Candy Beginning with the Letter N

Candy That Starts With N

It’s always nice to have a great source for candy. Maybe it’s even a little bit nerdy to be curious about the best candy that starts with N. N is a great letter for candy options and you will definitely find some classic favorites that fall into this category. 

Today, we look at candy that starts with N and dive into the details of several great options out there. 

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Candy Names That Start With N

  1. Nerds
  2. Nestle Crunch
  3. Nutter Butter
  4. Now and Later
  5. Nutella
  6. Necco
  7. NutRageous
  8. Nips
  9. Nutties
  10. Nik L Nip
Candy That Starts With N

The Top Candy Beginning with the Letter N

Let’s start at the top. This first section we are looking at some of the classic favorites. of candy beginnign with the letter N We will focus in on some of the most popular choices on the market. Maybe you will find a common favorite here. 

1. Nerds

nerds mascot

It only makes sense that one of the most popular candies that starts with N gets placed in our first spot. Nerds came out in 1983 and they’ve been going strong ever since. It’s like the perfect combination of tart flavor, mixed in these tiny little pieces. No two nerds are really exactly the same in a single box. 

When Nerds candy first came out, they were produced by Sunmark Corporation. Since then, they’ve been part of the Willy Wonka line and now they are owned by Ferrara Candy Company. You can find tons of different varieties. Around Easter and Halloween, you can get the mini boxes with just a single flavor. 

Other times, you can find the move candy boxes. Sometimes they have mixed flavors, but the normal setup is to have two flavors that are separated by a divider. Nerds are pretty much pure sugar on top of sugar. They also get a flavor and then a colorful coating around them. 

Now, you will find several different Nerds products. This includes traditional Nerds, sour Nerds, jumbo Nerds, rainbow Nerds, gum balls with Nerds, Nerds ropes, and more. 

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old candy

2. Nestle Crunch

Nestle's Crunch

Nestle Crunch is another major player in the candy world. This could technically be a candy that starts with N or C. Many people actually refer to this candy bar by its full name, Nestle Crunch bar. This candy bar has been around through the ages. It first came out in 1938, so it has served substantial time in the industry. 

It’s a simple candy bar with crisped rice and coated in milk chocolate. You get that little bit of crunch with the perfect amount of chocolate. It’s been around this long because it’s well made, and it will always be a fan favorite. 

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Despite the fact that this candy bar is the Nestle Crunch, it is actually sold by Ferrara in the US. All other countries are still sold and produced through Nestle though. Nestle made a great decision in 2013 to transition to using 100% cocoa beans in their chocolate. 

You can see a lot more on that initiative by looking up the Nestle Cocoa plan. It’s a global plan to help improve sustainability but also to enrich the lives of cocoa farmers. 

3. Nutter Butter

Nutter Butter

Seriously, who doesn’t like a great cookie? And you really can’t go wrong with this candy that start with N. It’s a sweet cookie instead of just your average candy or candy bar. Butter Butters were first produced in 1969. They are made with nut products so be mindful of that. 

This is an American brand. Nabisco is all about making delicious cookies. The Nutter Butter is a sandwich cookie. The outside sandwich parts of the cookie are shaped to look like peanuts. Between those, you have peanut butter layered to flavorful perfection. 

According to the numbers, Nabisco makes more than 1 million Nutter Butters every year. They’re classic. If you like peanut butter, they are utterly delicious. They are known as the peanut butter lover’s cookie. Doesn’t seem like you can go wrong there! 

4. Now and Later

Now and Later Candy

The Now and Later candy has been around since about 1962 and is another favorite candy beginning with the letter N. It’s an extra chewy candy that is designed to last. They named it Now and Later because you can put it in your mouth now and still be enjoying it later. It has the lasting flavor and chewability of gum but it’s just a chewy candy. 

This candy comes in small squares. You just unwrap the square and pop it into your mouth. Every square is individually wrapped. The color of the wrapper denotes the flavor of the candy. You can purchase them in a sleeve, but you can also purchase them in packages or as part of mixed candy bags too. 

The brand currently has 12 flavors in production. It’s made by Ferrara Candy Company. The description of the candy calls it taffy-like chewy candy. The traditional Now and Laters were made to be chew but not as chewy. They are slightly hard and were designed to be sucked on and enjoyed for longer periods of time. You can get the original style or a chewy style that truly is chewy. 

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5. Nutella

Nutella Jar

Nutella isn’t necessarily a candy but for some of us, it is used as a sweet treat. Nutella is defined as being a hazelnut cocoa spread. Some people use it in place of peanut butter because it almost resembles a peanut butter and chocolate mixture. However, it is really neither. The sweet hazelnut flavor gives it just a little something different. 

Nutella is considered to be a healthier spread than some of the options out there. It was first produced more than 50 years in 1964. It’s produced by Ferrero. It has become more popular in the last decade for different individuals looking for healthy eating options and alternatives. 

This concoction has an interesting background. It was actually thought up in a small Italian bakery. The town was known for hazelnuts. The bakery owner created a batch of a special spread. At that time, the spread was a block and now the spread we know now. They later developed a creamy version and that’s the Nutella that we know and love today. 

Other Candy That Starts with N

Now that you’ve seem some of our favorites, let’s move on down the list! There are several other great candy choices out there. We’re going to make a quick run through a few of them. Check these out. 

6. Necco


Necco Wafers is one of those old-time candies that you love or you don’t. They are not still in production, but you might still find a few here and there. They will always remain an American classic. This candy first came out in 1847. It made it close to a century and a half of production. Unfortunately, the company went through bankruptcy and was sold in 2018. 

Necco wafers were their most popular option. The wafers were like little hubs, slightly larger than a sweet tart or smartie. They had light flavor and a chalky coating on them. There were several flavors. 

7. NutRageous

NutRageous Packet

The NutRageous bar is a simple chocolate bar that is made by the Hershey Company. It was originally just called NutRageous when it came out in 1994. Now, you will find them labeled as Reese’s NutRageous but it’s still the same delicious candy bar. 

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The NutRageous bar is made with a nougat-type center. Its roasted peanuts blended together with caramel and Reese’s peanut butter. The entire bar is then coated in milk chocolate to create the perfect blend and flavor. 

8. Nips


Nips candy are made to be both rich and satisfying. They come in a few different flavors, but the caramel and the coffee are the most popular choices. These are hard candies that have a rich and creamy texture. They also are only 30 calories, so you get a nip of something sweet without overindulging. 

Nips are caramels but again they do have several flavors. They are produced by Ferrara Candy shop and pretty easy to get your hands on. 

9. Nutties


Nutties are a popular European chocolate. They are made by the Cadbury brand. These sweet little candy pieces are basically just chocolate-covered cashews, although there might be a bit more to them. A little pack of Nutties makes a delicious treat. Since they are Cadbury, they are made with real milk chocolate. 

10. Nik L Nip

Nik L Nip

Did you ever get to enjoy those little wax bottles with flavor inside as a kid? Maybe you even still love them! You probably just called them wax bottles of wax candy. The true name for them is Nik L Nip. These little wax bottles are shaped to look like soda bottles. Inside the wax is some sort of sweet, fruity liquid that you drink out. 

You just nip off the top of the “bottle” and then enjoy the flavors inside! 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to candy that starts with N, you have a lot of great options. With classics like those wax bottles or Nerds, you really can’t go wrong. Of course, we can also trot down memory lane with Necco candies and more. 

These is just the tip of the iceberg with candy in this category. There are many more nice options out there.  

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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