Candy That Starts With R

We can think of all sorts of words that begin with the letter R. Red, roses, rover, ride, ratchet, and so many more. But what we really want to know is a list of candy that starts with R. 

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If you’re here, you are probably curious about that too. There are quite a few really great candy beginning with the letter R so we’ve put together a full list of decadent options for you to check out. 

In this guide, we will share a bunch of candy that starts with R. We’ve got a few of our favorites first and then a more extensive list of candy options as well. Some of these may be your favorites but you also just might find something new here that you want to try too. 

Candy Names That Start With R

  1. Reese’s  Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Red Hots
  3. Red Vines
  4. Ring Pops
  5. Raisinets
  6. Reese’s Pieces
  7. Rock Candy
  8. Razzles Candy
  9. Rainbow Drops
  10. Riesen
  11. Rolo
  12. Runts
Candy That Starts With R

The Best Candy Beginning with the Letter R

Let’s start with a few of our favorites. These are some of our top picks of candy beginning with the letter R. They are some of the most popular options out there. 

1. Reese’s  Peanut Butter Cups

Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

Reese’s peanut butter cups are a classic favorite made by Hershey’s Candy. They were invented and made by H.B. Reese in 1928, hence the name. Reese actually worked for Hershey and left to start his own candy company. 

Reese’s are filled with a peanut butter center and coated with chocolate. It’s the best combination of chocolate and peanut butter that you will find. They come in small, round cups that are absolutely delicious. 

When it comes to the top-selling candy on the market, Reese’s actually has landed the spot as #1 on more than one occasion. They are a popular favorite that never seems to get old. While Reese’s are owned by Hershey, they are actually produced at a different plant where the Reese family previously produced them. 

From Reese’s there are now a bunch of other spin offs of this popular candy bar. You will find Reese’s Pieces, Fast Breaks, NutRageous, Big Cups, and so many more options out there that fall into the Reese’s category. 

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2. Red Hots

Red Hots

A little bit of sweet and a little bit of hot. That’s exactly what Red Hots are. They are tasty and delicious. This cinnamon candy comes to you in tiny little cinnamon drops and you can buy them in a variety of size options as well. 

Red Hots are chewy candy so you can suck on them or you can chew them and the little dots let you just enjoy a few at a time and savor them for real. These candies are made by the Ferrara candy company. They are described as “a powerful cinnamon kaboom in an itty bitty bite”. 

Red Hots were first introduced to the world in 1930. At the time, they were made by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company so they were a pan made candy. While the names have changed for Ferrara, these candies are still made as pan candy, along with a few select others by the same candy. 

These are popular for enjoying but you also might find them to decorate gingerbread houses, among other fun projects like that. They’re available in grocery stores, gas stations, and candy stores around the world. 

3. Red Vines

Red Vines

Red Vines are an original licorice design. These were around long before Twizzlers and they have their own unique flavor and style as well. The interesting thing about these is that even though are often considered to be a kind of licorice candy, they have no licorice in them. 

Red Vines were originally introduced in the 1920s. The original flavor was cherry but they don’t have a designated flavor anymore. They are just called Red Vines Original Red Twist flavor. They are thought to have a cherry and raspberry combined flavor. The original red really does taste a lot like licorice. 

While Red Vines are considered to be a rival to Twizzlers, they are very different. The tastes and textures are both different so you can love them both. Red Vines have been famous in the media as well. 

You can spot Red Vines on episodes of Wayne’s World, Jimmy Kimmel, Fringe, SNL, The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, Law & Order, and more. You can find them at some grocery stores as well as candy stores. 

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4. Ring Pops

Ring Pops

Finally, in our top picks, Ring Pops are one we just have to talk about! This is the perfect little treat if you like lollipops and suckers. It’s a sucker on a ring so you can put the ring on your finger and enjoy the many different flavors. 

Ring Pops are made by the brand Topps. The candy is fairly large and shaped to look like a jewel or a large diamond. They come in so many different flavors and they are popular at candy stores, concession stands, and even for birthday and Halloween candy as well. 

Ring Pops first came out sometime in the 1970s. They were invented by a dad who wanted to break a thumb sucking habit for his daughter. This was just the beginning of the fun and Ring Pops are still very popular today. 

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Other Options for Candy Beginning with the Letter R

Now that you’ve seen some of our very favorite options, it’s time to get the rundown on the rest of the story. Check out these other really awesome candy beginning with the letter R. 

5. Raisinets


If you like raisins and you like chocolates, you might just want to check out Raisinets. These are still made by the Ferrara Candy Company. These have been around for a very long time but they came to the US in 1927. There are other brands with similar candies and some have even tried covering other dried fruits in chocolate but there is nothing quite like Raisinets. 

6. Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces could fall under the category of Reese’s but the thing is, they deserve their own spot. This awesome candy is like a Reese’s broken down into multiple little pieces that resemble M&Ms. It’s peanut butter and chocolate and little pieces to enjoy the flavors your own way. 

Reese’s Pieces were introduced in 1978. They were featured in the movie E.T. and have pretty much been popular ever since that time. 

7. Rock Candy

Rock Candy

Rock candy is pretty much pure sugar but they sure are fun. These candies are shaped like gem rocks and usually put on a stick to be eaten similarly to a sucker. Granulated sugar is the main ingredient and you can find them in different colors. They do have a little bit of flavor to them but it’s mostly just sweet. 

8. Razzles Candy

Razzles Candy

Razzles comes from the Tootsie Roll brand. They are a fun candy that start out as a chewy candy but as you chew them, they become gum. Their slogan was always “first it’s candy…and then it’s gum!”. Razzles have been around since 1966. 

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Their original flavors were lemon, grape, orange, and raspberry. They’ve since added sour flavors as well as tropical flavors to the lineup. 

9. Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops are from a British confectionary creation. They are popular in the US as well as Greece, France, Canada, Denmark, Chile, Belgium, and several other countries. While you probably won’t find these in most candy stores, the US is still a big market for them. 

This is candy but it’s almost like a cereal puff that you eat dry. The puffs are colored and flavored with the colors of the rainbow. They are simple retro sweets that are tasty and fun to munch on. 

10. Riesen


Chocolate and chocolate-flavored caramel combined together are absolutely delicious so grab yourself a chewy Riesen candy and savor the flavor. This comes from the same candy company as Werther’s. These candies come to you individually wrapped and full of delicious flavor. 

Riesen candy was first introduced in the 1930s. They are still popular and easy to find today in your favorite candy aisle. 

11. Rolo


On the topic of caramel and chocolate, you can find the Rolo. These are small, bite-sized candies that have caramel in the center and a chocolate coating around it. They are soft and chewy. Rolos come in a roll of candies so you can eat some on your own and maybe share some too. 

Rolos are made by the Hershey company and have been around since 1937. 

12. Runts

Runts Candy in Box

Fruity goodness is what you will find in a box of Runts. This candy is shaped like the fruit they are made to taste like. They have banana, orange, apple, lime, and grape. There have been some different flavors over the years but this is the current lineup. 

Runts are made by Nestle. They came out in 1932. They are a hard candy but slightly soft so you can chew them. 

Conclusion Of Candy That Starts With R

That’s the roundup! Here are most of the common options for candy that starts with R. There are many different options out there and we’ve tried to talk about some favorites and maybe some hidden gems as well. 

Which candy are you going to try next? 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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