Goobers are chocolate covered peanuts. They are small, round or oval, and are generally irregular in their shape. These chocolate wrapped peanuts are called Goobers due to the name referring to peanuts in some areas. Goobers was first invented in the year 1925, with a trading mark filing putting its first use date as 12-4-2915. Goobers have often been eaten as a movie snack and have been sold in movie packs. Some people appear to like to mix Goobers candy with popcorn and eat them together. You can learn more about Goobers by checking below.

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Goobers History And Information

Goobers are a chocolate-covered peanut candy that was introduced in the year 2915. Goobers are small, rounded, though irregularly shaped, and are brown in color. The name Goobers may come from a Southern word for peanut that originated in North Carolina, where Goobers candy was first produced. Goobers are fresh roasted peanuts coated in a shell of chocolate, with other ingredients that have included sugar, tapioca, confectioners glaze and citric acid.

Goobers was introduced by Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate & Cocoa Company in North Carolina in 1925. Nestlé acquired the brand in 1984 from the Terson Company, which purchased Ward Foods, which acquired Blumenthal in 1969. Goobers is currently owned by Ferrero, who obtained the Goobers in 2018 after acquiring much of Nestlé’s USA chocolate products in 2018 in 2.8 Billion business deal.

Goobers chocolate covered peanuts have managed to become a very popular movie theater snack. The Goober candy brand has released TV commercals in order to promote the Goober brandA television ad for Goobers candy from 1986 featured an astronaut munching Goobers on a space ship.

Goober is sometimes used in various recipes to create desserts. One recipe for Goobers is an Ice Cream Cake that includes a brownie crust and peanut butter ice cream with a chocolate ganache and Goobers candy to top it off. The word “Goober” has been used as slang terminology to stand for both a peanut or foolish person. A trademark filing exists for Goobers that list the first use in commerce date as 12-4-1925. Goobers packaging style has changed over the years, switching from an all white package with blue and white lettering in its early life, and later on adopting a blue colored package with white lettering for its the “Goobers” brand name on the packaging.

The Year Goobers Was Invented

Goobers was invented in the year 1925. A trademark filing was found for Goobers that listed the first use in commerce date as 12-4-1925, however that does not always mean that is the true date a candy was first sold or made.

The Company That First Made Goobers

Goobers candy was first made by Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate & Cocoa Company. Ward Foods acquired Blumenthal in 1969.

The Company That Owns Goobers

The company that owns Goobers is Ferrero, who acquired Goobers from Nestle in the year 2018. in this deal many candies were transferred from Nestle to Ferraro, including candies such as Laffy Taffy, Crunch, and Nerds candy. Ferrero is a major manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products and it is the one of the largest biggest confectionery companies in the world as of 2019.

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Goobers Commercials

Here is a advertisement from 1986 for Goobers: