Candy That Starts With Z

How many candies can you think of that start with Z? Our guess is that only a few things come to mind. While the options may be limited, there are definitely a few classic winning candies and snacks in this category. 

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We’ve searched and searched to bring you some of the best candy that starts with Z. This is another letter that doesn’t have a lot of options out there. We’ll share all of the fun details about the select few we did find below! 

Check these out. 

Candy Names That Start With Z

  1. Zebra Stripe Gum
  2. Zagnut
  3. Zero Bar
  4. ZotZ
  5. Zebra Cakes
Candy That Starts With Z

1. Zebra Stripe Gum

Zebra Stripe Gum

Zebra stripe gum is also known as Fruit Stripe. However, the candy is denoted by the zebra stripes on the gum and the zebra mascot that has always been popular. This candy was never known for having lasting flavor but it’s fun and the flavor is sweet while it lasts. 

Zebra stripes gum is naturally flavored with fruit. It’s a chewing gum that comes in 5 primary flavors and each piece has zebra stripes in the coordinating color of the flavor. Another thing that some might reminisce of this gum is that there were washable tattoos on every single gum wrapper. 

This gum has 5 flavors, and it has seen very little change through the years, aside from some ownership adjustments. It’s unique in that way. It first came into production around 1969. At that time, it was made by the Beech Nut Company. 

In the early 2000s, Farley & Sather’s Candy Company acquired the brand. It as later merged together with Ferrara Pan and now resides under the umbrella of the many candies produced by Ferrara Candy Company. 

The original gum just had five flavors that were melon, cherry, lemon, orange, and peach. However, later there was an alternative option that contained cherry, grape, mixed fruit, lemon, and cotton candy. For a very short time, they even had a chocolate stripe option. 

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They’ve had two different mascots, with the zebra being the most known and popular. At one time, they also had a man made out of a gum package, which was a bit unusual. The stripes actually included a whole family of animals, which had zebra, tiger, elephant, and a mouse in the mix. 

2. Zagnut

Zagnut in Box

This is a lesser-known candy bar and there isn’t a ton of history out there about it. However, it is still around and can be found on the market in select locations. Zagnut bars were created in 1930. At the time, the owners were D.L. Clark Company. 

This bar is super simple. It’s just made with peanut butter and toasted coconut that comes together for a sweet and savory treat. It’s got a little but of a crunch and a lot of flavor. Since original production, ownership moved to Beatrice Foods, Leaf International, and has come to rest with the Hershey Company, who still produces this bar today. 

Sadly, there just isn’t a lot of information about this candy bar, aside from the ingredients and the ownership levels since creation. However, you might have your own memories of seeing these candy bars at a local candy store when you were growing up. 

The bar is incredibly unique and while it’s hard to find, it’s still in production. This tells that enough people must enjoy it to make it worth continuing on. To our knowledge, there have never really been any other competitor bars like this one. 

This coconut and peanut butter creation is certainly a crunchy candy bar for the books. 

3. Zero Bar

Zero Bar

Next, you have the Zero bar. This bar offers zero disappointments if you’re willing to give it a try and is a popular candy that starts with Z. It was first produced beginning in 1920 and the original name was actually Double Zero bar. It’s unique and the exterior has always been coated with white chocolate fudge. 

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This candy bar brings together delicious caramel, gooey peanut butter, and an almond nougat on the inside. Of course, the outside then has the white chocolate coating that provides the perfect mixture of sweet and flavorful. It also has a ton of protein in it. 

The white coating on the outside has actually become one of the trademark qualities of the brand and bar. When you look at, it’s very similar to Snickers, aside from that white coating. The very first owners of the Zero bar were Hollywood Brands. This company was located in Minnesota, USA. They renamed it to Zero in 1934. 

In 1967, Hollywood Brands was sold to Consolidated Food Corporation, and the Zero bar was part of that sale. We now know that particular brand as Sara Lee. Later, ownership was acquired by Leaf, and they moved production to Finland. 

Now, ownership is back to the United States with the Hershey Company. This is also where primary production occurs. The candy bar has made a name for itself in the 102 years that it has been floating around. It has always remained unique with satisfying flavor. 

4. ZotZ

ZotZ Candy

ZotZ is another unique candy. This candy is known for its fizzing center. It’s sweet with a sour center that fizzes when you get there. In fact, that center actually has sherbet in it. It’s sweet but sour at the same time and incredibly unique by design. 

This hard candy was first made in Italy but there is production and distribution within the United States as well. Since it is an Italian candy, locating them in the US might be more challenging when you are looking at your local candy store. 

The candy comes in several flavors. Those include watermelon, grape, orange, strawberry, cherry, apple, and blue raspberry. Each one is both sweet and sour and you will feel the fizzing sensation when you reach the center of the candy. This makes it both fun and unique. 

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There isn’t a lot of history to find here, other than knowing that production began in 1968. Of course, we also know that primary production happens in Italy by G.B. Ambrosli SPA. There’s an episode of How to Get Away with Murder that features this candy. 

You might recognize slogans like “where the fizz izz”, “big fizz candy”, and “exploding pop”. This candy is still made and produced today. 

5. Zebra Cakes

Zebra Cakes

Zebra cakes are a classic snack cake that we couldn’t skip over. These cakes are delicious white cake with a cream center and then an out coating that has zebra stripes on it. They typically come in a pair of cakes, but you can also find them in rolls now too. 

These cakes are made by the famous Little Debbie brand. They’ve been around for a lot of years and continue to be a fan favorite for any number of reasons. Chances are you know and recognize these snack cakes. They aren’t a candy store delight, but they can be found in just about any grocery store or retails store with foods out there. They are delicious, with something creamy and cakey all mixed into one. 

Final Thoughts On Candy That Starts With Z

While there are only a few candies that start with z, there is a lot to be discovered here in this realm. Many of the candies or snacks you find here have historical significance or unique qualities that you simply won’t find elsewhere. 

You’ve got a combination of zany, zippy, and zestful candy that starts with Z to remember here. 

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