Candy That Starts With P

Please, please, please bring us all of the candy! Or maybe just the candy beginning with the Letter P! 

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There are so many classic candy that starts with P. Some of them are longtime favorites and others just might surprise you. We’ve put together a list of some of the top candies that begin with the letter P, starting with a few of our favorites.

Candy Names That Start With P 

  1. Peppermints
  2. Pocky
  3. Peanut M&Ms
  4. Payday
  5. Pixy Stix
  6. Peanut Brittle
  7. Push Pop
  8. Peach Rings
  9. PEZ
  10. Peeps
  11. Pop Rocks
  12. Polos Candy
Candy that starts with P

The Best Candy Beginning with the Letter P

We have a full list of candy that starts with P. Before we get into the extensive list of candies, check out these candies that are some of the best ever candies under this category. 

1. Peppermints


Peppermints are a classic candy and of course, take our first spot here when it comes to candy that starts with P. These come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and options now but the classic peppermint is your white candy with red stripes. 

They are peppermint flavor but you can find a ton of other mint options that also have wintergreen and spearmint flavors. Even peppermints have some other flavors now. You can find these from a lot of different brands as well. 

Peppermints are known to refresh breath or even settle an upset stomach. This hard candy is meant to be sucked on and enjoyed and you’ve probably had many of them in your lifetime. The original candy cane was even a peppermint flavor. 

Now, you can find peppermint candy, candy bars, ice cream, breath mints, gum, tablets, and so much more. 

2. Pocky


Pocky is a Japanese candy and is another candy beginning with the letter P. It’s simple but also very enjoyable. These little candy sticks are almost like a pretzel-type breading. They are described as biscuit sticks. The sticks are then coated in chocolate, aside from the last bit of the end that you hold to eat the stick. They are very slim sticks and they’re so simple they are delicious. 

Chocolate is the most common flavor, but you can also get these in milk, green tea, mousse, banana, cookies and cream, or honey as well. 

3. Peanut M&Ms

Peanut M&Ms

M&M has several different flavors and peanut is one of them. That is not even their only candy beginning with the letter P though. They also have peanut butter and pretzel, both of which start with p. However, peanut M&Ms have been one of the most popular versions of the candy since it was introduced. 

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M&Ms were originally produced in 1941 and then peanut M&Ms were introduced in 1954. They first came out only in a tan color but in 1960, they started coming out in the traditional M&M colors. You actually rarely find the tan color anymore. 

Peanut M&Ms are the ones in the yellow bag. They are the perfect milk chocolate with a candy coating and then each one has a peanut on the inside. You get sweet chocolate flavor mixed with the crunch and flavor of the peanut. It’s almost like a chocolate-covered peanut but just a little bit better. 

You can find these in your individual sizes, in small packages as Halloween candy, in the sharing size, and then in the family size as well. 

You simply can’t go wrong with the peanut M&M

4. Payday

PayDay Candy Bar

If you like peanuts and caramel, then you most likely also love the Payday candy bar. This delightful candy bar is almost like a nut roll. It’s a combination of peanuts, rolled over a center nougat made of caramel. The caramel makes it sweet and tasty and holds the peanuts to the candy bar. 

At one time, Payday candy bars also had a chocolate Payday. While those are still produced, they are very limited and typically hard to find. The original Payday however is still produced and has been around since 1932. 

This candy bar is owned by the Hershey’s company, although it was originally introduced by Hollywood Candy Company. Fun fact: these were introduced on the pay day of that company, which is where the name came from. Hershey acquired the candy bar through Leaf in 1996. 

This candy bar was designed to potentially be a meal replacement. At that time, candy bars were often used to replace meals. The concept was that peanuts and caramel provided a high protein solution so they easily could substitute a meal and still be a reliable energy source for the person enjoying it. 

5. Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix

Do you know those little straws full of flavored sugar? It’s the Pixy Stix! If you like sweet candy, this one is for you. Pixy Stix are a powdered mix that comes out of a packet. That packet often looks almost like a drinking straw. You just pour the flavored powder onto your tongue a little bit at a time and enjoy! 

It’s a simple candy but people love the sweet flavors that are almost just a touch sour as well. This candy was invented in St. Louis Missouri in 1942. The idea was inspired by a drink mix that was popular at the time, known as Fruzola Jr. 

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A lot of kids were just eating the powder from that drink mix because they enjoyed the flavor so Sunline Inc. decided to make a candy for that purpose. Originally, the formula was called Lik-M-Aid. The name was eventually changed to Pixy Stix. The original Lik-M-Aid formula was later modified to Fun Dip. 

Pixy Stix are still in production today through the Ferrara Candy Company. They have grape, orange, cherry, strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, Mango Lime, and Cucumber Watermelon flavors. You can find them in different sizes and assortments in most candy stores. 

Additional Candies Beginning with the Letter P

Those are some of our top picks but there are several other candies out there that start with P. Check these out. 

6. Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle

Peanut brittle is not an everyday candy and really not even associated with a specific brand. This is a confectionary candy creation that is really popular around the holidays. It’s a hard sugar candy that has all sorts of nuts in it. Some versions have just peanuts but many of them have pecans, almonds, and peanuts in the hard candy. 

7. Push Pop

Push Pops

Next up, let’s look at a classic candy that has been around since 1986. It’s a lollipop that’s not really a lollipop almost. The Push Pop is designed to be a lasting sucker. Its in a plastic casing and you just push the pop up as you want more. It even comes with a lid so you can save some for later if you want to. 

Push Pop is an American candy brand. It’s produced by Topps. They come in a ton of different flavors. You can find some unique flavors around holidays, but you can find Push Pops all year round. You can find flavor combinations or just a regular, enjoyable flavor. 

Now, you can also find Push Pop in a jumbo option, a spring-loaded option, a Flip N Dip, or even Push Pump spray. It’s pretty cool. These make great sweet snacks. They’ve had some cool slogans through the years too. The latest is “What? You never pushed a push pop?” Another classic was “Don’t push ME, push a push pop!”

8. Peach Rings

Peach Rings

You really can’t beat peach rings. This is a small gummy candy that is round like “O”. It typically is half orange and half yellow. It’s flavored to taste like a peach and then they have a sugar coating on them that really takes the cake. 

They are sweet and very peachy but absolutely delightful. You can find these in a variety of brands and locations as well. 

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9. PEZ

PEZ Candy

PEZ candy is another timeless classic that has been around forever it seems like and is one of the most popular candy beginning with the letter P. These come with a dispenser that has some sort of decorative head. You can find tons of them with different options, including seasonal choices. The dispenser holds these little candy tablets. You can dispense them one at a time and enjoy them at your leisure. 

10. Peeps


Peeps are known as a classic Easter candy. That is really about the only time you can find them. This is a marshmallow candy that is coated in sugar. They didn’t used to be flavored, they were just the marshmallow and sugar, but now you can find them sometimes in various flavors. 

Peeps are shaped like little chicks or rabbits but sometimes now you can also find them in different shapes as well. 

11. Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks Candy

Pop Rocks are almost like a party in your mouth! You put these tiny little rocks that look harmless in your mouth, and you end up with a popping sensation. Their tagline is taste the explosion and it’s pretty fitting. Pop Rocks candy are a lot of fun to eat. 

These little candies have plenty of flavor but when you consume them, they will crackle inside of your mouth. It’s a very unique feeling and it’s tons of fun to enjoy. These are mostly just sugar but they do also have a little bit of lactose in them. They are flavored as well. 

It’s a popping candy that has always remained the same. They came out in 1961 as far as the date on the patent. However, official sales are said not to have started until 1976. The company actually removed it from the market for a little while in 1983. It has since returned, and they are more and more popular as people understand them. 

12. Polos Candy

Polos Candy

Polos are a mint that is very similar to the little Life Savers mints that you find. They were originally made in the United Kingdom but continue to be popular and are the inspiration for other breath mints on the market today. 

These began manufacture in 1948. They now come in their original peppermint flavor as well as several other flavor options. 

Candy That Starts With P Conclusion

There you have it! If you’re looking for a theme or perhaps just curious about the candy that starts with P, you’ve got a ton of options right here. This is not an all-inclusive list but gives you the majority of options and certainly provides you with the most popular choices and timeless classics. 

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