Horehound Candy

Horehound Candy

Have you ever heard of Horehound candy before? For many people, it is a beloved childhood candy, connected with sweet memories of family and friends. When we were sick, our parents would usually give us some strange-tasting candy to help with our sore throats. Not only did it help, but it was also a nice and delicious treat too. 

Does this memory sound familiar to you? If so, get ready because we are going to talk about that candy and introduce the most popular Horehound candies of all time.

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Horehound Candy

What is a Horehound Plant?

Horehound candy is made from a horehound plant, and it gets its distinctive flavor and bitterness from it. The Marrubium Vulgare, also called the Horehound plant, belongs to the mint family and can be found in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. 

Horehound is a furry plant and is widely known for its medical qualities. It is a very hearty herb, which is caused by the furry texture and meatiness of its leaves. Hune is an old English word that means “downy plant,” and chances are that it’s probably because of its hoary appearance. The Egyptians even called it the “Seed of Horus.” Well, that could be the origin of its strange name. 

The plant is coarse and has a very strong aroma. It normally grows 3 feet (one meter) tall and has square-shaped stems. Below, it has wooly white flowers, and the top leaves are greenish or downy. 

The horehound has been used as a medical treatment for a very long time. The plant has been used as a herbal remedy. The first mentions of the plant are in ancient Roman texts and date back to the 1st century B.C. It was believed that it soothed sore throats, treated inflammations, and even treated tuberculosis and typhoid. So, the therapeutic use of the plant was huge. 

Mostly, horehounds are used in dried form. So, people often used to make tea or lozenge and treat the cough. Well, the beliefs about this amazing plant are not without a reason. It is truly a remedy and is even used as the main ingredient in the cough drop Ricola. Horehound is one of the oldest cough remedies.

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What is Horehound Candy?

The Horehound plant was brought to Southern Australia in the 19th century. It was used for medical purposes at first. In North America, people used to cultivate it in their gardens. Mostly, the horehound plant was dried and consumed as a tea. Even today, horehound tea is very popular and considered to be one of the best treatments for different medical conditions. It is not known when the horehound candy first appeared. The Mexican company, Gilliam, has been producing the Horehound candy drops since 1927.

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What Does It Taste Like? 

The horehound plant has a bitter taste. It somehow reminds us of root beer or licorice. One is supposed to put it in the mouth and suck until it dissolves. Originally, candy was used as an appetite stimulant. The candy has a very unique and compelling flavor. It is bitter and sweet at the same time. It is impossible to taste it and not fall in love with its strange and distinctive flavor. And the cravings are often gone once you get to experience the taste.

7 Must-Try Horehound Candy

Horehound candy can be prepared in various ways. It is mostly made from Horehound Tea, which is traditionally prepared in a copper kettle. Some make them into oval drops that can be sucked. Some cut it into a cube shape, and some make it look like a lollipop. However, most of the candy is dipped in granulated sugar.

Horehound Old Fashioned Hard Candy

Horehound Old Fashioned Hard Candy

One of the most iconic treats manufactured by Claeys is Horehound Old Fashioned Hard Candy. It’s a hard candy that comes in a 6-ounce bag, and you may remember it from your childhood because it was especially popular by then. It is made with absolutely natural horehound herb tea that has been brewed in copper kettles. 

Copper kettles are a great way to enhance the unique Horehound flavor. Claeys’ old-fashioned candies come in the following flavors: watermelon, peppermint, cinnamon, anise, lemon drops, wild cherry, root beer, and others. 

Claeys Candy Company is an American candy manufacturer that has been on the market since 1919 and has created many famous vintage candies. It is family-owned and has been actively producing candy for three generations now. We may also know them for their famous Chocolate Charlie, Claeys Lemon Drops, Gourmet Peanut Brittle, and others.

Dylmine Health Horehound Candy

The Horehound candy that is manufactured by Dylmine Health Company is a little different from others. It is a hard candy that has a twisted shape. It is dark brown in color, and one is supposed to suck it. This candy has a bitter-sweet taste, and it is not covered in granulated sugar like other horehound candies. This particular sugar-free treat is used more as a remedy than a treat.

Candy manufacturer Dylmine Health Company is located in Toronto, Canada. The company mainly produces food and nutrition that gets distributed all around the world. Dylmine Health Horehound Candy is an old fashioned candy and very delicious while being a good treatment if a little pricey.

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Old Fashioned Candy Sticks

Old Fashioned Candy Sticks

Horehound candy sticks are fine classic treats that anybody can enjoy. Horehound was actually one of the first flavors offered by Gilliam’s confectionery company. The sticks are easy to eat and are a fun treat for kids. 

They taste somewhere between root beer and licorice and have a bitter taste. There are 80 individually wrapped sticks in the package. Candy is actually K Pareve kosher certified

The Gilliam Confectionery Company is famous for its products. They were originally making candy sticks. They offer a high-quality product and are the largest manufacturer of candy sticks. Currently, they produce not only classic candy sticks but also drop discs and round candy.

Sanded Horehound Drops

Sanded Horehound Drops

Another amazing horehound treat manufactured by Gilliam is the old-fashioned sanded horehound drops. Just like any other, this horehound candy is also dark brown in color. It is covered in granulated sugar, which gives it a sweet hint. 

The packaging is as classic as the candy itself. The unit weight is 4.5 ounces. The package has a brown-creamy colored background, and there is a picture of the Horehound plant printed on it.

Horehound Drops

Horehound Drops

The Horehound Drops made by True Treats Candy are absolutely worth a try. These candies are manufactured in the United States. Even though the company may not be as big as other candy manufacturers, they offer quality and good taste. The treats are bite-sized hard candies shaped like squares. They come in 4-ounce recyclable bags. 

This candy has a warm, smoky Horehound flavor. This particular candy is not bitter like others; it has maintained the horehound flavor but has a sweeter taste.

Chesebro’s Horehound Candy

Chesebro’s Horehound Candy

Chesebro’s handmade confections go back to 1910. It was first introduced as the Davis Candy Company and was located in Springfield, Missouri. They make wonderful handmade candies, including the Horehound Candy Drops. The color of their treats is relatively lighter than others; they are more like amber than dark brown. 

They make the candy using high-quality herbal tea. Also, the tea is made in a copper kettle that enhances the flavor and taste. There are no artificial flavors added. Treats contain sugar, dextrose, and herbal tea. So, it is fat-free and gluten-free.

SweetMe Confections candy

SweetMe Confections candy

SweetMe is a small confection manufacturer company that offers unique horehound hard candy. The candy is sugar-coated and has a bitter-sweet taste. Those hard candies are not only delicious and beneficial for your health, but they are also beautifully wrapped. They are especially helpful in regulating breathing and the digestive system. Candy comes in 8 oz. bags.

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Where You Can Buy Horehound Candy?

It is not hard to find horehound candy when you know where to look for it. It does not matter if you want it as candy or to treat a sore throat or cold, it’s there for you. Mostly, they are available in the sweets section at natural food stores or herbal stores. You can also find some in tourist places as well. If you have a brick-and-mortar store nearby, they can also be found there.

If you do not want to look around, they are always available online and you can order and get this delicious treat delivered to your home instead of going to the store to look for it.

Buy Horehound Candy Online

You can also buy Horehound Candy at Old Time Candy by clicking the image below.

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Horehound Beverages

Marrubium Vulgare is used to make beverages too. For example, the Rock and Rye cocktail is made from its extract. Also, horehound beer is a delicious beverage that almost tastes like root beer. 

Horehound Tea is very popular and beneficial and can be found in many pharmacies and herbal markets. One of the best manufacturers is considered to be “Palm Beach Medicinal Herbs”. The herbal tea is 100% natural and delicious too. The tea is non-GMO, organically grown, caffeine-free, and sugar-free. One can enjoy it hot or on ice. Either way, it is refreshing and delicious.

Bottom Line

All in all, horehound candy is undoubtedly very strange and different from all other types of candy. The taste of it is so specific and different that it immediately makes us either love it or not like it at all. However, most people are in love with its taste, not to mention horehound tea, which is as tasty and beneficial to our health as horehound candy.

Obviously, horehound candy can be considered quite old-fashioned. So, eating it is like diving deep into the nostalgia of childhood and old times.

Have you tried Horehound tea or Horehound candy before, or would you like to? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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  1. When we traveled out West my husband was always looking for horehound candy. He was born in 1911 and raised in Salt Lake City. To him horehound was a wonderful treat that reminded him of his youth. He died in 2000 and I have saved a package of horehound candy in his briefcase that I keep with other mementoes of him. It has all fused together in one big lump but that doesn’t matter. It’s the memory that counts.

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