Candy That Starts With O

Oh, my goodness! You cannot miss any candy that starts with O! You will find that there are many different options. Some of them you might be very familiar with and others you are going to learn about just today. The good news is that whether you like sweet, sour, chocolate, or perhaps even other things, you can likely find something great here. 

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Join us as we take a quick look at candy that starts with o. 

Candy Names That Start With O

  1. Oh Henry! 
  2. Oreo
  3. Orbit
  4. Oh Poop
  5. Orange Slices
  6. Oinks
  7. Orange Chocolate
  8. Otter Pops
  9. Ovaltine
Candy that starts with O

Top Candy That Begins with O

Oh boy do we have a lot of ground to cover here. There are some really unique finds and some historical finds as well. Perhaps your favorite will be on this list. Or perhaps you will even find a new favorite or something really awesome that you will put on your candy bucket list to try. 

Check these out! 

1. Oh Henry! 

Oh Henry

This candy bar is one old candy bar. It’s officially more than 100 years old. The credited beginning date was back in 1920 but the candy bar actually began as the Tom Henry Bar in 1910 so it had about a decade before it became Oh Henry! The truth is there are a lot of different stories out there about this particular candy bar. 

We’re not sure if Thomas Henry was the real creator or if Williamson Candy Company was but there are great stories on both sides of the column. There are actually versions of this candy bar from both Nestle and Ferrara now. The biggest difference is where they are made and sold. 

Oh Henry! Is comparable to a Snickers. They have a nougat inside, caramel, peanuts, and then a layer of milk chocolate on the outside. It’s tasty and delicious as a candy bar. Unfortunately, these are no longer sold in the United States. It was officially discontinued in 2019, just shortly before it would have reached 100 years of production. 

2. Oreo


Just about everyone is familiar with Oreo cookies. These have been around since 1912, so they’ve lasted well over a century. You can find dozens of flavors and they have made many interesting and unique flavors through the years. The traditional Oreo has two chocolate cookies that are sandwiched around a sweet, creamy filling. 

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You’ve likely seen commercials for eating your Oreos in different ways. Perhaps you like to twist off the top and eat the chocolate and the cream separately. Or maybe you eat the cookie as a whole. This cookie brand is the #1 brand in the United States, and they’ve been that way for a long time. 

Oreos are now owned by Mondelez International. They fall under the Nabisco umbrella, which is also owned by this company. Fun fact about this cookie. When it was first produced, it was known as the Oreo biscuit. At that time, they were sold in glass canisters by the pound. How times have changed! 

At any given time, you can find 10 or more Oreo flavors on the market. They routinely bring out specialty and fun flavors, but they have several consistent flavors in the lineup as well. They also do seasonal options that go over well. You can even get doubles and trips on occasion. 

3. Orbit


We certainly couldn’t go through the top choices without at least touching on one type of gum. That’s the rules, isn’t it? In candy that starts with o, Orbit gum stands out to us. This chewing gum has been out for just slightly over 20 years. It is sold in several different countries. 

You might recognize Orbit as the gum in commercials where something really dirty happens but then they smile, and their teeth are sparkling white. That’s been a common theme of Orbit commercials. It is a whitening gum and it’s good for your teeth. It’s made by the Wrigley Company, and they produced it as a means to compete against Trident White. 

While the United States has only seen Orbit gum since 2001 officially, there was actually a short historical stint with Orbit in the early 1900s. A version of the gum was released in 1899. The US sold it around 1944 as an alternative to other options when rations were making them difficult to produce. However, the brand did not continue after the war. It practically disappeared. 

Much later, Orbit gum made a comeback and it’s been going strong ever since. They have a lot of different favors under the brand. Their core flavors are peppermint, spearmint, bubble mint, winter mint, and winterfresh. However, that’s just the beginning. You can also find their Orbit White line and an Orbit for Kids line. 

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4. Oh Poop

Oh Poop

This one is certainly a bit unique. However, it’s really popular with kids of all ages. Oh, Poop is mostly found around holidays. For example, at Christmas time, you can purchase a reindeer that “poops” out candy to enjoy. It’s apparently hilarious to eat the reindeer poop, at least that’s what we’ve heard. 

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The various pooping toys are made in different ways. They tend to be seasonal, but you can also find them that are style to look like a pile of poop. They walk and out comes the candy inside. The candy itself is just a sweet little bite of hard candy. 

The Oh Poop walking candy dispensers are marketed and sold by Flix candy. There isn’t a ton of information out there about the brand or their story, but the candy is certainly a fun option to consider. They sell really well, and they are a winner for holiday treats. You can put them in stockings, Easter baskets, and more. Of course, you can just enjoy them for fun too if you like. 

Other Candy Beginning with O

Now that you’ve seen some of the favorites, let’s keep moving down the list. While there are certainly some classic choices here, you will find that there are only a few solid choices for candy that starts with o. We’re certainly grateful for things like Oreo and Oh Henry! Because there isn’t a whole let else to find here. 

Take a look at these fun finds. 

5. Orange Slices

Orange Slices

You can’t beat a delicious orange slice. These are made by several different brands. The idea is a jelly-like candy that is soft and chewy. It’s flavored to taste like an orange. The candy is even cut and shaped like an orange wedge or orange slice might be. 

This candy is flavored, shaped, and cut. Most varieties are also coated in a sugar coating so they will most definitely fulfill your sweet tooth. You can find orange slices at most candy stores, particularly old-time candy stores. 

6. Oinks


Oinks are not your average candy. In fact, they are really not candy at all. Instead, they are a combined treat of jerky or bacon, paired with delicious, sweet additions. It’s like the perfect combination of sweet and salty and they are a must-try. 

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This unique candy has protein and sweetness all wrapped together. You can find their initial bacon treats that are chocolate and then decorated with a white glazing. They also have chocolate bacon bites and several other delicious options. 

7. Orange Chocolate

Orange Chocolate

Another unique find for those that love a bit of orange, is orange chocolate. Terry’s orange chocolate is almost like a large orange that is coated in chocolate and it’s very good. The orange flavor is subtle and sweet but adds just enough to the chocolate to really give you something special and flavorful. 

These orange chocolate options are also primarily popular around holiday seasons, particularly Christmas and Valentine’s Day. 

8. Otter Pops

Otter Pops

Who loves something sweet and cold in the warm days of summer? We all do, right? Otter Pops are sold in these simple clear plastic sleeves and loaded with colorful juice. You just pop a handful of them in the freezer and you have a simple frozen treat that is just perfectly sweet when you need it. 

Otter Pops are typically flavored like fruit. You just cut the end off the plastic and enjoy the popsicle inside. Most of the time, you buy them at room temperature and freeze them yourself. There are other similar items from other brands out there too. 

9. Ovaltine


Finally, we have Ovaltine. This simple chocolate powder has been around since 1904. It’s a chocolate milk powder and it’s now owned by Nestle in the United States market. This was originally created in Switzerland and it’s still popular in several European countries as well. 

Wrapping Up Candy Beginning With The Letter O

While there aren’t a ton of candy that starts with O, there are some really fun choices out there. Some of our classic favorites are no longer around and many of these options are seasonal. If you’re brave, you will try them all when you get the chance. 

From classic winners like Oreos to simple choices like orange slices, you really can’t go wrong with any of these. How many have you tried? Are there are any new ones you plan to seek out now? 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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