Candy That Starts With Q

As you’re going through the lists of candy, you will find that some letters are far more popular than others. As we started looking into candy that starts with Q, we found that there are very few that fall into this category. 

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Normally, we would break down these candy that begins with a certain letter into top picks and then other picks. However, there are only a handful of choices of candy beginning with the letter Q, so we’re going to do this one just a bit differently. 

We searched the market to find the best choices out there for candy that starts with Q. we’re going to share some more details information about those we did find. Take a look at these ones below. 

Candy Names That Start With Q

  1. Quench Gum
  2. Quince Candy
  3. Quality Sticks
  4. Quality Cigarette Sticks
  5. Q.Bel Wafer Rolls
  6. Q’Rico Candy
Candy That Starts With Q

1. Quench Gum

Quench Gum

You will almost always find a gum on our list, but Quench gum is not your average chewing gum. It absolutely is chewing gum, but it’s made with a twist. Sports players are always in need of hydration and sometimes a boost while they’re out there in the sun or heat. 

Quench gum gives them exactly that. This gum is made by the Mueller company. It’s described as a gum that will give you a much-needed pick me up when you’re playing sports. It can be used for runners and a variety of sports players. You will need to keep safety in mind as it’s not always a good idea to chew gum and sometimes the rules don’t allow it either. 

However, the ingenuity behind this neat gum is that it helps solve dry mouth issues for athletes that are out there working hard. Mueller Sports Medicine is the company that created Quench gum and it’s been a popular and effective solution for this purpose. 

The really cool thing about this gum is that it adds moisture to your mouth. Even though it’s not necessarily giving you a ton of hydration, it is doing away with dry mouth problems. The gum tastes great and is designed to activate your salivary glands. 

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Quench gum has been labeled the #1 sports gum in America. There aren’t a ton of competitors, but this is still a title to be proud of in our opinion. It’s most popular with baseball and softball players but it can be used for any high level activity or sport. 

Quench gum is fat free and comes in several different flavors. It can even be purchased in bulk for teams. Here are their flavor options. 

  • Orange fruit punch
  • Grape
  • Fruit punch
  • Orange
  • Double raspberry
  • Strawberry watermelon
  • Lemon

2. Quince Candy

Quince Candy

Quince candy is not your average candy either. This candy is considered to be Croatian or Turkish, depending on what stories you listen to. It’s not something you will usually find in American candy stores, but it’s made with just four ingredients. It’s sweet and flavorful and a really great treat. 

The recipe is pretty simple and it’s something that most people just make on their own at home. The downside is that it takes several hours from start to finish to make this candy. The process isn’t overly complicated, but it is lengthy. 

This candy is very unique and will definitely stand out in a crowd. It’s got several hints of sweetness, but it’s also got some spicy additions to the candy that bring together a massive flavor combination that you really can’t go wrong with. 

The things that are used to make Quince candy are also popular for perfume use because it’s a combination of sweet and spicy together. 

Quince candy uses spicy flavors mixed together with citrus, apple, and pear flavors. The cooking process first hardens it together, creating a tart layer. Later in the process, it becomes soft but remains dense. It almost resembles a jelly candy by the time you are done. 

The results are sweet, spicy, and rich all wrapped into one special little treat. This is a great dessert, particularly if you want to impress with a cultural dish or perhaps something that is simply unique and tasteful. 

Quality Sticks

Quality sticks is known for two very different things. For that reason, we want to cover both but want to separate them out to avoid confusion. The two different types include lollipop sticks and cigarette sticks. 

3. Quality Candy Sticks

Quality Candy Sticks

The first is candy sticks. These sticks are much like a lollipop, but they are just a big stick of candy instead the round lollipop variety. The sticks are made by Quality Candy Company and are the perfect treat, particularly if you need a lot of candy to hand out or spread around. 

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These candy sticks are handmade and flavored. They are then rolled to create the hardened stick that you might find in the store. Each stick is twisted slightly with both design and color. The designs very much look like candy canes look. The candy sticks are typically slightly larger than candy canes and there are many different flavors as well. 

You might know these more as old-fashioned sticks, but you get the idea, right? They come in a multitude of flavor options. This includes flavors that are rich, sweet, and sour. You cand find different sizes of sticks to enjoy as well. Whether you want traditional peppermint or something sour and unique, these sticks have been in production since at least 1927. 

4. Quality Cigarette Sticks

Quality Cigarette Sticks

The other quality sticks that you will find are cigarette sticks. They are shaped and made to resemble cigarettes, but they are candy instead. The original concept of this particular candy was to provide an alternative to a cigarette to help you kick the habit. These have been around forever, and they are still marketed for that purpose. 

The most popular choice is Gerrit’s Quality sticks, which is a milk chocolate cigarette stick. The end that would normally be brown on a cigarette is brown because it is chocolate on the candy stick. The remainder of the stick is white candy. 

These sticks are just made with sugar and chocolate primarily, but they do resemble a real cigarette. The packs that they come in even look and feel like cigarette packs. It’s certainly an interesting concept and design. 

You might remember as a young child getting these thinking you looked cool. They are GMO-free and they really are not bad for a treat. If you are trying to quit smoking, this might create an entirely different habit, but it just might help in that area. 

It really doesn’t get much more interesting or unique than these candy sticks. And you don’t even need a lighter to enjoy them. 

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5. Q.Bel Wafer Rolls

Q.Bel Wafer Rolls

This sweet candy wafer roll is one that is limited and harder to find. It’s produced by Q.bel Foods out of New York in the United States but it’s not something that you will find just anywhere. 

The candy is a wafer rolled up in chocolate. They have flavors like peanut butter and milk chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and deep dark chocolate. All of the wafer rolls are all-natural chocolate and made with cacao, which makes them one of the healthier chocolate options out there. 

Unfortunately, this company was only in the market for a very short time. This makes it hard to learn much about them. You might still find some candy bars out there but it’s very challenging to find reliable information to know whether or not they are still available or in production. 

6. Q’Rico Candy

Q’Rico Candy

If you like to try different cultural candies, here is another great one for you. Q’Rico candy is a Mexican candy that is made with mangoes and chilies. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and sour mixed together to a flavorful candy. 

This brand actually has several different flavor options. The candies are made from dried fruit or pickled fruit and then coated with other seasonings or flavors. For example, the Mango candy is dried mango that is coated with chilies to add some spicy flavor. 

This brand also has Chamoy candy and some other interesting finds. If you like just a touch of spice to your sweet or sour candy, this one is definitely for you! 

Conclusion On Candy That Starts With Q

Finding candy that starts with Q is much harder than most letters out there. Q simply isn’t a popular letter and there are many things besides candy that have limited use of the letter. However, you can find these fun and unique items out there. Chances are, it’s a great way for you to expand your horizons and try something new and tasteful. 

You never know, maybe you will find something that you love here! 

Have you ever tried any of the candies we’ve listed here? Maybe you even have a unique candy that starts with Q to share. We’d love to hear about it! 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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