Candy That Starts With E

Tasty sweets are always fun. Sometimes it’s even more fun to find themes and unusual or new things to try as well. Throughout the years, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of different candy items that have come and gone. Some classics will stay on the market always. 

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It can be really fun to look back through and remember candies from our childhood or maybe learn about a candy we never heard of. Take a look at all of this candy that starts with E. 

Candy Names That Start With E

  1. Éclair
  2. English Toffee
  3. El Bubble
  4. Elephant Gummies
  5. Extra
  6. Electric Eel Candy
  7. Eclipse
  8. Everlasting Gobstopper
  9. Eton Mess
  10. Every Flavor Beans
Candy That Starts With E

Top Candies That Start With E

Let’s start with some classic favorites. Here, we will consider some of the top choices through the years of candy that starts with E. We will give you a brief overview of these top picks and then keep moving down the line. 

1. Éclair


Ok so an éclair might not actually be candy but we think it counts. This tasty treat is a pastry and it’s very popular in France. This is where you are most likely to find it. Of course, several bakeries outside of France also attempt to make similar things to enjoy. 

Eclairs have a cream filling inside of the bread dough and then they are coated in icing and sometimes other toppings as well. The traditional option was a simple white filling with chocolate frosting but there are far more choices now. 

The crème inside is actually more like a custard but can also sometimes just be whipped cream. It depends on who is making them and what they choose to do. This delightful treat has been out since the 18th century and has been a staple pastry choice in France since the time it was created. We’re talking more than two full centuries, which tells us it’s a lasting top pick. 

Now, you will also find doughnuts, which are almost very similar. Long john donuts were designed to mimic eclairs in some ways. 

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2. English Toffee

English Toffee

Another classic confectionary is English Toffee. It’s so sweet and rich and it’s a lot of fun to enjoy. English toffee is made with sugar or molasses. It usually also has some butter and flour in the mix. That’s pretty much it – unless other things like nuts or chocolate are added to it. 

This toffee is made by mixing the primary ingredients together. The molasses or sugar is caramelized before adding to it. The mixture is heated to a temperature that makes it hard but not rock hard. This is around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

English toffee typically adds almonds too. That is actually what makes it English toffee as opposed to just toffee. Toffee can be hard or chewy. Chewy toffee tends to be the most popular, but it isn’t the only option. 

The toffee is great all by itself. It is rich but it’s also sweet and simple. Some version includes nuts or raisins, and some candy bars take English toffee and coat it in chocolate. That’s what the Heath bar is. 

3. El Bubble

El Bubble

This is a unique option but it’s one that everyone will remember. Have you ever seen those bubble gum cigars? They’re popular for babies as a supplement for a real cigar. You can find them in blue for celebrating boys and pink for celebrating girls. Those gum cigars are El Bubble gum. 

While the pink and blue are probably the most well-known choices, this brand also makes several other colors, and they are all in the shape of cigars. The different colors have different flavors, and every option is bubble gum. 

Some other common ones from the brand include lion, bronco, bull, dragon, monkey, and owl. This bubble gum is made in Canada. Where some bubblegum like these is never all that great, this gum is very chewy and very flavorful. It’s perfect for blowing bubbles too. 

The cigars are known for having a blend of sweet flavors and flavor that really lasts a long time. It’s fun and unique and you can always use them to celebrate! 

4. Elephant Gummies

Elephant Gummies

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, elephant gummies might do it for you. These are actually a candy that just came out within the past few years. The gummies are made to look like baby elephants, and they are made by a vegan company, so all of the gummies are vegan-friendly. 

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The brand that created and started this particular gummy is known as Squish. It’s a company that makes a variety of vegan candies. The coloring of the elephants comes from things like carrots, berries, and turmeric. The flavors that you might find of the gummies include kiwi, lychee, strawberry, Goji, cherry, and passionfruit. 

This elephant gummy candy is much better for you and made with thoughtful and natural ingredients. They are also flavorful and fun. So far, they’ve gone out with a bang. The elephants aren’t the only animal Squish offers either. They have baby sharks, pineapples, alligators, and more. 

5. Extra


Extra is a bubblegum brand that has tons of options. This gum is made by the Wrigley Company and is available in several different countries. The Extra flavors are all sugar-free but full of flavor. Extra first came out in 1984 and it’s been a popular chewing gum choice ever since. 

This gum has a lot of flavors. You can get classic options like spearmint and peppermint. But you can also get some other choices that are unique to Extra. This includes things like Winterfresh, Cool Breeze, Polar Ice, Classic Bubble, Berry Burst, Smooth Mint, Tropical, Watermelon, and more. Some countries have flavors that not all countries have as well. 

Extra has always promoted oral health and even been part of several initiatives to improve and maintain oral health. This is one of the reasons that the gum has remained sugar-free.

Other Candy Beginning with the Letter E

Now that you’ve seen some of the most popular choices, lets dive deeper into the world of candy that starts with E. There are some crazy choices out there and quite possibly some things that will make you shake your head. 

Take a look. 

6. Electric Eel Candy

Electric Eel Candy

Don’t be scared off by the name. This fun candy is not actually an eel. It’s a popular candy in Japan and it’s said to “electrify your mouth” with flavor. These are all green apple flavored. They are tubes packed full of flavor. These are not to be confused with candied eels, which are also a real and popular thing in Japan. 

7. Eclipse


E seems to be a popular starting letter for gum options. Eclipse is another chewing gum variety. This brand also has breath mints. Wrigley Company sure knows a thing or two about gum because this one is also made by them. 

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Eclipse gum came out in 1999. This gum is in pellets rather than in the strip of gum like so many others are. They were inspired by another brand, and these were a hit. Eclipse has always been popular to promote fresh breath and were approved by the American Dental Association in 2007. 

8. Everlasting Gobstopper

Everlasting Gobstopper

If you loved the movie Willy Wonka or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then you are likely very familiar with the Everlasting Gobstopper. It’s a lasting flavor that you can suck on and just enjoy. Of course, they don’t really last forever but that’s ok. 

Gobstoppers come in small balls of flavor. They have a variety of colors and you just pop one in your mouth and enjoy. They do last for a while so that’s a plus. It’s basically like a jawbreaker but sweet and fun to enjoy. 

9. Eton Mess

Eton Mess

Eton mess is really more of a dessert, but it will certainly spark your sweet tooth. This English dessert is basically just a mixture of berries that are posed together in a mess. The berries come with meringue and whipped cream to make a sweet delight that isn’t too unhealthy. It’s been around a lot of years.

There is also Eton Mess candy, which is basically just a mess of flavors all tossed together and called a candy. Which would you rather enjoy? 

10. Every Flavor Beans

Every Flavor Beans

Any fan of Harry Potter knows all about these tricky beans. They are a lot of fun because you never know if you will get a good flavor or a yucky flavor. It’s a total mystery and they really do have more than every flavor. 

These are made by Jelly Belly and inspired by Harry Potter and the candy used there. Every Flavor beans have some odd things like vomit, soap, and earwax but also include some yummy choices like blueberry, cinnamon, and cherry. 


Finding candy that starts with E might be harder than some other letters out there. E is really not all that common for most candy names it seems. However, you can certainly find some fun and strange candies that qualify. 

Whether you’re looking for something unique, chewing gum, or just something tasty, we’ve got you covered with all of these creative candy choices. 

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