Caramel Apple Pops
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Caramel Apple Pops (History, Marketing & Pictures)

Caramel Apple Pops combine two really fun candy styles. You will get access to a lollipop with the features of a candied apple. If you love candied apples, you will be really happy with the easily transportable nature of the Caramel Apple Pop. This is like a candied apple that you can easily carry with you and enjoy at any time.

Caramel Apple Pops are one of the most unusual lollipops on the market today, and they have been a popular Halloween candy ever since they first came onto the scene. Tootsie Roll knows how to make candies that are delicious and fun to eat, and Caramel Apple Pops are a great example of their genius with candy products.

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Caramel Apple Pops


This lollipop is made by Tootsie Roll Industries. The lollipop is made with a hard apple-flavored candy that is covered with a caramel coating. This is meant to imitate a candied apple, and these lollipops are sold in three varieties. The current options you can pick from are Golden Delicious, Green Apple, and Red Macintosh.

While not as popular as the very famous Tootsie Roll Pop that asked the question, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” These are a great additional item that is sold by the same candy company. These little caramel apple treats are used in a lot of baking recipes as well and are the clear alternative to messy candied apple consumption for people who love this traditional kind of treat.

Caramel Apple Pops were first sold in 1995, and they were a big hit right off. They have even been added to the list of Blizzard flavors offered at Dairy Queen as of 2003. There is no gluten, peanuts, or other nuts in this candy which is really nice for those with food allergies. They are not vegan-friendly because they are made with soy and milk.

Candy apples are a treat that have been around since the early 1900s. They are really enjoyable and flavorful but very messy to eat. The classic treat involves a regular apple that is usually a green apple but might also be a red one. These apples are dipped in caramel or chocolate and might be sprinkled with other kinds of toppings.

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For people with braces and other limitations related to negotiating the process of eating a whole apple off a stick that is covered in sticky candy, the Caramel Apple Pop offers a much-improved eating experience. This is still a sticky treat and rather time-consuming to enjoy, but the unmanageable and messy nature of the candy apple is gone when you select a Caramel Apple Pop for your candy eating pleasure.

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Caramel Apple Pops used to be sold with uneven edges that could end up being jagged and might cut the roof of your mouth. There was a recent change to improve this part of the design, and the candy center of the treat is now a molded circle. This reduces the chance that the apple candy will get sharp and be uncomfortable to eat. It also offers a more even coating of caramel, which is a big improvement over the old candy design.

Another new change is that Caramel Apple Pops are now sold in variety packs which is a nice way to get access to all of the flavors that the lollipops come in. The three varieties are all included in these variety bags, and it is sold as the “Apple Orchard” variety bag. This can be a really nice option if you are going to be giving these candies out for a party or Halloween, or maybe you want to be able to pick and choose from the different varieties when you are enjoying them yourself.

Caramel Apple Pops are a very unique but really memorable candy choice, and many people prefer these lollipops over any other kind that is on the market. If you love candied apples and are tired of struggling to eat them, you might find that this candy treat is the perfect solution for your treat enjoyment needs.

Tootsie Roll Industries notes on its site that these candies are sold year-round, and they are a favorite of those who love candied apples. There seems not to be a big push by the company to promote these products. They seem to have taken care of most of the hard work, just via word of mouth. These little treats seem not to even have been granted a slogan or a catchphrase to make them memorable.

Clearly, the association with candied apples is enough to help carry these treats through! You are able to order this candy online, and they are sold at Walmarts and Targets throughout the US. This candy might also be offered at your local movie theater.

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Caramel Apple Pops are individually wrapped, and the wrapper color indicates the flavor of the sucker inside. The golden wrappers are for Golden Delicious, the green wrappers are for Green Apple, and the red is for Red Macintosh. The wrappers are square and thin and are see-through. The name of the candy is on each wrapper, along with some graphics of candied apples.

The lollipops are packaged in the same way when they are sold individually, and you will typically see them sold in stores in boxes that you can grab one sucker out of at a time. An entire box is about $10 on Amazon, so you can get a lot of candies for a very reasonable price if you decide not to buy one at a time.

What Other Candies Does Tootsie Roll Industries Make?

Tootsie Roll industries also sells the famous Tootsie Pops, Sugar Daddies, Charleston Chews, Junior Mints, and a whole host of other really classic candies like Nik-L-Nip. The candied apple spin-offs that are discussed in this article fit right into their lineup of caramel-based and lollipop-style treats.

Tootsie Roll Industries was able to launch itself to fame through the simple and humble Tootsie Roll itself. While seemingly not a very enticing candy, the taste, and texture of this little candy were so unique that it became an instant hit. Tootsie Roll Industries continues to make unique candies that are based around some of the manufacturing genius that led to the Tootsie Roll itself.

While Caramel Apple Pops are not designed with a unique process, the creation itself is so unique that it fits into Tootsie Roll’s very creative stable of candies very well. You will struggle to find better lollipops anywhere, and the fruity and tangy nature of the candy portion of their lollipops is superior to almost any other candy maker’s products that are sold today.

There are not many companies that offer so many different kinds of products. Tootsie Roll keeps busy by coming up with new twists on old classics without getting rid of the essential candies that made them famous. They even make Dubble Bubble, which has graced shelves for as long as many people can remember.

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You can be sure that this caramel apple lollipop is not going anywhere anytime soon. Tootsie Roll is one of the best brands to be invested in if you want to be able to count on getting access to your favorite candies for years and years. You can easily add this caramel apple lollipop to your list of favored candy treats. It pairs really well with purchases of the classic Tootsie Roll Pop and can still be purchased from vending machines and classic candy stores all over the United States.

Tootsie Roll states on their site that their products are sold in a “wide variety of venues” and mentions drug stores, warehouses, supermarkets, dollar stores, and convenience stores. The Caramel Apple Pop will be available for your enjoyment on road trips and in theaters alike which makes it a really nice choice for one of your favorite candy varieties.

Appearance of Caramel Apple Pops

Some people complain that the messy appearance of Caramel Apple Pops is a turnoff for them. They are a bit squashed and strange-looking when compared to the other lollipop products that Tootsie Roll makes. The caramel is usually a little jagged around the edges, and the candy is poking out irregularly through the caramel coating. The recent change to the share of the candy disc has made this less obvious, although these are still not the tidiest-looking candies that you will ever buy.


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Per the Amazon entry:

  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Partially hydrogenated soybean oil
  • Skim milk
  • Heavy cream
  • Malic acid
  • Whey
  • Salt
  • Artificial flavors
  • Sodium caseinate
  • Soya lecithin
  • Artificial colors including FD&C Blue 1, FD&C Red 40
  • Turmeric coloring

This is the list for the green apple variety, so there could be a few small differences in the ingredients if you are looking at the other varieties.


Serving Size:1 pop (18g)% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 4.5
Calories 60
Total Fat 0.5g1%
Sodium 15mg1%
Total Carbohydrates 15g5%
Sugars 10g
Protein 0g
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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    1. I thought the same thing, they have all carmel taste and no apple taste at all! I don’t like them now! That was why I always bought them, bcuz they tasted like a carmel apple, but now they just taste like carmel!

  1. Write to the company!! I have sent them a complaint to tell them they are now packaging caramel, tasteless sugar candy pops.

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