people still immediately associate the gum with these ads, even if they have never tried Orbit Gum. For a time, it felt like Orbit Gum ads were everywhere online and on TV, and nearly everyone around the world had seen at least one of these clever ads. 

The Orbit Girl was replaced in 2014, and Sarah Silverman took over as the replacement for the Orbit Girl. These ads were meant to be more general in nature and appeal to a variety of audiences. The new tagline was, “Eat. Drink. Chew Orbit”.

The packaging of Orbit has not changed much since it was relaunched in 2001. The background of each package matches the color that is often associated with the flavor of the gum. In the case of the various mint-flavored products, the background of the wrappers and boxes is blue, with the Orbit logo repeatedly emblazoned on the wrappings. 

The exterior front of each package shows a large version of the logo with some decorative patterning behind the logo. The front of the package also states the flavor and that the gum is artificially flavored. Each pack also states that the gum is sugar-free in the bottom right corner and indicates the number of pieces of gum inside the pack. Megapacks are also sold with 30 pieces of gum inside, while standard packs have 14. Megapacks are usually sold as a pair as well.

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Taste testers have not been very positive about the various Mist gum products that have been discontinued in Canada since 2013. Most people complain about the crunchy nature of the gum products and do not enjoy the short-lived taste of this version of the gum. This might explain why it was not sold for very long in any market.

However, taste testers are usually must more positive about the original or the whitening version of the Orbit gum, no matter the flavor that they try. The classic flavors like spearmint and peppermint seem to continue to be the most beloved flavors on offer, but there are many people who love the creative and whimsical flavor options like Mint Mojito.

The sense of fun that is connected with Orbit has been made really clear ever since the relaunch in 2001. From zany commercials that make people laugh to the creation of all kinds of unique gum flavors, Orbit is clearly intended to be a lot of fun to chew. Considering the more serious nature of the other products that the Wrigley Company makes, Orbit is a big departure from their usual marketing plans but a fun detour into a very different kind of product.

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If you love zany gum flavors and you really like traditional gum products that do not come in strips, you need to make sure to give Orbit a try. This gum has gone on and off the market, many times but seems to be here to stay since the 2001 relaunch.

There are few gum products out there that are like Orbit, and you will enjoy a taste experience that is not like many other gum products combined with a really classic gum shape and texture. There is something for almost everyone to love about Orbit Gum, and most people consider this gum one of their very favorite gum products.

Orbit Gum Varieties

Orbit has a huge array of flavors and different varieties that are offered through most online sales locations, even if you cannot find each variety in your local area. There are different styles of gum as well, which all have their own unique flavors to offer.

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Regular Orbit Gum Flavors:

  • Tropical Remix
  • Strawberry Remix
  • Wildberry Remix
  • Peppermint DoublePak
  • Spearmint DoublePak
  • Citrus Remix
  • Melon Remix
  • Crystal Mint
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Mint
  • Bubblemint
  • Wintermint
  • Winterfresh
  • Sweetmint
  • Freeze Mint
  • Citrusmint
  • Apple Remix
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mint Mojito
  • Maui Melon Mint
  • Positively Pomegranate
  • Raspberry Mint
  • Fabulous Fruitini
  • Sangria Fresca (discontinued)
  • Strawberry Mint
  • Lime Melon
  • Piña Colada
  • Orange Cardamom
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Coca Cola
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry Pomegranate

Orbit White is a new addition to the Orbit lineup. It is a sugar-free gum that is pelleted rather than sold in strips. This gum comes in blister packs and is meant to compete with other whitening and breath-freshening gum products. This gum variety comes in the following flavors:

  • Bubblemint
  • Mint
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Wintermint

There are also kid-targeted Orbit gum products. The flavors of Orbit for Kids are:

  • Peppermint spray
  • Watermelon spring
  • Mango surf

In Canadian markets, there was an Orbit gum variety called “micro-bursts”. This product was a small, polka-dot decorated gum product that was intended to create a “wet” or “hydrating” sensation when the gum was chewed. These products were called Orbit Mist, but they went off the market in 2013. The flavors of this discontinued Orbit gum were:

  • Peppermint spray
  • Watermelon spring
  • Mango surf

Orbit Gum Logo

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Orbit Gum Ingredients

From the Orbit Gum Website for the Spearmint version of the Orbit product:

  • Sorbitol
  • Gum base
  • Glycerol
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Less than 2% of: hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, aspartame, mannitol, acesulfame K, soy lecithin, xylitol, BHT (to maintain freshness)

The gum packs also indicate that this product contains phenylalanine and that the gum is not a significant source of other nutrients. The packaging also states that the gum inside the Orbit pack has 40% fewer calories than sugared gum. They also indicate the pieces of gum inside the wrapper are only three calories.

Orbit Gum Peppermint Nutrition

Serving Size:1 piece (1.9g)% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Total Fat0g0%
Total Carbohydrates1g0%
  • The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Pictures of Orbit Gum

Orbit Gum Commercials

A more recent ad for Orbit:

One of the Call Me Maybe ads:

A compilation of ads featuring the Orbit Girl (Farris Patton)

Another compilation of Orbit girl ads with Vanessa Branch:

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