Candy That Starts With C

We all love candy and there are a ton of different types of candy out there. If you’re looking for a candy theme or maybe even a specific type of candy that starts with C, we’ve got you covered! 

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We’ve worked to uncover all of the best candies out there that start with the letter C and want to share them each with you. Uncover some candies you may have never heard of and reminisce with us about candies from the past. 

Check out these iconic snacks and candy that start with C! 

Candy Names That Start With C

  1. Candy Cane
  2. Candy Corn
  3. Crunch Bar
  4. Cherry Mash
  5. Cherry Sours 
  6. Charleston Chew
  7. Circus Peanuts
  8. Cracker Jacks
  9. Cotton Candy
  10. Cadbury Eggs
Candy That Starts With C

Let’s start with some of the favorites. While there are a lot of different candies out there that start with C, we thought it might be best to share some of the favorites through the years first. Once we cover just a few of the favorites, we will share a longer list with you for all candy that starts with C! 

1. Candy Cane

candy canes

You can’t beat the classic candy cane. There are many mentions of the candy cane throughout history and some of those mention things like peppermint sticks and flavored canes of candy. The official candy cane was presented by the Bunte Brothers in the early 1920s candy era. 

This candy cane was a curved red and white stick with a peppermint flavor. These candy sticks were made by hand for many years. There are a lot of different stories about candy canes through the years, including making them for children to cheer them up. Candy canes are also closely associated as Christmas candy and St. Nick. 

The candy cane has a very long history and it’s a simple candy. While peppermint was always the original flavor to a red and white stick, there are tons of flavors and color combinations out there now. From flavors like Nerds to mint chocolate and many other flavors in between. 

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2. Candy Corn

Candy Corn 

Candy corn is yet another iconic candy that starts with C and has been around through the years. Now, this is mostly available or popular around the Halloween holiday where it is given out as Halloween candy but you may be able to find it in some places throughout the year. 

Candy corn is made in a tall triangular shape. Originally, that pyramid was made with three colors. It started with yellow at the bottom, orange in the center, and a white tip. Candy corn is made using vanilla, butter, honey, and sugar and it has a waxy exterior with a chewy construction. It’s sweet and flavorful. 

Candy corn is another candy that is not made in some different flavor. Their variety that has chocolate in it is very popular. This is definitely a candy that you either love or you hate and there’s a pretty good mix of opinions out there from people! 

This candy started production in the early 1880s and it was actually called “Chicken Feed” initially. Obviously, the name has changed but it continues to be a popular candy, produced primarily by Brach’s. 

3. Crunch Bar

Crunch Bar

The Nestle Crunch bar is another candy beginning with the letter C. It’s a chocolate bar with pieces of crispy goodness on the inside. This makes it smooth and chocolatey with a little bit of a crunch and people seem to love it! When you buy a Nestle crunch bar, you will find the word Crunch imprinted across the front of the chocolate bar. 

This classic chocolate bar was introduced to the world in 1938. The bars used to be wrapped in aluminum foil and then placed in a paper wrapper, much like Hershey’s chocolate bars were. However, that was changed in more recent years to save time and materials and they are now just wrapped in plastic like most other candy bars. 

Nestle did change the formula of the Crunch bar in 2013. The recipe changed as part of the company’s global initiative to use 100% certified cocoa beans for their chocolate. This was done to be more sustainable and you can check out the Nestle Cocoa Plan for more details. 

While chocolate will always remain the original and standing crunch bar, there have been some flavor varieties over the years. Some of those include Buncha Crunch, Crunch White, Crunch Stixx, Crunch Mocha, and more. 

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4. Cherry Mash

Cherry Mash

The candy cherry mash should certainly bring back some reminiscing for some people. While these are not as popular or as easy to find as they once were, they continue to be a classic favorite for a delicious mixture of cherry, chocolate, and peanuts. 

The center is mashed maraschino cherries turned into a creamy filling. The outside is coated in milk chocolate and crushed roasted peanuts and it’s absolutely sweet and delicious. It’s practically a chocolate covered cherry with a little embellishment. 

The Cherry Mash first came out in 1918. It was produced by Ernest Chase. The candy had some other names like Cherry Chaser and Cherry Chase before they finally settled on Cherry Mash and left it as such. 

Cherry Mash candies are still sold by the Chase Candy Company and they are still that company’s leading product in the market. They are found easily in the Midwest since they are (and always have been) produced in Missouri. 

Other Candies Beginning with the Letter C

We’ve pointed out a few of our favorites but there really are a lot more candies to take a look at. All of these other candies are still worth a mention. 

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Check out these other candies that begin with the letter C. 

5. Cherry Sours 

Cherry Sours 

Cherry sours are a candy that you can find in a lot of different brands and different varieties. This chewy candy is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. You get that subtle cherry flavor and pair it with sour goodness. 

Cherry sours are just a small ball of flavor. They are chewy so you just pop them in your mouth and enjoy. Unfortunately, we don’t really know how or where this candy came from. What we do know is that you can find them easily in most stores and online. 

You can’t resist the perfect twist of sweet and sour. 

6. Charleston Chew

Inside of Charleston Chew

Charleston Chew were produced beginning in 1925. This candy bar is a nougat that is flavored and then coated in chocolate. This candy bar interestingly enough was named after the dance called the Charleston because Donley Cross and Charlie Fox were fans of the dance. 

The original flavor of the Charleston chew was always a vanilla nougat coated in chocolate but later Nathan Sloane added more flavors when he had ownership of the candy. Nabisco now owns and distributes this candy. 

It’s still available but it can be more challenging to find. 

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7. Circus Peanuts

Circus Peanuts

Some people absolutely love circus peanuts candy but there are many people out there who simply don’t care for them at all. This is a marshmallow candy that is made to look like a peanut. 

These candies were originally made as penny candies. You can still find them today but you will primarily find them in the variety that is the color orange and tastes just slightly of artificial banana. They have been made in other colors and flavors over the years but you will be hard-pressed to find anything besides the orange peanuts. 

8. Cracker Jacks

Cracker Jacks

Cracker Jack may not be a candy to some but we think it qualifies. This caramel-coated popcorn is sweet and fun. You buy it in a little box and it was always known for having a surprise in it. 

Cracker Jacks has been around since 1896. You no longer get that surprise but packages have QR codes that you can scan and enjoy a virtual treat. 

9. Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is almost purely made of sugar and it pretty much melts in your mouth. The sugar is spun and sometimes flavored. The spinning makes it look like cotton, hence the name cotton candy. 

Cotton candy has been around a very long time and there is a lot of argument about where it actually began. It’s most popular at events and venues or perhaps at theme parks, circuses, and carnivals. 

10. Cadbury Eggs

cadburys cream eggs

Cadbury eggs are an Easter candy season treat. This is another candy that begins with the letter C that people either love or hate. Cadbury makes a lot of other candies and chocolates as well so they technically all fall under C because they are Cadbury. 

The Cadbury egg specifically is a chocolate egg that is filled with a thick crème. The crème is similar in texture to fondant but is made to resemble the yolk of an egg. 

Conclusion on Candy Beginning with the Letter C

There you have it! This is a great start to a list of candy that starts with C. There certainly might be some others out there but these are the most popular choices that you can still find for sale on the market today. 

Some other classics that you might note are the Clark bar (discontinued), caramels, candy necklaces, chocolate frogs, and coconut clusters. 

We hope you enjoy this list of candies that begin with the letter C. 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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