Milkshake Candy Bar (History, Pictures & Commercials)

The Milkshake Candy Bar is one of those candy bars that were incredibly popular, but sort of just faded away. It was incredibly popular for a short time, but was discontinued due to a business acquisition in the 1980s.

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Here is the story of the rise and fall of the once popular Milkshake Candy Bar.

We’ll go over how the Milkshake Candy Bar was created, its popularity, why it was discontinued, and list some of its competitors.

Milkshake Candy Bar

What was a Milkshake Candy Bar?

A Milkshake Candy Bar was a candy bar that was created during the 1920s. It was called a Milkshake Candy Bar, because the ingredients gave it a similar taste to a chocolate malt milkshake.

Origins of the Milkshake Candy Bar

Frank Martoccio

Frank Martoccio was the head of the F.A. Martoccio Macaroni Company that made pasta noodles. After a lot of use, Martoccio’s processing machines burned out and he needed replacements.

Near his factory was a shut down candy factory called Pratt and Langhoft Candy that was full of machines he needed. Initially, Frank just wanted to buy the machines and did not want the entire candy factory.

He had no interest in the candy business or making any type of candy. This was until Martoccio was talked into buying the entire plant and was now in the candy business

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The Hollywood Candy Company

Martoccio would go on to found the Hollywood Candy Company named after where it was located in Hollywood, Minnesota. He would continue making one of the candies the previous owner made called a Butter-Nut Bar.

A candy bar that would be taken to court against the creator of the Butterfinger and actually win the case. 

Another candy bar that Martoccio would go on to develop was the Zero Bar in 1919. The white chocolate candy bar that is still produced by Hersey till this day.

The Milkshake Candy Bar is created

In 1927, Frank Martoccio would buy another candy company in Minneapolis called the Pendergast Candy Company. After buying the rights to the company, Frank switched all of the brands into his Hollywood brand candies.

One reason why he bought this candy company was because they had created a process to make nougat fluffy. This process allowed for nougat to be fluffy enough to be put in a candy bar.

It was so ingenious that Frank Mars, the owner of Mars Inc copied the method to make his Milky Way Candy bars.

The head bakers at the Hollywood Candy Company began coming up with recipes to make a nougat filled candy bar. What they created would be known as the Milkshake Candy Bar in 1927.

This Milkshake Candy Bar would be a game changer in the candy business and become popular during the time.

Martoccio’s innovations

What set the Milkshake Candy Bar and other Hollywood Candy products apart from its competitors was how they were made. Martoccio developed a way to coat his chocolate candies in a synthetic coating to keep them from melting in warm temperatures.

He would also only use the best ingredients he could get and would not settle for adding any synthetic/fake ingredients.

The Milkshake Candy Bar’s early popularity

From the 1930s to early 1950s, the Milkshake Candy Bar and other Hollywood candies were quite popular. They had their own following and even competed against Hershey’s Chocolate in different markets.

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In 1932, they would release the widely popular Payday candy bar that is still made to this day by the Hershey Company. A candy bar consisting of peanuts and caramel.

The Martoccio’s sell the Hollywood Candy Company

After 50 years in the candy business and making popular candies like the Milkshake Bar, the Martoccio family sold the business. The company that purchased the Hollywood brand was called Consolidated Foods, which would later turn into Sara Lee.

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Consolidated Foods continued to sell the Milkshake Bar and the other candies for the next decade until 1980.

The Centralia Plant burns down

In 1980, the Centralia Plant, where Milkshake Bars were made since 1938 burned to the ground. This was a big blow to Consolidated Foods and they were not able to continue making the candies.

The Leaf Candy Company buys the Milkshake Candy Bar & then is bought by Hershey

Consolidated Foods would sell their rights to the Hollywood products the Leaf Candy Company in 1988. They kept making certain Hollywood brand candies until 1996.

This was when the Leaf Candy Company was bought out and absorbed by the Hershey Company. The old rival of the Hollywood Candy Company.

After going through each product, Hershey’s decided to continue producing only two of the Hollywood candies. Those were Payday and the Zero bars.

Unfortunately the Milkshake Candy Bars did not make the cut. They would never be produced again or sold to the public.

Milkshake Candy Bar Logo

Milkshake Candy Bar wrapper design

The Milkshake Candy Bar wrapper consisted of:

  • Green Lettering
  • White Outline
  • Brown Filling 
  • Tan Filling

The old Milky Way wrappers look very similar to the Milkshake Bars and may have taken the design.

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Hollywood Candy Bars

In the 50 year history of the Hollywood Candy Company, they made 20 different candy bars including the Milkshake Candy Bar. Here is the complete list.

  • Milkshake Bar
  • Payday Candy Bar
  • Zero Bar
  • 747
  • Almond Bar
  • Buccaneers
  • Treasure Bar
  • Nut Sundae Bar
  • Sno King Candy Bar
  • Teddy Bear Bar
  • Nut Patti
  • Tafy Nut
  • Tofy Nut
  • 3 Big Bears
  • Top Stars

Main competitors to the Milkshake Bar

The Milkshake Candy Bar had one main revival competitor in particular and that was the Milky Way Bar. Both the Milkshake Bar and Milky Way had the same ingredients and allegedly a similar taste.

Frank Mars, the founder of the Mars Inc candy company allegedly copied the Milkshake Bar. Seeing how the Hollywood Candy Company created their nougat, Mars would recreate the candy to make the Milky Way Bar.

Both candy bars consist of:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Nougat

Although people that tried both said that the Milkshake Candy Bar has a malt flavor, while Milky Way has a chocolate flavor. 

The nougat in a Milkshake Bar was also coated in malt. Allowing for customers to put their Milkshake Bars in the freezer, where it would get a similar texture to ice cream.

At times in history the Milkshake Candy Bar was more popular, but the Milky Way survived the times.

Return of the Milkshake?

Unfortunately after the Leaf Candy Company acquired the Hollywood Candy Company, Hershey’s would buy the Leaf Candy Company. The time frame for these acquisitions were from 1988 to 1996.

Nearly all of the Hollywood Candy Company’s products would be discontinued and never be produced again. This included the once popular Milkshake Candy Bar.

Since the Milkshake Candy Bar was discontinued, there have been numerous petitions to Hershey to bring it back, but to no avail. For now, the Milkshake Bar will have to live on in the memories of those that were around to enjoy the candy.

Milkshake Candy Bar Ingredients

  • Sugar
  • Corn
  • Syrup
  • Vegetable Oils (Palm Kernel, Partially Hydrogenated Soy Bean, and Hydrogenated Palm Oils)
  • Skim Milk Solids
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Whey Solids
  • Salt
  • Egg Albumen
  • Vegetable Lecithin
  • Vegetable Protein
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Mono and Diglycerides

Milkshake Candy Bar Nutrition

Serving Size:1 Bar% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Calories 250
Vitamin A*
Vitamin C*
  • * Contains less than 2 Percent U.S. Recomended Daily Amout of these nutrients.

Pictures of Milkshake Candy Bar

Milkshake Candy Bar Commercials

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    • Cant see why it shouldn’t be brought back, but then again big and powerful companies that hold decision making rights on what to continue or discontinue producing can really ruin things for the general public and consumers.

  1. I worked for Hollywood candy for 14 years as a machinist/maintenance and was there just after the original plant burned down. One of the bars not mentioned was the Zagnut bar which was still being made when Hershey acquired the company. My two favorite bars were Butternut and Zagnut but you’ve never tasted a Payday unless you sampled one while it was still warm right off the conveyor belt. Bring back the Butternut bar please.

    • Yes i agree! Butternut was a candy bar that was so good you could swallow your tongue. My mother would buy a 6 pack and wouldn’t share them she would hide them from us. I just remember the buttery taste.

  2. If you ask me, the Milkshake Candy Bar had a unique taste of its own that lived up to its name, I really enjoyed this candy bar and don’t see why it couldn’t be successful and net good profits for a given company that saw its value. I would once again like to be able to find this candy bar again but I have not seen it anywhere probably for at least the past 30 years or so.

  3. I remember buying frozen Milkshake Bars from the concession at the beach where I used to hang out as a teenager. I LOVED them, and would love to see them return!

    • We use to buy them frozen at the town park concession stand with a stewards torpedo sandwich and a grave yard soda after swimming all the good things disappear

  4. The Milkshake Candy bar was a favorite, at the swimming pool, as they froze them and sold them for a dime. I’m talking late 1950s, early 1960s. I would love to see a return!

    BEST EVER…. so many great memories. We got them at the baseball field in the summer… they put a popsicle stick in it and froze it!!! Best thing EVER!!!

    • Yes, we did the same thing in the late ‘60’s. Ball field concession put a stick through it and froze it. Loved it! Best ever and I’m 65 now.

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  10. The Foods That America (History Channel) showed the creation of the Milky Way. The goal was to create the taste of a milk shake. The Milk Shake Bar created about the same time wasn’t mentioned. It was great candy bar. It would be amazing if it returned to the market so another generation could appreciate it.

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  13. For you companies that like money you would think you would bring back the milkshake candy bar although it was very reasonable we were very poor but we always got a milkshake candy bar and would love to have them again bring them back don’t be like that to people we’re the ones that buy your candy bars but that is my number one candy ever the milkshake candy bar I could still taste it yum bring it back I know you can make this candy bar and as you read the comments I’m not the only one that enjoyed that candy bar of course I’ve enjoyed your other candy bars but not like this one it is a prize winner a blue ribbon candy bar milkshake if I had nothing else I would get that candy bar I’ve always bought a quantity of it they were awesome

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    • Can’t figure it out. Hershey has the manufacturing ability and it’s obvious it would make them a Lot of money. Maybe they lost the recipe? I don’t like Milky Way. Milkshake was a unique candy. I would get it frozen at the skating rink. After the outpouring here, I may just stop buying their products altogether. // Deb

  22. Milkshake candy bars were the absolute best candy bars ever. As a kid in the 70’s when I would go to my local swim club, they sold milkshake candy bars frozen on a stick at the snack bar. They were delicious. Please bring them back, so many people would love to have them back.

  23. I always liked the MilkShake bar. It was interesting that our local soda fountain which carried many of the candy available at that time (50-60s) did not carry the Hollywood products. The Texaco station down the block had them in their vending machine which is where I bought them. One thing else: making a plea here for Hershey’s to bring them back is a waste of your time as the company never sees your request. Go to their website to make the case for bringing the MilkShake bar back. You just may succeed if enough folks do so.

  24. This was my favorite as a kid. It was somewhat hard to find. I was introduced to it at the South Park pool where they sold them frozen. They were so good frozen.


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