Candy That Starts With L

Don’t you just love it when you get lots of luscious candy information? It’s almost like winning the candy lottery, right? Or maybe you want to have a themed party and use a bunch of candy that matches a certain theme. Of course, you could just be curious about a certain category of candy, looking to reminisce on some of your old favorites. 

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If you’re looking for candy that starts with L, we’ve got you covered here. We’ve dug through the candy dictionaries and lists to find some really fun and awesome choices. All of the candy in this guide will have one thing in common. They all start with the letter l!

Candy Names That Start With L

  1. Laffy Taffy
  2. Love Hearts
  3. Life Savers Candy
  4. Lollipops
  5. Lemonhead Candy
  6. Lion Bar
  7. Licorice
  8. Lindt Chocolate 
  9. Lips
  10. Look! Candy Bar
Candy That Starts With L

Top Candy That Begins with L

Let’s start with some of the top options out there. These are the most popular choices of candy that starts with L. Some of the timeless classics and others that just about everyone recognizes in their candy aisles at the store. Perhaps one of these are even your own favorite candy! 

Let’s take a look. 

1. Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy

You really can’t beat some classic Laffy Taffy. What’s your favorite flavor? This is the ultimate kind of taffy, made from an American brand. At one time, it was Wonka candy and now it is owned by the Ferrara Candy Company. The most common Laffy Taffy now are the small mini pieces with flavors like banana, apple, or cherry. 

However, you might remember the old sparkle cherry Laffy Taffy that was a classic pink color and had tons of sparkles (or sprinkles) on it. It was tons of fun. Through the years they have had some unique or rare flavors like coconut, orange sorbet, apple crisp, pumpkin donut, and caramel apple. 

These taffies are certainly sticky and sweet. Every Laffy Taffy has 1-2 jokes on the plastic wrapper around the candy to support the “Laffy” in each taffy package. Children can send in joke ideas and see if they ever make it on the wrapper. 

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Laffy Taffy candy first came out in the 1970s. This special taffy was made by Kathryn Beich Candies in Illinois at first. It spent some time owned by Nestle, Willy Wonka, and now Ferrara as of 2018. 

2. Love Hearts

Love Hearts

You know those sweet little hearts you can get on Valentine’s day? They have a real name. Maybe you just know them as candy hearts, but they are Love Hearts. Or at least the original version was. Now they are made by several different brands, and are often sold under the name Conversation Hearts but the original Love Hearts are still out there too. 

This confectionery candy was originally made in the UK. It was manufactured by a company known as Swizzels Matlow. The idea came from conversation lozenges, which were popular back in the Victorian era of history. 

Each candy is a circle stamped with a heart. They could also just be heart shaped. Each heart has a sweet little message inside. It might say “love you” or “be mine” or something else catchy. These are Valentines candies and that is when you are most likely to find them available to purchase. 

Swizzels began producing these in 1954. There are other copycat versions now as well. The most common colors are pink, purple, yellow, green, peach, and white. 

3. Life Savers Candy

LifeSavers Hard Candy

When Life Savers candy first came out, they were sold in a little roll. The roll was like a sleeve of hard candies that we know as Life Savers candy. Those rolls are wrapped in foil and paper wrappers, and you can just grab one out and savor it or share. Now, you can find the rolls like that mostly around Christmas and Easter when candy treats are popular but there are still tons of Life Savers products out there. 

You can purchase the bag of multiple flavors, like what’s in the roll and they are individually wrapped in plastic. You can also choose Life Savers mints that comes in several flavor options. They are all made in the shape of a ring, with a blank center. It’s almost like a life preserver. 

This is an American brand that is manufactured in Ohio, where it has been since it began in 1912. That’s about 110 years ago. You can still totally find these just about anywhere today. They also have some fun options like Crème Savers, Fusions, lollipops, and even some gummy life savers too. 

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4. Lollipops

Chupa Chups Lollipops

Lollipops are something that you can now find from different brands as well. It’s a sugar candy that gets rolled up together and placed on a stick. The stick allows you to hold the sticky candy and just lick or suck on it. It’s long-lasting. They can be hard on your teeth to chew but many people chew them up as they soften. 

You might also know of suckers, which are a version of the original lollipop. You will find there are tons of flavors and designs and brands out there. Many of them are unique and some have really interesting flavor choices too. You can even find novelty lollipops with prizes or even worms in the center of them. That’s an interesting treat. Not to mention the medicinal lollipops out there too. 

Because the lollipop is such a unique but interesting candy, there are several different stories out there behind the idea. One of the early versions comes from 1908 when George Smith of Connecticut made hard candy on sticks for this small candy shop. He actually named that candy Lolly Pop, after a racehorse. 

5. Lemonhead Candy


Lemonhead candy is another classic favorite candy and it’s sure to make you pucker. This is another American brand of candy that came out around 1962 and are one of the most popular candy beginning with the letter L. They’ve been around for several years now and there are other flavors that have come out under the same type of name, like Grapeheads. However, lemonhead will always be the classic. 

Each piece of candy is like a small bite-sized piece. It’s a hard candy with a lemon flavor. It’s described as having a hard candy core with a yellow soft shell that is sweet but also sour like lemon. This candy is owned by Ferrara Candy Co and actually was made by Salvatore Ferrara using the cold panned process. 

You can now by lemonhead candy in chewy varieties too although the original lemonhead candy is much easier to find and still remains more popular as well. 

Other Candy Beginning with the letter L

Now that you’ve seen some of the top picks, we have more! There are quite a few candies that start with L so we want to squeeze in as many of these lovely things as we can. Check out these other options. 

6. Lion Bar

Lion Bar

The Lion bar candy bar is sold in the UK. It’s been around since about 1976 and it’s owned by the Nestle brand. The original creators were the Rowntree’s. That same company produces Lion cereal as well. The Lion bar has a wafer, caramel, nuts, and chocolate coating around it. It’s quite tasty if you can find it! 

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7. Licorice

Twizzlers Licorice Candy Family Bag

In the United States, the most common licorice known is Twizzlers. But that’s not the original. Licorice candy is actually made using licorice root. Black licorice candy uses anise for the flavoring as well. There are several different brands and styles of licorice out there now, but your two primary options have always been red and black. Most people prefer the red. 

8. Lindt Chocolate 

Lindt Chocolate Bar 1979

Lindt chocolate is described as the gourmet chocolate for every occasion. It is most certainly gourmet chocolate, and it is delightful. They make several different varieties and flavors but perhaps the most well-known in the USA are the little balls that have some sort of flavor inside and then a soft and decadent chocolate coating. Those are the truffles. 

9. Lips


You may be familiar with an old classic, known as Wax Lips candy. This candy is made by the Tootsie Roll brand, or at least the original version was. They were little pieces of waxy candy that were big red lips. You could wear them, eat them, or some combination of both. These are most popular around Halloween because they’re so much fun with costumes and silliness. 

10. Look! Candy Bar

Look! Candy Bar

Some of you may remember the Look candy bar from Annabelle’s Candy Company. The candy company was established in California in 1950 by a Russian immigrant and his family. The candy bar is still out there but much harder to find now. It’s a dark chocolate candy bar with a chew nougat and roasted peanuts inside. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you just want some nostalgia for some of those old-time candies or you want to uncover new ideas to try, we’ve got you covered with this candy that start with L. There are plenty of tasty treats. From chocolate to sweet and everything in between. 

It’s always fun to see what’s out there and candy beginning with the letter L certainly brought back some great finds to look at. Which one will you make a point to try out? You surely can’t go wrong with any of these! 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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