Candy That Starts With W

Candy That Starts With W

What is your favorite candy? Is it something wintry and refreshing or do you prefer wet and juicy? Maybe you like chocolate or hard candies. If you’re looking for candy that starts with W, you’ve come to the right place. There are many different winners here and many names you will likely recognize as well. 

We’ve put together a simple guide to share with tons of the candy beginning with the letter w. 

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Candy Names That Start With W

  1. Whoppers
  2. Whatchamacallit
  3. Warheads Sour Candy
  4. Werther’s Original
  5. Wax Fangs
  6. Wax Lips
  7. Whistle Pops
  8. Winterfresh Gum
  9. Wonka Bars
  10. Wazoo
Candy That Starts With W

Top Candy That Begins with W

The best place to start is always the top. This is the part where we try to share with you some of the most common candy that starts with W. You will find some winners and maybe even some new choices along the way. We share interesting tidbits and all of the best details about these candies. 

Take a look! 

1. Whoppers

whoppers milk chocolate balls

We’re not telling any whoppers when we say this candy is a timeless classic. It’s a simple malt ball candy that is covered in chocolate and it’s been a fan favorite for a lot of years. It’s simple but tasty and you can just pop one or a few into your mouth for a delightful treat. 

Whoppers are made by the Hershey Company. They were first produced beginning in 1949. The inspiration came from a candy that was known as Giants, which came out in 1939. That was also a malted candy. The idea changed hands several times from when it first was thought up by the Overland Candy. 

Eventually, it landed with Leaf brands, who named it the Whopper Hershey became the owners of the candy in 1976 and they’ve held the brand ever since. They are sold unwrapped but usually in a box or a package. They’re a popular movie theater candy but you can also find them at most candy stores or in the candy aisle at others stores as well. 

There have been some different flavors through the years, but it always comes back to the original malt ball with chocolate coating and that’s the flavor that sticks. 

2. Whatchamacallit

whatchamacallit candy

The Whatchamacallit candy bar is another Hershey Company product and one of the famous candy starting with W. You can still find these, but they are not as popular as they were when they first came out. This candy bar is made with crisped rice and a chocolate coating. This candy bar came out in 1978 so it’s been around for close to 45 years. 

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The name is interesting, and it has a little bit of a story. It was just made in fun and then it stuck. The Whatchamacallit you find today is not quite the same as some of the earlier versions. In fact, in 1978, this candy bar actually included peanut butter flavoring in it. But they changed that in 1987. 

They used peanut-flavored crisped rice rather than peanut butter. They also had a small layer of caramel to add some more flavor to the candy bar. This candy bar is no longer highly advertised but it is still in production. It’s not a huge market but it’s available when you can find it. 

It seems like no advertising is needed since the candy bar remains popular despite the lack of marketing. 

3. Warheads Sour Candy

warheads extreme sour

If you want something tart and sour, look no further than Warheads candy. This is a hard candy that is designed to make you pucker and want to spit it out. Can you pass the pucker test and leave it in your mouth? Warheads are owned by Impact Confections. They purchased the brand in 2004. 

Warheads began production back in 1975 from a company known as the Foreign Candy Company. Now, produced by Impact, they are made in Wisconsin, USA. They are popular with children and teenagers that love the sour pucker more than any other age group. 

The choice of name is interesting. The brand actually compared the sour flavor to a “warhead” going off in your mouth. It’s certainly a play on words. You will find depictions of Wally Warhead, the mascot, on most packages, where he is puckering and has a huge cloud of smoke above his head. 

The candy is really only super sour for the first 10-20 seconds of puckering. Once the outer coating is sucked off, it becomes just a sweet hard candy. 

4. Werther’s Original

Werther’s Original Hard Candies

Werther’s candies are an absolute gem. They were always hard candies but in recent years, the brand has made different flavors as well as added some chewy candies to the mix too. Werther’s were first made in Germany in 1969 and have been around for more than 50 years now. They are produced by August Storck, and they are sold around the world, including in Europe and North America. 

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The candy is caramel candy and it’s just a sweet hard candy with caramel notes. They come in gold wrappers. Many people recognize these candies as something their grandparents loved or kept around. Perhaps that is because of the era that they became popular in. 

You really can’t go wrong with Werther’s Originals. The caramel hard candy continues to be the most popular. However, you will find chewy versions and various flavors as well. Butterscotch, toffee, coffee, and butterscotch mint are just a few. There is also Werther’s Chocolate, but this is only marketed in the United Kingdom. 

What are your stories and memories of Werther’s Originals? 

Other Candy Beginning With The Letter W

Now that we’ve covered many of the most popular candy that starts with W, let’s turn out attention to the long list of candies still out there! You will find quite a few W candies and it’s fun to see and learn about them all. 

Here are a few more for you to know about. 

5. Wax Fangs

Wax Fangs

Have you ever seen those vampire-like fangs that are waxy candy? Those are truly called wax fangs and they’re a fun choice. These are made by the Tootsie brand. They are cherry flavored, and the brand markets them as “play with your food”. They are mostly used as Halloween candy, party favors, or even gag gifts from time to time. 

The waxy teeth are completely edible and tastes like cherry. Most people pick them up just to play with them, but you can eat them if you want. 

6. Wax Lips

Wax Lips

While we’re on the topic of wax candy, let’s talk about wax lips! These huge red lips are another wax candy. They are food-grade wax so you can eat them, but you probably will only play with them instead. 

Each wax lip is just a lush pair of bright red lips that you can hold against your mouth and play around with to your heart’s content. Some brands have turned these into waxy chewing gum to make the edible nature more desirable. 

7. Whistle Pops

Whistle Pops

What’s better than a simple lollipop? Why not one that lets you whistle while you enjoy the sweet flavors? Whistle Pops are a lollipop on a stick. They are produced by the Spangler Candy Company and are not always easy to find. The candy makes a whistling sound while you are enjoying it, thanks to a hole in the candy. 

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Now, you will find these labeled as Melody Pops and you can make your own music while you enjoy them. 

8. Winterfresh Gum

Winterfresh Gum

Winterfresh is a delightful fresh and minty gum made by Wrigley’s. This gum first came out in the United States around 1994. The brand has several flavors, and this is just one of them. You will also find that the Extra brand has a winterfresh flavor as well, but Wrigley’s is actually titled Winterfresh gum

This gum was first designed just to be sold in wintertime. It’s available year around though so you don’t have to wait for winter to snag some. 

9. Wonka Bars

Wonka Bar

If you’ve ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you are likely familiar with the infamous Wonka bar that had a golden ticket. While they were originally just a candy bar in the movie, some candy companies did produce actually chocolate Wonka bars, sans golden tickets. The original was made by Quaker Oats but those ended up being pulled from shelves. 

The Willy Wonka candy brand also produced a version of these. When they sold to Nestle, the bars were later discontinued as of 2010. It seems it was the movie that made them so popular to begin with. 

10. Wazoo


Wazoo was practically a party candy bar. This was a taffy-style candy bra that was made by the Topps company. It came out in 2009. It was a candy bar, but it was coated in fun taffy and then covered in sprinkles. It was unique and fun. 

Unfortunately, they didn’t last long. The company claimed bankruptcy shortly after and they were never produced again. 

Final Thoughts On Candy That Starts With W

When you’re looking for a fun or exciting candy that starts with W, you will definitely find some options here. We uncovered some historical favorites and some long-standing candy that will never get old. 

Whether you want exciting candy or just something flavorful, you can certainly find it here! 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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