Candy Beginning with the Letter I

Candy That Starts With I

Finding candy that starts with a specific letter can be trick and candy that starts with I certainly has its challenges. Through the years, this is not a letter that has been common in the naming convention of popular candies. 

However, we’ve done some searching for you to try to find some really great options. Check out this guide to candy that starts with I. 

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Candy Names That Start With I

  1. IBC Root Beer Barrels
  2. Ice Breakers
  3. Icee
  4. Idaho Spud Candy Bar
  5. Ice Cream
  6. Ice Pop
  7. Ice Blue Candy
  8. Icecaps
  9. Imps
  10. Iced Gems
  11. Iris Candy
Candy That Starts With I

Top Candy That Starts with I

Let’s start with some of the most popular and known choices out there. We’ve picked just a few of our favorites from the world of candy and have much to share about them. Below, you will find out top picks for the candy that starts with I. 

1. IBC Root Beer Barrels

IBC Root Beer Barrels

Over the years, there have been several different brands that have made root beer barrels candy. You might recognize names like Dad’s and those are great too. But this time, we’re going to focus on IBC root beer barrels. 

These barrels were made by the IBC brand and that’s the root beer that was used to flavor the candy. They are harder to find now but they are still out there. This isn’t just your everyday root beer barrel either. These barrels were actually a combination of IBC root beer and some delicious vanilla flavor. 

The IBC root beer brand is still around. It’s an American brand and it’s owned under the subsidiary of Keurig Dr. Pepper. IBC’s headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri. The initials stand for Independent Breweries Company. This root beer is known for being sold in glass bottles and has been around since 1919. 

2. Ice Breakers


Ice Breakers was originally a line of mints but now you can find mints, chewing gum, and even candy that falls under the brand. This brand is owned by the Hershey Company. If you’re looking for the gum, you will find it called Ice Cubes gum

Ice Breakers products first came out as just mints. They were launched in 1990 and actually owned by Nabisco at that time. They were designed to compete with other popular breath mints at the time. It wasn’t until Hershey took ownership of the brand that they finally started to grow and then they expanded from there. 

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You will find anything from breath mints, peppermint chews, cube gum, and more from the brand. One of their more recent additions was mints that are liquid filled and those were a hit. The latest thing they came out with was Ice Breakers glitter-sprinkled gum, which launched in 2018. 

3. Icee


Everyone loves a good, sweet Icee. Icees were originally frozen slush-type drinks but in recent years they’ve created several Icee products that aren’t just the slushes. You can find these often at concession stands, perhaps at your movie theater, and more. 

The first Icee product came out in 1958. It was invented in Coffeyville, Kansas by a Dairy Queen owner. They actually made the product by mistake because their soda machine was malfunctioning and the idea took off, becoming incredibly popular. 

Through the years, they have expanded significantly. You can certainly still find the original Icee in a lot of great places. You can also find a variety of slushes, freeze pops, drinks, and even toys that are branded. They have several different flavors that include sodas as well as fruity choices. 

4. Idaho Spud Candy Bar

Idaho Spud Candy Bar

This particular option is really quite unique. The Idaho Spud candy bar came out in 1918, more than 100 years ago. At the time, it was only distributed in Northwest Pacific areas in the US. Even since that time, it has rarely been found outside of that region, which is why not everyone will recognize it. 

Thomas Smith, the owner of Idaho Candy Company generated this idea. The candy bar was shaped almost like a spud and the inside even somewhat resembles the white, crunchy layers of spuds. However, that’s where your resemblance ends. It’s made with a marshmallow center. The outside is coated in chocolate and then sprinkled with coconut flakes. 

The candy bar is unique but also sweet and tasty. It has some big fans but again can’t be found just anywhere. The company uses a fun slogan, particularly when paired with the Idaho Spud name. It’s “the candy bar that makes Idaho famous”. Certainly an interesting play on words and the spuds that Idaho is known for. 

5. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

You really can’t go wrong with ice cream, can you? It’s the perfect sweat treat. It’s often used for dessert, for celebrations, or even to pair up with warm pie. We could probably spend a lot of time talking about ice cream. What’s your favorite flavor? Maybe you like to stick to classic vanilla or chocolate or perhaps you lean towards interesting flavors like “Birthday cake” or “Bunny tracks”. 

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The thing with ice cream is you have a multitude of brands and a multitude of flavors to choose from. You can go to your local grocery store and walk the frozen aisle to find buckets and containers of ice cream or even ice cream treats. 

We love that ice cream has so many different options. It’s totally up to you what you choose to try, and you can switch it up every single time and never run out of ice cream options. Can a sweet treat really get any better than that? 

Other Candy Beginning with the Letter I

Now that we’ve uncovered some of our favorites, it’s time to dig a little bit deeper. We’ve searched the candy world to try to find every little candy that starts with I. We found some interesting choices so check them out below. 

6. Ice Pop

Ice pops

An ice pop is exactly as it sounds. It’s some sort of flavorful concoction that is frozen and icy. You enjoy it cold. It’s basically a frozen lollipop but better. These are made by freezing a combination of the flavor of your choice until it’s solid and then enjoying it frozen. 

These come in different brands and options as well. They can be made in a lot of different flavors so you might find different choices out there. This frozen treat is traced back to at least 1894. It can even be homemade. 

7. Ice Blue Candy

Ice Blue Candy

You might remember those icy blue candy pieces. Not to be confused with Ice Cube candy, they are related to peppermints but just slightly different. They have peppermint flavor, but they are also ice to give you a cool breath of flavor and some cool breath too. The peppermint flavor is like a burst of cool and it’s long-lasting, making them a popular choice in the mint industry. 

8. Icecaps

Ice Caps

A very unique candy that falls into this category but is well worth checking out is Icecaps. Icecaps are made by Peter’s Chocolate, and they come in several different options. You can find them in white chocolate but there are other choices too. 

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Icecaps just look almost like a chocolate chip. They are small pieces of chocolate that are phenomenal. They are made with high viscosity chocolate and can be bound in bulk. You might even choose to use them as chocolate chips. 

9. Imps


Imps is a licorice candy that is harder to find now. It’s a black licorice candy and it’s these tiny little imps of candy that come in a small tub. These are for the people that love black licorice. They are very unique and carry a licorice and menthol combined flavor. 

10. Iced Gems

Ice Gems

If you’ve had the opportunity to try Iced Gems, then you already know what this one is all about. They are most popular in places like France, Canada, Italy, and related countries but they also can be found in the USA in some areas. It’s a British candy and it’s just these little gems that almost resemble tiny candies. They are iced with a sleek pattern or touch of icing to make them a tasty treat. 

Iced gems come in little snack packs. The biscuit base is iced with either raspberry, lemon, or blackcurrant icing. 

11. Iris Candy

Iris Candy

This is a candy that you won’t likely find around much anymore but you can find alternatives or even just try making your own. Iris candy was a milk caramel candy that was said to originally be created in France. Iris candy were small caramel chews, but they came in bar form. Of course, you can still find milk caramel chews, but they might not be the original Iris version. 


When it comes to candy that starts with I, there simply aren’t as many choices. There are certainly some great classics and unique ideas, but you won’t find a huge list of names to choose from. Seeing the different ideas and even candy that used to be a popular choice is always a lot of fun. 

If you know of other candies that start with I, we’d love to hear them! Until then, enjoy these fun treats and many more. 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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