Candy That Starts With V

Viewing different candy options is very fun, if you ask us! There are so many different candies from around the world and while some may be similar, they each have their own unique attributes as well. 

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Today, we’re taking a look at candy that starts with V. You will find there are some vague choices that you might not have ever heard of. There might also be some very awesome choices that even fall into some of your favorite categories. 

Take a look at these candies beginning with the letter V. 

Candy Names That Start With V

  1. Violet Crumble
  2. Valentine Heart Candy
  3. Valomilk Candy Cups
  4. Vimto
  5. Volcano Rocks
  6. Violet Mints
  7. Vanilla Taffy
  8. Victory V
  9. Vanilla Wafers
Candy That Starts With V

Top Candy That Begins with V

It’s always great to start at the top. When you look at different candy names and categories, you always find some that are more popular than others. You will also find some of them might be a bit of a stretch. 

V is an interesting letter because it’s not one that is popular for the beginning of a name, but it’s found in a lot of words. However, you just might be pleasantly surprised by the selection of candy that begins with V. 

1. Violet Crumble

Violet Crumble in Packet

This Australian chocolate candy bar is one for the books and is a popular candy that starts with V. It’s not owned and produced by Robern Menz, but it has previously been owned by Nestle. The original owner of the chocolate bar was Hoadley’s. They were the ones that designed and made it to begin with. It’s made in South Australia. 

This sweet candy bar came out in 1913. The Violet Crumble uses a fun slogan that says, “it’s the way it shatters that matters”. The candy bar is most popular and most easily found in Australia. However, it’s also known to be popular in Hawaii, Hong Kong, and even some places in California, USA. 

The owner who made this candy bar originally owned a store that made things like jams and jellies. Before making the Violet Crumble, he made a box of assorted chocolates that he packed in a box that was purple and had violets on it. He made the candy bar and the designs in honor of his wife. She loved violets and the color purple. 

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The candy bar is unique because it’s made with a tasty honeycomb inside and then has a chocolate coating around the outside. It was inspired by one of the top choices from the Violet candy box they originally made. 

2. Valentine Heart Candy

Conversation Hearts

You’ve seen those Valentine hearts. They are a popular and common choice that you only find as a Valentines day candy. They are made by several different brands now, but the original Sweethearts version was made by Spangler Candy Company. Before Spangler owned them, they were part of Necco and then the Stark Candy Company. 

Even though these are a seasonal treat, more than 8 billion of them get made each year. They only come out once a year and people really chase them down during that time. The candy design came from a machine that could make lozenges using wafer candy. They took the capability and turned it into a fun, lovey surprise. 

These hearts all have unique sayings on them. Each color of heart is a different flavor. You will find messages like “be mine”, “hug me”, “LOL”, and more. These fun little candy hearts first came out in 1901. The sayings just get stamped onto the candy. Occasionally, they revise the sayings to be in line with the young people and new generations or popular phrases. 

In 2010, they went from being a hard candy to being semi-soft. They even added some new flavors at that point. Necco declared bankruptcy while they were still the owners of the cany and there was actually a year where no Valentines hearts were on the market because of, before Spangler saved the day. 

3. Valomilk Candy Cups

Valomilk Candy Cups

If you want a candy that is unique to the Midwest in the United States, take a look at Valomilk. These candies were produced in Merriam, Kansas for many years. Valomilk is a simple milk chocolate cup and inside that cup is marshmallow cream that just oozes out when you take a bite. 

This candy first came out in 1931. It actually was from a mess up on another type of candy where someone added too much vanilla to marshmallows. The additional vanilla caused the marshmallows to never set up, leaving them as a gooey cream instead. So, they turned around and put that in a milk chocolate cup, like what Reese’s peanut butter cups use. 

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Russell Sifers Candies is the original maker of these, and this candy is still produced minimally. They use the same old family recipe they used from the beginning. The Sifers Candy Company has since discontinued all of their candy lines, aside from this one. 

The name Valomilk is certainly unique. It’s derived from the ingredients, which are vanilla, marshmallow, and milk chocolate. The name takes a couple letters from vanilla and marshmallow and then uses milk for milk chocolate. 

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4. Vimto


Vimto is a soft drink brand and that was always their origination. This is what they are most known for. However, the brand has also made some sweets that are quite popular and well-known. 

Vimto first started producing items in 1908. They’ve been around for more than 100 years now. They are also known for having candies as well as ice lolly from the brand. The Vimto soft drink can be found in both bottles and cans and is primarily sold in the United Kingdom. 

Originally, Vimto marketed their soft drink as a health tonic. It was several decades later that it became a carbonated beverage. They have natural fruits in the drink that include things like raspberries, blackcurrants, and grapes. 

You will find Vimto in a few different flavor choices now and in several international locales. It is still best known in the UK area but is available in some other countries as well. It’s no longer a health tonic but they do use a 3% concentrate from fruits in the formulas. 

Other Candy That Starts with V

We’ve gone over a few of the most popular choices out there. These are some valuable finds. But there are more candies still to learn about candy that starts with V. Whether you’re looking for something fun and unique or an old fan favorite, check out a few of these. 

5. Volcano Rocks

Volcano Rocks

Volcano Rocks candies are no longer widely available. They were a unique candy that starts with V that was produced by the Willy Wonka Candy Company. This candy was primarily produced from the early 1970s until the late 1980s, when it was officially discontinued. If you were alive in those years, you may remember the candy. 

This candy was almost completely made of sugar. It was made to be solid, and it resembled small pieces of gravel. It even came in different colors. They were comparable to Nerds candy, which is perhaps why they didn’t last long in the market. 

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6. Violet Mints

Violet Mints

If you love violets and you love the color violet, this mint is just right for you. It’s very unique. Where most mints are designed with a peppermint note to their flavor, this brand took it a whole different direction and made floral mints. Violet mints have a slight floral flavor as well as fragrance, inspired by violets. 

It’s unique but also very tasteful. The floral notes are subtle and paired with a fresh minty flavor as well. It makes them just slightly sweet and enjoyable. 

7. Vanilla Taffy

Vanilla Taffy

Saltwater taffy is always a win. And you really can’t beat a classic vanilla taffy. No other flavors, just that plain vanilla that is perfectly smooth and creamy. Vanilla taffy almost tastes like chewy vanilla ice cream. You really can’t beat it. It’s simple but oh so good. Taffy is chewy and sweet and vanilla is a classic for sure. 

8. Victory V

Victory V

Victory V is an old-time candy. This is a British candy that is made to taste like licorice. It’s a lozenge hard candy that you just toss in your mouth and enjoy the flavor of. They are very unique and even have little sayings stamped into the surface. 

When they first came out in 1864, they were each made by hand. You can see a lot more on their story if you’re able to find the film called The Story of Victory V. In the movie, they document the company and production. 

9. Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla Wafers

Finally, we leave you with a wafer or a cracker, whatever you want to call it. These are more officially known as Nilla Wafers, but they are vanilla. They are simple little baked wafer cookies that are vanilla in flavor. You can dunk them or enjoy them alone. These might remind you of snacks you enjoyed as a child. 

Conclusion On Candy That Starts With V

There are many old candy that starts with V. When you start looking, you find some international favorites, some aged stories, and a few well-known selections as well. Whether you’re looking for something new or just looking to learn more, there is plenty to know here. 

Will you be trying any of these?

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