Candy That Starts With U

If you’re looking for some undercover favorites, you will find them right here with candy that starts with U. This is another letter that is extremely limited in the candy market. The truth is that it’s just not a popular choice when you go looking for candy. 

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Where the majority of our guides to candies that start with a certain letter break down the top, most popular choices, this guide is just going to walk you through the few candies we could find in this particular category. 

Have a look! 

Candy Names That Start With U

  1. U-No
  2. Unicorn Pops
  3. Ube Candy
  4. Usher Mints
Candy That Starts With U

1. U-No


Uno! Ok so maybe not the game Uno. You don’t have to yell Uno when you get to your last U-No candy bar. This candy bar is unique, and it’s made by the Annabelle Candy Company. The candy bar sports a truffle interior that is made with almond bits. It’s ground finely and turned into a soft layer that is yummy to bite into. You might hear it compared to the 3 Musketeers candy bar as far as flavor and design. 

U-No candy bars come in a sleek silver foil wrapper. The name is very unique so you can’t miss is. That is assuming that you can actually find the candy bar because they are not available just anywhere. 

U-No bars have been made in only two flavors ever. They have their original, which we described above. They also had a mint flavor at one time but that was later discontinued. The U-No candy bar was first produced in the 1920s. It was made by a company known as Cardinet Candy Company at that time. 

In 1978, Annabelle Candy Company acquired the brand and continued production. This candy bar is packed with flavor and if you love truffles, you will likely enjoy the flavors that you find here. It’s basically just a truffle turned candy bar so you can’t really go wrong with the tasty treat. 

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2. Unicorn Pops

Unicorn Pops Front

This candy starting with U can be perceived as two different types of candy. The original was a lollipop designed to resemble a unicorn horn. However, with the uptick in popularity of the unicorn, you can now find small cake pops or lollipops that have a full unicorn head, including the horn. 

It’s up to you to decide which one interests you. We’re going to primarily focus on the original Unicorn Pop here as it was the original behind the name. 

Unicorn Pops have also been compared to Whirly Pops. These suckers are long and placed on a long wooden stick typically. You can find them in tourist sites often attached to a stuffed animal. They are also popular in candy stores. 

They are about the length that you might imagine an actual unicorn horn to be. They are made with a swirl of rainbow colors, which is perhaps another expectation of a unicorn. The candy is sweet and combines all the flavors of the rainbow too. The most popular version of this comes as a 12-inch sucker but Unicorn pops also come in other lengths. This includes extra-long 18-inch varieties and smaller 6-inch varieties. 

The end of the stick gives you something to hold onto while you enjoy the sucker. Be prepared to wrap back up the 12 and 18-inch options as they rarely get finished in one setting. The wrapper is a clear little wrapper that says “Unicorn” on it. We didn’t just make this name up! 

You might have your own memories of this fun sucker candy. Many people remember getting them at the circus or perhaps on vacation at some point. The candy wraps around the stick it is on, and you just enjoy each piece of the sucker at a time. It’s packed with sweet, fruity flavors that are somewhat just wrapped together into one and it works well! 

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3. Ube Candy

Ube Candy

If you’re looking for something new or something very unique, you might give Ube candy a try. It’s going to sound a bit odd, but you will find that people love this candy so much they’ve looked for ways to make it as a DIY candy at home and enjoy the sweet flavors in a whole new way. 

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Ube candy is made with purple yams. An ube is an actual purple sweet potato and it’s the primary ingredient of this candy. There are several brands out there that have started making this candy, but you will also find it’s unique and not always available. There are some select places to try to find it, or you can always make your own too. 

The Ube is a Filipino sweet potato. This candy is a Filipino candy that was made using the sweet potato. If you decide to try to make your own, you can try it with a regular yam or sweet potato as well. 

The companies that make it use ube yams and pair them with some milk, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and even a touch of lime zest and salt too. 

The combination is interesting but it’s a sweet candy with a cultural twist. It’s certainly worth a try. Even if you aren’t a fan of sweet potatoes, you might just like this candy. You would never know that was the source without reading guides like these or recipes that tell you all about it. 

With the use of sweet potato, they are a better choice than some candies. They do still have quite a bit of sugar in them, and the sweet milk also pushes at nutritional values in some ways. 

4. Usher Mints

Usher Mints

No, we are not referring to the singer Usher here. There really is a minty fresh candy named Usher and it’s worth a mention here! It’s limited as to where you can find it, but this Mexican candy brand has a lot of choices. They are most known for their peppermints, but you can find other Usher Candy creations out there too. 

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We’re going to focus on the mints since that is their most popular and the best-selling point for them. Their mints come in two different flavors. You can choose peppermint or spearmint and they are reasonably priced. 

The most likely way to find them is in a large bag of individually wrapped mints. But here’s the kicker. They are “individually wrapped” as a serving but each small package actually has two small mints in them. You can share one or you can pop both in your mouth. 

This brand has been around for more than 100 years. They may not be as well known as some mints out there, but they are popular and have been operating since 1902 so they must be doing something right. 

The package lists these tasty mints as the world’s best mints. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that to us! This Mexican candy mint tastes absolutely delicious and once you find them, you won’t be able to stop using them. 

Candy That Starts with U Final Thoughts

When it comes to candy that starts with u, you might not find a lot of options but the ones you do find are very unique. These are all great choices and might just be something that catches your interest in some way. 

These candies are all still available out there, although they might not be as popular or well-known as other candy brands and names out there. Will you plan to try any of these? 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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