Hard Candy – Famous Childhood Candy

Hard Candy

Our childhood memories are strongly linked to hard candy. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and all other special days are almost unimaginable without these sweet treats. Can you even think of your grandma’s house without a bowl of delicious treats in it? We bet this sounds familiar to you! And considering this, we can say that … Read more

Discontinued Candy

Discontinued Candy

The candy industry has developed over the years in an important way. People have invented a variety of new candies, but not all of them can stand the test of time. Whether it was the lack of ingredients or just the taste that couldn’t satisfy people, as a result, we have a bunch of discontinued … Read more

Pretzels (History, Types & Flavors)


Pretzels have been a fan favorite salty snack that goes back centuries. The origin of pretzels is a little bit of a mystery, but there are few really interesting stories behind their creation. Let’s talk about the history of pretzels and how they became an iconic snack. We’ll go over their history and the history … Read more