Candy That Starts With A

If you really want a fun way to pick out or research candy, you should look for candy that starts with a specific letter. Or maybe you have a theme and you can’t think of any really great candies to fit that them. That’s where we come in! 

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Let’s start with Candy that starts with A! In this guide, we will share some of the most popular candy that start with A and then follow up with a summary of additional choices you can take a look at.

Candy Names That Start With A

  1. Almond Joy
  2. Andes Mints
  3. AirHeads
  4. Altoids
  5. Allsorts
  6. Applehead
  7. Amarula
  8. After Eight
  9. Aero Bar
  10. Abba Zaba
Candy That Starts With A

Before we dig in to a big variety of names of candy beginning with the letter A, we thought it might be helpful to see the most popular choices. Certain candies are obviously far more popular than others so it’s only fair that we start with the winners. 

This section is devoted to the top candy choices that begin with the letter A. 

1. Almond Joy

Almond Joy

The Almond Joy comes from the Hershey Company and is the first candy we will looks at that begins with the letter A. It’s a decadent candy bar filled with creamy coconut, topped with an almond, and then coated in milk chocolate. If you like coconut and almonds, it’s the perfect treat to enjoy!

These are very similar to Mounds candy, except Mounds are made without nuts and coated in dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. 

Almond Joy packaging is in blue and white. When you buy an Almond Joy candy bar, you will notice it comes in more than one piece. They are separated into pieces that you can enjoy in 1-3 bites instead of connected all together. It’s like multiple snack size candy bars at one time! 

Almond Joys were originally made by Peter Paul and an employee named Anna Ranaudo selected the name for this candy bar. These candy bars were introduced by Peter Paul in 1946 and then acquired by Hershey’s in 1988. 

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If you take a glance at the early history of the candy bar, they had some fun jingles that tied Almond Joy and Mounds together. Their most famous line was “Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t.” The jingle was written by Leo Corday and Leon Carr and then sung by Joey Levine

2. Andes Mints

Andes Mints

Up next on our top picks of candy beginning with the letter A, is Andes Mints. These delightful chocolate mint candies had a really unique history. The Andes Mint is a layer of mint coated with layers of chocolate on top and below the mint. They are wrapped in a tin foil wrapper and often served as an after-dinner mint. 

Andes Mints first came out in 1950. They were originally titled Andy’s Candies but it quickly became clear that men didn’t like to buy chocolates for women when they had another man’s name on them. It seems silly but Andrew Kanelos took note of it and eventually renamed these Andes Mints. It seemed to do the trick. 

Andes Mints went through several ownership changes over time but eventually landed with the Tootsie Roll Company in 2000 and that is where it remains today. These simple dinner mints are tasty and flavorful and only about 25 calories for a single mint. 

There have been some other flavors over the years, like cherry jubilee and chocolatey orange but Andes mints in their original mint and milk chocolate form continue to be the primary option. 

3. AirHeads


AirHeads candy made their debut in 1986 and they’ve been a favorite for kids and adults ever since. The thing about airheads is they are just a simple candy that can be sweet or sour and gives you something sweet without being overbearing. 

These originally were sold in a long taffy form but they come in a variety of different forms now. These are both tangy and delicious all in one go. The original flavors include grape, orange, strawberry, orange, and green apple. 

However, now there are a lot more options out there for flavors an even types of candy. They’ve added fun flavors like blue raspberry, watermelon, white mystery, and more. You will also find their different types of candy out there. 

Some of the new varieties include Airhead bites, soft-filled bites, gummies, gum, Xtremes, Xtreme bites, and Xtreme sourfuls. 

There is plenty to choose from. 

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Air Heads were made originally by Steve Bruner. They are manufactured by a company known as Perfetti Van Melle, located in Erlanger, Kentucky. The company is a Dutch-Italian company that creates some other popular choices as well. 

You might even be able to find Air Heads ice cream out here if you do some searching. 

Other Candy Beginning with the Letter A

There you have it, the most popular candies that begin with the letter A. However, there are far more choices out there than just these 3. Some of them have been very popular through the years and others you may have never heard of. 

Take a quick look at other candy beginning with the letter A and a quick summary about each one for your information as well. 

4. Altoids

Altoids Citrus Sours

Altoids are less a candy and more a mint but these mints have been standing out since the 1780s. That’s more than two centuries of mints. 

These mints always come in a metal tin and are made in circular form. They come from a London-based company known as Smith & Company. That company later became part of Callard & Bowser and that’s where the mints remain today. 

These mints are made with peppermint oil and have been dubbed “the original celebrated curiously strong mints” by the company. They do make these mints in other flavors as well, including peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, and cinnamon and the discontinued but highly popular Altoids Sours

5. Allsorts

Liquorice Allsorts

Allsorts is another candy beginning with the letter A and is a mixture of candy that comes with all sorts of licorice candies mixed together in one package. They are colorful and flavorful with a variety. Some of them even have sugar coatings or even jelly and gelatin fillings. 

Allsorts originally came out in 1899, when a sales representative for the Bassett candy company tripped and dropped an entire tray of candy. The client he was working with liked the idea of the mixture and that’s where it all began. 

These are primarily popular in England but they do still exist and can be found today. 

6. Applehead


Applehead is an American candy produced by the Ferrara candy company. These are made by the same company that produces Lemonhead candy and made with the same type of approach. There isn’t a ton of information to be found specifically about Applehead alone because it falls under the umbrella of Lemonhead as a flavor. 

Lemonheads were introduced in 1962 and are still around today, as are appleheads. The brand also has Grapeheads, Cherryheads, and more. 

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7. Amarula


Some of us know Amarula as a liqueur but did you know there is actually a candy bar? Amarula is a Swiss milk chocolate candy bar that is made with the Swiss chocolate liquor. It’s a creamy, chocolatey liqueur that really makes a delicious flavor combination. 

The candy bar does contain alcohol or spirits but it contains less than 1%. The majority of the flavor comes from the marula tree and fruit. 

8. After Eight

After Eight Mint

After Eight mints is a mint that is designed to be used as an after-dinner mint, or perhaps after eight like the name suggests. These were made beginning in 1962. They are similar to peppermint patties in that they are made with a mint crème coated in chocolate. 

Nestle acquired the After Eight dinner mint from their original creator in 1988. They are still sold in Europe and North America but the formula has changes some over time. 

9. Aero Bar

Aero Bar

The Aero chocolate bar is made by Nestle that contains aerated chocolate. This is another candy that was originally made by Rowntree and then later came to Nestle. This particular chocolate bar was originally produced in England beginning in 1935. 

This candy bar is known and loved because it has a bubbly texture that melts in your mouth. Over the years, they’ve had a lot of different advertising and even made some different flavors to enjoy. 

10. Abba Zaba

Inside of Abba Zaba

The Abba Zaba taffy bar came out initially in 1922. They are made with taffy in a candy bar form and then filled with peanut butter in the center. It’s like the perfect combination of candy and protein. 

These have changes hands a lot of times over the years but the formula is the same as it always was. They are now produced by Annabelle Candy Company in California. It’s a Kosher candy and they even have some additional flavors now. 

In Closing On Candy That Starts With A

There you have it! Some really great candy that starts with A. Some of these are certainly old favorites. All of these candies are still available to purchase, although they may be harder to find in certain locations. 

These classic candy that starts with A, gives you plenty of choices when you need a candy that begins with the letter A. Which candy are you going to use? 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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