Candy That Starts With D

We like candy yes we do; we like candy how about you! We’re assuming you like candy, or are at least interested in candy. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here. Throughout history, there have been so many different types of candy to consider and enjoy. 

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Today, we take a look at the candy that starts with D. It’s a great opportunity to be reminded of some of your favorite candies and maybe even discover some new ones along the way. 

Candy Names That Start With D

  1. Dove Chocolate
  2. DOTS Candy
  3. Dippin’ Dots
  4. Dum Dums
  5. Daim Bar
  6. Dip Stick
  7. Doublemint Gum
  8. Dentyne
  9. Dagoba Chocolate
  10. Dairy Milk Chocolate
Candy That Starts With D

Top Picks of Candy Beginning with The Letter D

First, let’s take a look at some of the most popular options out there when it comes to candy that starts with D. We will dive into the top picks on the market, many of which have been around for a lot of years. You’ll most likely recognize these names. Once we get through a few of the top choices, we will keep going down the list and see what else we find. 

1. Dove Chocolate

Dove Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a really great chocolate option? Dove chocolate is made in America. It’s produced by the Mars company. This category of chocolate first started in 1939 and it has expanded well beyond a simple chocolate bar. 

They made chocolate bars, bite-sized chocolate square, ice cream bars, and more! They have a ton of different flavor options now as well. Perhaps one thing that really sets Dove apart is their wrappers. Their chocolate wrappers have great quotes and inspirational sayings inside of them. 

This particular brand is large because Dove chocolate has added so many things to their lineup. However, all of the things are chocolate-based and absolutely delicious. There is just something about their chocolate that really makes this brand stand out. 

2. DOTS Candy

Dots Vegan Candy

Next up is a tasteful gumdrop candy that we all know and love. It’s a gumdrop, which is not gum. It’s a small drop of chewy, gummy candy. It’s sweet and it’s simple. Dots are sold by Tootsie Roll Industries. These fun candies came out in 1945. They have always claimed to be the #1 gumdrop brand and they continue to be very popular. 

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According to Tootsie Roll, they make more than four billion dots every single year at just their Chicago plant. DOTS candy are advertised as being vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and kosher. That covers a lot of bases when it comes to a variety of eating lifestyles. 

The original Dots have always been the most popular and continue to be. Those just have their primary flavors of cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry. However, they did add Sour Dots, Tropical Dots, and even yogurt Dots to the lineup, which offer some additional flavor choices. 

3. Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Especially when that ice cream comes in these flavorful little dots that are sweet and unique! There has pretty much never been anything like Dippin’ Dots ever made and you can’t go wrong with this fine selection. You find them a lot at public concessions in places like stadiums, malls, zoos, theme parks, and more. 

This simple snack was first introduced in 1988. They flash freeze the ice mix using liquid nitrogen, which gives it a unique flavor and style. The original development for the brand was in Kentucky, USA. Since that time, they have expanded and you can now find Dippin’ Dots in at least 14 countries. 

If you look back on the idea behind Dippin’ Dots, it was actually made by a son who was trying to come up with animal fodder using cryogenics. Of course, the end result was something absolutely genius and this particular process for making ice cream was patented by Dippin’ Dots. There are quite a few flavor options to choose from as well. 

4. Dum Dums

Dum Dums

Everyone loves a good Dum Dum lollipop. These suckers have been around since 1924. They’re so much fun because it’s just a small lollipop with a lot of flavor options. These have long been popular for candy giveaways and bank drive through lanes for kiddos. 

Dum Dums were first produced by Akron Candy Company. Now, ownership lies with the Spangler Candy Company, which owns a lot of historical favorites like this one. The lollipops originally came in 7 different flavors. That included lemon, lime, orange, coconut-pineapple, cherry, grape, and butterscotch. 

All of those original flavors are still around but the brand has also added some flavors over the years. The mystery flavor is one you will still find in every bag but there are actually now 16 different flavors of lollipops in a bag of Dum Dums. 

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Other Candy That Starts with D

Now that you’ve seen some lasting favorites, we aren’t quite finished! We’ve got some other delicious choices for you to choose from. Check out some of this additional candy beginning with the letter D. 

5. Daim Bar

Daim Bar

The Daim bar is a Swedish chocolate bar. The small bar is crunchy and chocolatey all at one time. It consists of crunched up almonds, a bit of caramel, and milk chocolate. This bar was designed in Sweden in the 1950s. In fact, the inspiration came from an American candy bar that you might recognize. It was the Heath bar. 

This candy bar originally came out as the Dajm bar. It was launched in Sweden and Norway. For simplicity, as the candy bar continued to expand, they changed it to Daim and in some countries it is produced as Dime. Now, ownership is in the US by the company Mondelez International. 

6. Dip Stick

Fun Dip

You might fondly know of Dip Stick candy as Fun Dip. But did you know that before it was Fun Dip, it was actually Dip Stick? That’s right! The candy first came out in the 1940s. At the time, they named it Dip Stick, because you dipped your stick in the flavored powder. 

Dip stick has come in quite a few different flavors over the years. Now, you will always find it as Fun Dip. It still comes with the flavored powder and your dipping stick as well. 

7. Doublemint Gum

Doublemint Gum

The Wrigley company has a lot of great gum. One of their best is Doublemint gum. This gum has the perfect peppermint flavor while still being just slightly sweet at the same time. This gum first came out in 1914 and continues to be a popular choice today. 

If you’re at all familiar with Doublemint, you probably have heard of the Doublemint twins as well. This was always a popular marketing campaign by the company. They used twins in commercials and other campaigns as well. 

Doublemint gum still maintains its original recipe, except that the brand did reduce the sugar content and replaced some of it with sweeteners instead. Other than that, there recipe has remained the same. It’s considered a secret recipe by the company. 

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8. Dentyne


Dentyne is another chewing gum option. This chewing gum was always known for being good for your teeth. Where so many chewing gums are loaded with sugar, Dentyne gum changed their approach. This gum actually came out in 1899. That means it has been produced now for more than 120 years. 

Dentyne has always been promoted as an oral hygiene aid. It’s great for improving breath and whitening teeth. Ownership has changed several times over the years. It’s now owned by Mondelez International but still in production. They also now have several flavor choices available too. 

9. Dagoba Chocolate

Dagoba Chocolate

If you’re looking for something unique, Dagoba Chocolate is organic chocolate that is made by Hershey now. When it first came out in 2001, it was produced by Frederick Schilling. This chocolate bar is considered to be premium chocolate because it is organic. 

This candy bar actually has a unique story. While it is organic, they took a stance on sustainability from the beginning of production. They have always take a stance on socially responsible business practices. You will find that Dagoba products are organic, non-GMO, and Rainforest Alliance certified. 

10. Dairy Milk Chocolate

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars

Finally, Dairy Milk chocolate bars are one for the books. These chocolate options are all made by the Cadbury Company. There are several different options in this line, including simple chocolate or even a caramel bar. It’s smooth and velvety and popular for the flavor and texture of the chocolate. 

This chocolate is known as such because they actually do use dairy milk to make it. Cadbury is actually known for this quality but the Dairy Milk candy bar has several different options and you can always count on the chocolate being made with true dairy milk. 


When it comes to choosing candy that starts with D, you’re a bit more limited than some of the letters out there. However, there are still some really great choices on the list. You will find that many of these are long-lasting options that have been popular from the day they were first produced. 

Enjoy your candy beginning with the letter D any way you wish. You can find unique options, sustainable options, and utterly delicious choices as well. Does it get any better than that? 

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