Candy Beginning With The Letter K

Candy That Starts With K

Candy is really what makes the world go round. Sure, there are other important things out there but there are so many options when it comes to candy that starts with K! There are many unique finds and things that you can only find in certain parts of the world. No two candies are exactly the same, although you can certainly find similar choices out there. 

Candy is the world where you can find unique options and choose what really appeals to you. 

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Check out this guide for candy that starts with K and see the fun options! 

Candy Names That Start With K

  1. Kit Kat
  2. Krackel
  3. Klondike Bar
  4. Kinder Chocolate
  5. Kisses
  6. Kits Taffy
  7. Koko
  8. Kandy Korn
  9. Kola Cubes
  10. Krabby Patty Gummy
Candy Beginning With The Letter K

Top Candy Beginning with K

Let’s start at the top! In this section, we will talk about some of the most popular options. We’ve got details about some awesome candy that starts with K. You might even find your favorite here. Check these out! 

1. Kit Kat

Kit Kat

You might remember the old commercials “give me a break, give me a break. Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar”. Of course, through the years, they have had several different tag lines. The most recently one is “have a break, have a Kit Kat”. They all have the same point and tell you it’s time for a break – and a Kit Kat

Kit Kats are maybe the most famous candy beginning with the letter K, the wafer candies that break apart into sticks. Each wafer has a chocolate coating. They’re simple and light and that’s perhaps why they are so popular. This tasty candy was originally created by a company named Rowntree’s of York. It was located in the United Kingdom. 

Now, you will find that Nestle is the owner and producer of the candy and has been since 1988. The candy first launched in 1935 so it’s nearing 90 years in production. The candy bar was so successful in the United Kingdom that they started branching out. Starting in 1970, the Hershey Company was provided license to produce these in the US and they’ve been going strong ever since. 

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2. Krackel

Krackel Bar out of packet

A simple candy bar is sometimes the best way to go. That’s why Krackel has been around since 1938, more than 80 years. This candy was first introduced by the Hershey Company in 1938 and they remain owned and produced by Hershey still. 

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Krackel is a simple crisped rice candy bar. It consists of crisped rice that is coated in milk chocolate and shaped into a candy bar. These are most popular in mini candy bars that you buy in bags, but you might be able to find them in real size still. The full-sized candy bar like this was actually discontinued in 2014. 

However, the mini candy bars remain popular and still in avid production today. The original Krackel had almonds in it but that has since been changed, primarily since the full-sized candy bar was removed. 

The small candy bars are wrapped in a foil and paper wrapper. They continue to be popular and tend to be found the most near holidays. 

3. Klondike Bar

Klondike Bar

If you don’t like ice cream, don’t turn your nose up just yet. The Klondike bar is not just any type of ice cream. It’s the perfect blend of candy bar deliciousness paired with ice cream. Their tagline has always been “what would you do for a Klondike bar?” and the commercials always had extreme actions to get one. 

It’s well worth the efforts. These bars have ice cream that is the perfect texture and consistency. They turn it into a square or similar shape and then coat it with chocolate. It’s just the right amount of chocolate paired with ice cream. 

The classic Klondike was vanilla ice cream but they have several different flavors, including a Reese’s flavor. Klondike was first introduced in 1922. It has officially been 100 years since they began. They are found primarily in Canada and the US. 

The name was selected based on the Klondike River, which is in Canada. They wrap the bars in a silver wrapper and you get to unwrap and enjoy. They’re delicious and the perfect ice cream treat. 

4. Kinder Chocolate

Kinder Chocolate

Kinder Chocolate is a company that produces quite a lot of different candies. In the US, the most well-known option is the Kinder surprise egg that has a surprise with the chocolate egg. The idea for Kinder chocolate actually came around in 1968. It was thought up by Michele Ferrero of Ferrero Candy Company. 

Her idea was to create something that children would love. They also wanted mothers to be comfortable with their children having the candy. For that purpose they used milk as part of the creation. The candy they came up with had a milk chocolate coating with milk filling. This was before the egg surprise candies began. 

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There have been a lot of different products from Kinder Chocolate through the years. Some of them have been simple chocolate bars, while the Kinder Joy or Kinder Surprise is probably one of the most known selections available now. 

The Kinder Bueno use wafer bars and hazelnut cream filling. The Kinder Maxi was just a large chocolate bar. Kinder Riegel was a chocolate stick that had creamy milk filling inside. Kinder Choco Fresh had two layers that included hazelnut cream and whipped cream and then was coated in chocolate. 

5. Kisses

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses

We couldn’t pass up candy that start with K without also talking about Hershey’s Kisses. You know what we’re talking about. Those delightful little kisses of chocolate from Hershey. Kisses have been on the market since 1907, they even survived the struggles of the Great Depression. These were originally all wrapped by hand until they finally got a machine in 1921. 

Every kiss has a foil wrapper and a little paper flag. The flag used to just say Hershey’s on it but now they stamp it with the flavor of Kisses that you’re enjoying. The original was a simple milk chocolate kiss. 

Now, you will find a multitude of flavors to choose from. Whether you want the traditional chocolate or something like caramel, raspberry, almond, and more. The flavors keep growing and they also have seasonal options that come out, like peppermint. 

While we’re here, let’s not forget about Hugs, which pair quite well with Kisses if you ask us. 

Other Candy Beginning with the letter K

Now that you’ve seen some of our top picks, let’s keep going! We dug deep to try to uncover some classic options that you simply can’t ignore. These are unique and there are some that you may have never heard of. Check out these candy beginning with the letter K. 

6. Kits Taffy

Kits Taffy

Kits Taffy is an old-time candy. You can still find them on occasion but now how you could when they first began. These are tiny little packs of taffy candy. Your pack comes with 3 taffy pieces, and they are all one flavor. The brand has vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or banana. These candies were from 1969 so they can certainly take you back to the candy of days long gone. 

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7. Koko


The Koko candy bar is a unique choice. It’s a European candy bar that is known for its coconut filling. The candy bar has a creamy coconut filling and is coated in chocolate. It’s packed with sweet flavor that isn’t overly sweet. If you like coconut, it’s a great find. These are harder to find but they are still out there. Koko is made by the Orion candy brand. 

8. Kandy Korn

Candy Corn 

What we know as candy corn actually originated as Kandy Korn. It’s a sweet treat that is a popular Halloween candy. Most people have either a love or hate relationship with Kandy Korn but there are plenty out there who really love it. It’s made with pretty much just sugar and corn syrup with only a tad bit of flavor. They do have new and different flavors now as well. 

9. Kola Cubes

Kola Cubes

Kola cubes are another retro candy, and they are pretty much exactly as they sound. These are small cubes of cola-flavored candy. They are a chew candy that resembles gumdrops. The original Kola cubes were always cut into cubes and then tossed in a sugary coating. You can still find similar candies today or alternative “cola candy” that is very close to the original Kola cubes from days of old. 

10. Krabby Patty Gummy

Krabby Patty Gummy

If you’re a fan of SpongeBob, you are probably quite familiar with the Krabby Patty. You can get your very own Krabby Patty in gummy form. They come individually wrapped in little packages. You get a gummy candy that has two buns, meat, and something green too. These are easiest to find around Halloween time, but they are out there all year long. 


Candy beginning with the letter K is a great way to enjoy a theme or find new and interesting candy choices. These are some classic winners, like Kisses and Kit Kats, as well as some unique finds, like those Krabby patties. 

When it comes to candy, it’s always fun to see the different ideas and even the unique spelling and titles that they come up with. There are so many to choose from. 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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