Candy That Starts With J

There are so many really great candies out there. You really can’t go wrong with candy that starts with J. From classic favorites that have been around for forever to unique finds that you can’t get just anywhere. Of course, there are always the favorites that were popular for so long and then discontinued. Those are the sad ones. 

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If you’re looking for candy that starts with the letter J, you’ve come to the right place! J is a popular letter for candy it would seem. Take a moment and check out some of these brilliant finds! 

Candy Names That Start With J

  1. Jelly Belly
  2. Juicy Fruit
  3. Junior Mints
  4. Jolly Ranchers
  5. Jujyfruits
  6. JawBreakers
  7. Jelly Beans
  8. Jordan Almonds
  9. Jelly Rings
Candy That Starts With J

Top Candy That Starts with J

We’re going to break this down for you. First, lets cover just some of the top picks. These will be some of our favorite, most popular selections of candy that starts with J. We’ve got names, a brief history, and all of the interesting details. 

1. Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Assorted Flavor Jelly Beans

The classic Jelly Belly is certainly a candy to remember. It takes the concept of a jellybean and gives you a little bit of a twist. Rather than traditional flavors like cherry, lime, orange, etc. Jelly Belly gives you fun flavors that are still everyday flavors. They have some unique choices too. 

With Jelly Belly you can find favorites like popcorn, Dr Pepper, cotton candy, roasted marshmallow, and many others. They also have series of interesting flavors and specialty flavors out there. They’re slightly smaller than a traditional jellybean and you’ve got a ton of flavor choices. 

This candy is an American-made candy. It is owned by the Jelly Belly Candy Company. They’re located in California, and they’ve been operating for a lot of years. The original owners of the brand stared selling confectionery in 1869. Jelly Bellies were produced sometime around the 1980s. 

Fun fact about this candy. When President Reagan was in office, he was often supplied with Jelly Bellies. He was known for giving dignitaries jars of the beans as gifts. 

2. Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit

If you love gum, Juicy Fruit is a must-try. It’s made by Wrigley’s, which makes several different types of chewing gum. This particular brand and flavor came out around 1893. It’s been in production for more than 100 years. It’s a favorite and it really never gets old. 

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The Juicy Fruit chewing gum has a unique flavor. It’s just slightly fruity without being too sweet. The flavor is really unexplained, but some people compare it to jackfruit while others compare it to a coconut and pineapple mixture. The company has never really described the flavor in full. 

Juicy Fruit was designed by William Wrigley Jr. When he first started sharing the gum, it was as a free gift for customers who purchased baking powder. He would just attach a few pieces of the gum to the baking powder. Eventually, the chewing gum became more popular than baking powder and in 1893, Juicy Fruit began. 

This continues to be one of the most popular flavors of Wrigley chewing gum. 

3. Junior Mints

Junior Mints

It’s mint and it’s chocolate. It’s much like a dinner mint but instead it’s a chewy candy delight. Junior Mints are simply irresistible. The best part is that the chocolate coating is actually dark chocolate. That makes these healthy, right? Junior Mints came out originally in 1949. 

The labeling advertises them as creamy mints in pure chocolate. It’s the perfect mix. You get just a bite-sized piece. The interior is creamy mint flavor, and the outside is soft chocolate. You can just pop one or ten in your mouth and savor them. 

These mints are produced by Tootsie Roll Industries. You can often find them at movie theaters or in the little movie theater boxes of candy at your local grocery store. They do come in other packaging options as well. 

Did you know that more than 15 million Junior Mints are produced every single day? Clearly, they are doing something right. 

4. Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

If you like sweet flavors in hard candy, Jolly Ranchers never gets old. These candies are made to be like lollipops, but they are just a small hard candy instead. You can suck on them and savor the flavors. Jolly Ranches started out as just the flavored hard candy. However, now they also have gummies, jellybeans, lollipops, and even sour bites. 

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At one time, Jolly Ranchers had a soda line but its unclear if that is still available. Jolly Ranchers were first introduced in 1949. This was more than 70 years ago. The original company was founded by Bill and Dorothy Hansen. It actually began as the Jolly Rancher Company. The couple marketed their store as a friendly Western company in Colorado. They had an ice cream shop for awhile as well. 

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The Jolly Rancher Company owned several franchise stores in the Midwest for several years. The company trademarked the name Jolly Rancher in 1960. A few years later, they sold the company. There were several changes over the years in what they produced or did. The current owner of Jolly Rancher is now the Hershey Company. 

Jolly Ranchers had the original flavors of watermelon, apple, and blue raspberry. Cherry and grape were then added to their basic line. Now, there are several more flavors, including things like watermelon, fruit punch, and cinnamon. They also have sour flavors and even some flavors with heat. 

5. Jujyfruits


If you like gumdrops, Jujyfruits are great. They are created to be like gumdrops as far as overall design, but they are shaped into fruits rather than drops. These are just a simple chewy, gummy candy that first started production in 1920. They have always been very popular in movie theaters, but they can be found in candy stores and other places as well. 

Jujyfruits is very basic, and they’ve mostly stayed the same since production. Their flavors are now raspberry, anise/black licorice, lime, orange, and lemon. When the candy first came out, the green was actually a minty flavor rather than lime but that changed in 1999. 

The shapes of the candy are almost misleading because the flavors don’t match the shapes. In fact, most of the shapes have no matched flavor. The shapes include things like bananas, peas, tomatoes, pineapples, grapes, asparagus, and raspberries. If you compare that to the flavors, the raspberry is the only consistent item between the two. 

Other Candy Beginning with the Letter J

Those are some of our top picks but there are many more candies to know that start with J. Check out some of these additional options. You might just find one of your new favorites. 

6. JawBreakers


Have you ever walked into a candy store and seen the giant jawbreakers? Perhaps you even begged your parents for one or splurged on one at some point. They’re so much fun! Who really finishes those? Those huge ones are nearly impossible to ever make it to the center. You can’t chew on them, so you just have to work your way through them. 

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Of course, jawbreakers do come in different sizes. There are small ones out there that are much easier to just put in your mouth and savor. If you suck on them long enough, you will eventually finish them off or soften them just enough to chew at the end. 

7. Jelly Beans

jelly beans

We had Jelly Belly candy in our top picks. Jelly Beans are also a popular candy. Now, you can find jellybeans from a ton of different brands and in all sorts of unique flavors. Watch out for the black ones, unless you are specifically fond of black licorice flavors. 

8. Jordan Almonds

Jordan Almonds

Jordan Almonds are absolutely delicious and one of the most popular candy beginning with the letter J. They take a simple almond and coat it in sugar or a sugared coating. These are also commonly known as Dragee as a more formal name. The concept of coating an almond in a flavored outer shell has been around for centuries. They were originally a popular treat to use at weddings and special events. 

9. Jelly Rings

Jelly Rings

In the world of candy, jelly rings are a classic. Some people love them, and some people don’t. These are fruit-flavored gummy rings with a sugary coating. You probably recognize peach rings as one of the most common options. Of course, there are other flavors. Apple rings and watermelon rings are quite common. 

Peach rings will likely always win out. The rings are jelly and gummy and incredibly sugary. There is just something about them. Once you start eating them, you just can’t stop. 


When it comes to candy that starts with J, there are a ton of choices out there. You can pick from classic selections that everyone knows about or some of these lesser-known options. Some of the candy beginning with the letter J has been around for over 100 years. That’s pretty phenomenal if you ask us. 

These are just some of the most well-known choices. Many of them are still around today. You will find that there may be many more out there. Which candy beginning with the letter J do you plan to try first? 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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