Candy That Starts With X

If you really want a challenge, you should head out and search for candy that starts with X. The fact of the matter is you will have to dig deep to find these candies and you certainly won’t find a lot of options when it comes to candy beginning with the letter X. 

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Most candy that starts with X is really a spinoff of another popular candy. You will find that your options get limited with letters like these. It’s not that it’s not a worthwhile letter, it’s just that it’s harder to think of names that fit into that category. 

We’ve dug deep to try to find you a few fun options here. Since there are so few, we will just break it out talking about the candies we did find. Enjoy these!

Candy Names That Start With X

  1. Xoconostle
  2. Xtreme Sour Warheads
  3. Xtreme Sour Patch Kids
  4. Xtreme Airheads
  5. Xtreme Sour Smarties
Candy That Starts With X

1. Xoconostle, X Marks the Spot

Try saying that name 10 times fast! In fact, try pronouncing that name correctly the first time and see where it gets you. This is quite possibly a rare find but it’s worth a mention. The other matter is that it’s not always easy to find in stock. Xoconostle definitely fits into the field of unique. 

This chocolate is all about being a craft chocolate. This chocolate is all about being unique. They describe their initial invention as being a cross between tart and jerky. That surely seems like an interesting combination to use. 

The creators went to great lengths to create this chocolate delight simply so you would be able to find something to munch on that starts with X, and they were right to do so. It’s a limited market in this capacity but they decided that “X marks the spot” and they simply went for it.  

The bar was named such because it actually contains an ingredient known as xoconostle, which is perhaps where the name comes from. It all came from inspiration in a Portland chocolate shop and then it simply grew from there. 

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The really cool thing is that every last piece is small batch crafted. You won’t find any big processing plant here. This means that each batch has the ability to be slightly unique. But that small batch also makes it high-quality stuff. 

The inspiration to flavor includes that X chocolate and then has some things like chili, lime, and more to give it bursts of flavor that you simply can’t get enough of. 

2. Xtreme Sour Warheads

As if Warheads candy were not already sour enough, you can go check out the extreme version that is even more sour. These have some incredibly intense pucker power behind them! The Warheads brand has been around since 1975. The Xtreme flavors did not come out right away, but we aren’t sure exactly when they did produce the alternative option. 

No matter what you get, it’s a sour candy. However, if you can pucker through the first couple of minutes, your candy will become sweet once the exterior coating is sucked off. However, that pucker power is strong so it will take some guts to work through. 

The flavors are intense and sour, but they are short-lived, which gives you some relief. One thing about these candies is they have a very low pH level. Some sour candies are known to be really hard on your teeth, but these have lower levels than some candies out there, which is a plus if you love sour treats. 

The Xtreme sour variety has five different flavors in it. Typically, you just purchase a variety bag of candy and go from there. The flavors included are watermelon, lemon, green apple, black cherry, and blue raspberry. 

Which one will make you pucker?

3. Xtreme Sour Patch Kids

Another sour candy that has an extreme version is Sour Patch Kids. Rather than being a hard candy, these are soft, chewy candies that are coated in sour sugar. They can certainly make you pucker but once you chew it up, you’re good to go. The pucker power is short-lived for sure and could be worse! 

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The Xtreme sour patch kids are designed to be extra sour but we’re not exactly sure the entire difference between the two levels. We just know that you can choose Sour Patch Kids or Xtreme Sour Patch Kids. Either way, it’s pretty sour! 

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This candy was originally produced as Very Bad Kids in France. The name is fun because it’s kids that are sour. The little gummies are even shaped like small kiddie trolls almost. The original name was Mars Men when they came to the US in the 1970s. 

The brand renamed to Sour Patch Kids in 1985 and they’ve been going strong ever since. The brand is sold by Mondelez International

The slogans of the company include a couple of different taglines. The most recent is “Sour. Sweet. Gone” and before that they also had “sour then sweet”. The indication is that they are only sour for a moment and then you get a nice, sweet finish before it’s gone. It’s really just that sour sugar coating on the outside that makes it sour. 

4. Xtreme Airheads

Xtreme Airheads

You might notice a trend here in that sour candy really likes to take their sour to the extreme level. It’s the same with Xtreme Airheads as it is with several other sour candies out there. The most popular and well-known choices in the Xtreme line are the belts. These are just long belts of sour goodness. 

The packaging rates the sour as being in the middle ground, but they are described as Xtreme because regular Airheads candy are not designed to be sour at all. This brings together sweet and sour flavors for the total combination and they’re tasty and fun. 

In the Xtreme line, they also have bites and sourfuls. The bites are just miniature pieces of the sour belts that were initially the candy in the line. Sourfuls, on the other hand, have a bit of a twist. These interesting chews are made with the same flavors of the belts, but they are stuffed with a rainbow berry filling that is nice and sweet. You get the perfect combination of sweet and sour with every bite-sized piece here. 

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The Airheads brand came out initially in 1985. It’s marketed in the US as well as the United Kingdom. The brand was first made as a taffy-style candy by Perfetti Van Melle. They are still owned and produced by this company, and you will find several varieties, including the Xtreme sour line that we’ve highlighted here. 

5. Xtreme Sour Smarties

Xtreme Sour Smarties

Let’s wrap up with one more extreme sour option. Did you know that Smarties have an Xtreme sour variety? You’ve got to check these out! 

The original Smarties candy came out in 1949. They are sold by the Smarties Candy Company. These have been a worldwide candy for many years. They are produced in the USA, and they are almost just as popular as when they came out. 

These tiny tablets are wrapped into a small plastic wrapper. You get a miniature sleeve that has several different colors of tablets inside. Each tablet color is a different flavor. People love them because the flavors are light and simple but still tasty. 

When this candy was first produced, it was called Ce De Candy. It was rebranded to Smarties shortly after though. These are made in New Jersey, USA and the plant produces more than 1 billion rolls of Smarties every year. 

We’re not sure how many of those are Xtreme Smarties but that sour flavor is just one more great thing to try out. The candy is always gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free. When you want something sweet, that’s pretty hard to beat! 

Final Thoughts On Candy That Starts With X

Finding candy that starts with X is a major challenge. There are certainly not many normal candies that fall into this category. What you will find is that the majority of things out there are Xtreme sour editions of a favorite candy, and you see that clearly displayed in this list of options we’ve dug up for you. 

Hopefully, you’ve found something new to try or even something to really intrigue your taste buds. Are you up for these sour challenges of candy beginning with the letter X?  

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