Most Sour Candy in the World

What is the Most Sour Candy in the World?

Cravings and love for different kinds of tastes have been in our nature since the very beginning. We love to try new varieties because it makes us feel alive and happy. 

There are days when we have a sweet tooth and need something sweet. However, there are times when we try to wake up our taste buds and create a festival of tastes in our head, and for that purpose, there is a magical thing called “sour candy.” And have you ever thought about what is the most sour candy in the world? 

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What is the Most Sour Candy in the World?

What Gives the Candy a Sour Taste

Sour candy is generally associated with acids. Since ancient times, people have been curing their sour cravings with fruits, especially citrus. Most candies have either one or several acids in them. Citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, and fumaric acid are the most common. However, there may be other kinds of acids found in different candies too. Each of them provides a different level of sourness. 

Some sour candies contain citric and malic acid as ingredients, and when those are mixed, it creates one whole texture. However, in some cases, the acid is used as a coating. Normally, candies have a fruit flavor and are coated in acidic powder. This way, the savory taste touches the receptors first and is followed by the sweet fruity flavors. It helps to deliver the increased soreness and boosts the sour flavor.

Citric Acid 

The main reason for the sourness is the acids that candy contains. One of the most important and strongest ones is considered to be citric acid. Citric acid is found in varieties of fruit, mainly citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruits, and others. That is where its name comes from—”citrus.” So, how does it work and why does it give us that sour taste? Citric acid yields hydrogen ions that are found in our mouths and activate the tongue’s receptors.

Malic Acid

Another main acid that our beloved sour candies contain is malic acid. So, that one has a slightly different purpose. When we eat the sour candy, the savory taste does not fade away, it just keeps going. This happens all because of malic acid. Malic acid creates long-lasting savory tastes and boosts the intensity of flavors. This particular one is naturally found in fruits and vegetables such as apricots, cherries, tomatoes, and apples.

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Why Do Our Taste Buds React That Way?

We have an average of 2,000–10,000 taste buds, varying from person to person. Those taste receptors are located on our tongues and on the roof of our mouths, all the way back to the throat. The acid in the sour candies is released when touching the wet surface, and it triggers the receptors. Those taste buds are responsible for recognizing sweet, salty, and savory tastes. 

Well, we have all tried some sour candies, and the result is that we can all feel the “stretching” of our taste buds. Some of us love that feeling, and some of us hate it, but we can all agree that we all need it. 

The feeling that we have when eating savor candy is because of the power of hydrogen, also known as pH. It is the measurement of acidity. Well, the candies we normally eat have a pH level of between 2.5 and 3. The sour candies have a different level of pH, and it is normally around 1.8. However, the answer to the question of what is the most sour candy in the world can be found by measuring the pH of each treat. 

Brief History of Sour Candy

People loved the savory taste of different fruits and vegetables. In the 19th century, one of the first sour candies appeared on the market. However, it raised questions in people’s minds. The savory taste of candy was so strange that many were actually concerned about how, where, and in which environment the candies were produced. However, the industry managed to gain the trust of people.

In the candy-making process, the manufacturers mainly used vinegar to create a sour taste. The vinegar turns the sugar into glucose and creates a tart-savory taste. 

The manufacturers had to think of something to make their candy popular among people. So, in the 1950s, they started active promotion campaigns. For this purpose, they came up with a great solution to create Halloween-themed promotions. It all created a strong bond between the candy and the holiday. Therefore, the popularity of sour candies has increased, and many people have fallen in love with them. 

An interesting fact is that July 18th is National Sour Candy Day. This date was established by the American Licorice Company.

What is the Most Sour Candy in the World

It is hard to say what is the most sour candy in the world. However, there are many sour candies that undoubtedly steal our hearts. 

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Warheads candy try to claim first place in the competition for what is the most sour candy in the world. Turners pointed out that if the regular sour candy has a pH level of 1.8, warheads are actually measured to be 1.6. 

Warheads is a sour candy manufactured by Impact Confections. They are considered “extreme” candy because of their savory and intense taste. Their popularity is even higher among kids and teenagers. Kids adore its savory flavor and frequently compete to see who can consume the most warheads.

Candy actually originated in Taiwan. In 1993, Peter De Yager, who was the founder of the Foreign Candy Company, went to Taiwan to explore and find the extra-sour candy. He sampled local varieties and managed to find the perfect candy, which he brought back to the States.

Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste

Toxic waste is sour candy manufactured by Candy Dynamics, Inc. Candy has very unique packaging and comes in a drum container. There’s even a warning label on the containers that says not to try it if you’re too sensitive. There are 16 pieces of sour treats in each container, which include five different flavors. 

The flavors of Toxic Waste candy include apples, watermelon, lemons, blue raspberry, and black cherry. 

The brand also manufactures Smog Balls, Goop, Slime Lickers, and High Voltage Bubblegum. The sweet, fruity flavor mixed with the savory flavor creates the perfect balance and is “addictive.”

To the question of what is the most sour candy in the world, many people will undoubtedly name Toxic Waste. To popularize the candy, the company actually released a new challenge. One must beat someone else in the competition of who keeps the candy longer in the mouth.

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids

If you take a look at the list of what is the most sour candy in the world, without a doubt, you will come across the Sour Patch Kids. In France, the candy is also called “Very Bad Kids.” Candy is manufactured by Maynard’s. 

Originally, the candy was created by Frank Galatolie and was named “Mars Men.” It became the iconic candy of the 1970s. The original candy had four flavors and colors: green lime, yellow lemon, orange peach, and red cherry. This candy has a powdered sour coating which enhances its taste and flavor. 

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There is a video game based on the Sour Patch Kids. The video game was introduced in 2011 and soon gained popularity.

Cry Baby Extra Sour Tube

Cry Baby Extra Sour Tube

The Cry Baby Extra Sour tube is among those that have quite a weird name. The candy is so sour that it brings tears, so yes, the name says it all. When you finish eating the candy itself, there is a surprise in the middle-chewing gum. Appearing to chew gum is kind of a victory because it means that you beat the sourness.

Cry Baby Gum comes in the following flavors: lemon, cherry, apple, blue raspberry, and orange. Another advantage of this candy is that it is gluten-free and kosher certified, so everybody can enjoy it without fear. 

Taveners Sour Lemon Drops

Taveners Sour Lemon Drops

We are all familiar with the sourness of lemon. There is no person who has not tried fresh lemon every time and has not made a weird face. It is just so sour that we can not help but keep our faces straight. So, one could easily think of the most sour candy in the world if not one made from lemon. 

Sour Lemon Drops are manufactured by Taverners. They are very sour, have a lemon taste, and are even shaped like a lemon. The candy can be considered similar to Lemonheads. The candy is made from vegetarian ingredients and natural colorings.

Bottom Line

Once in a while, we all have a craving and need to wake our taste buds up and feel that slightly uncomfortable but exceptionally good feeling of savoriness. Sour candies are always out there to help us. Candies have been a huge part of our lives and childhoods, and it is just impossible to not cherish them. However, we do have one particular answer to what is the most sour candy in the world.

In the comments section, share your thoughts. What do you think is the most sour candy in the world? We would love to hear your opinion.

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