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PB Crisps – Crunchy & Creamy Story of Peanut Butter Snacks

Do you remember the 90s craze for PB Crisps? Those delicious bite-sized snacks came with a peanut butter filling and a crispy outer shell that left you reaching for more. Well, if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, then you’re in luck because we’re about to dive into the world of PB Crisps. We’ll explore the history of this beloved snack, why it disappeared from our shelves, and the possibility of its return. 

So, grab a seat, and get ready to take a trip down sweet memory lane with us. 

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PB Crisps


PB Crisps were invented by Planters, a well-known snack company that has been around since 1906. The snack was introduced in 1992 and quickly became a fan favorite. PB Crisps were essentially bite-sized snacks made with a crispy outer shell and a creamy peanut butter filling. They were perfect for satisfying a sweet and salty craving, and the fact that they came in small bite-sized pieces made them even more irresistible. 

However, despite their popularity, PB Crisps were discontinued in 1995, leaving many fans disappointed and wondering why such a beloved snack was taken off the market. The reason for the discontinuation of PB Crisps is not entirely clear, but there are a few theories.

One theory is that the snack was not profitable enough for Planters to continue manufacturing. While PB Crisps had a loyal following, they were not as popular as some of Planters’ other snacks, such as their iconic peanuts. As a result, PB Crisps was simply not generating enough revenue to justify its continued production.

Another theory is that the manufacturing process for PB Crisps was too complicated and expensive. PB Crisps were made using a patented process that involved filling the shells with peanut butter. Chances are that this process was too costly for Planters to continue, and they decided to discontinue the snack as a result.

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Regardless of the reason, the discontinuation of PB Crisps left a void in the snack world that has yet to be filled. Many fans have started petitions and social media campaigns in an attempt to bring back the beloved snack, but so far, there has been no success.

Planters Company

Planters is a well-known snack company that has been around for over a century. The company was founded in 1906 by Italian immigrant Amedeo Obici, who started selling peanuts from a horse-drawn cart in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. From these humble beginnings, Planters grew to become one of the largest snack companies in the world.

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Planters’ success can be attributed to their commitment to quality and innovation. The company was the first to sell roasted peanuts in cans, which helped preserve their freshness and flavor. They also introduced a variety of other snacks, including cashews, almonds, and mixed nuts, which helped expand their product line and appeal to a wider audience.

One of Planters’ most iconic mascots is Mr. Peanut, a monocle-wearing anthropomorphic peanut who has become a beloved symbol of the company. Mr. Peanut was created in 1916 by a 14-year-old boy named Antonio Gentile, who won a contest to design a company logo. Since then, Mr. Peanut has appeared in countless advertisements and promotional materials for Planters.

Over the years, Planters has continued to innovate and introduce new products to the market. In addition to their classic roasted peanuts and other nuts, they have also introduced a variety of snack mixes, trail mixes, and other snacks. However, despite their success, Planters has faced some challenges over the years, including changes in consumer preferences and increased competition from other snack companies.

In recent years, Planters has undergone some changes, including a rebranding effort that included a new logo and updated packaging. The company has also introduced new products, such as its line of protein-packed snacks, which are designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers.


PB Crisps Logo

The PB Crisps logo featured the words “PB” in bold, uppercase letters with a small “crisps” written underneath in lowercase. The use of orange and blue in the logo added to its eye-catching appeal, making it stand out on the shelves. The use of the orange color of the peanut butter gave it a sense of familiarity and made it easy to spot among other snacks in the aisle.

“The Peanut Butter Snack with the CRUNCH!” was the perfect tagline for PB Crisps. It was short, sweet, and to the point. It perfectly described what PB Crisps was a snack made with creamy peanut butter and a crispy outer shell. The slogan made it easy to understand what the product was all about and left a lasting impression on consumers.

And let’s not forget about the packaging design. The bright orange and blue packaging was eye-catching and fun. The design featured a peanut butter jar with the PB Crisps logo and slogan, accompanied by an image of the actual product itself. The packaging design perfectly encapsulated the snack’s delightful nature, which made it appealing to both kids and adults alike.

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The bold logo, catchy slogan, and playful design of PB Crisps all played a part in its enduring popularity. It’s no surprise that many of us still recall the snack’s packaging with nostalgia. It’s a testament to the idea that sometimes it’s not only the taste of a snack that sticks with us but also the packaging that makes it stand out from the crowd.

What Does PB Crisps Taste Like?

The outer shell of PB Crisps is crispy and has a delicate crunch to it, making it the perfect contrast to the creamy peanut butter filling inside. The peanut butter filling is smooth, rich, and has just the right amount of sweetness.

One thing that made PB Crisps stand out from other peanut butter snacks was the fact that they didn’t taste overly artificial. They tasted like a snack that was made with real ingredients, which only added to their appeal. The flavor is balanced salty and sweet, making them a perfect snack for any time of day.

The best part about PB Crisps was their versatility. They were great as a standalone snack, but they also paired well with other foods. You could crumble them up and sprinkle them on top of ice cream, mix them into a bowl of cereal, or even crush them up and use them as a coating for chicken or fish. 

Ingredients & Nutritional Value

The ingredients in PB Crisps were fairly simple, but they were carefully chosen to create the perfect balance of flavors and textures. The outer shell was made with a mixture of cornmeal, wheat flour, and sugar, which gave it a light and crispy texture. The filling, of course, was made with creamy peanut butter, which was blended with sugar, salt, and other flavorings to create a rich and satisfying taste.

As for their nutritional value, PB Crisps were not exactly healthy foods. They were a high-calorie snack that contained a fair amount of sugar and fat. One serving of PB Crisps (about 13 pieces) contained 150 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 12 grams of sugar. However, they did contain some protein (2 grams per serving), which made them a slightly more filling snack than some other options.

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Despite their high-calorie count and less-than-healthy ingredients, PB Crisps was still a beloved snack for many people. They were a fun and tasty treat that provided a satisfying crunch and a delicious burst of peanut butter flavor. Of course, as with any snack, it’s important to enjoy them in moderation and balance them with a healthy diet and exercise.

Alternatives of PB Crisps for Those Who Miss Them

If you’re a fan of PB Crisps and are looking for similar snacks that offer a comparable texture and flavor profile, there are a few options to consider.

Peanut Butter-Filled Snacks

One option is to try other peanut butter-filled snacks, such as Reese’s Pieces or Nutter Butter Bites. Both of these snacks feature a crunchy outer shell and a creamy peanut butter filling, which provides a similar texture and flavor to PB Crisps.

Snack Crackers

Another option is to try other types of snack crackers that feature a crispy texture and a savory flavor. Goldfish crackers, for example, are a popular option that comes in a variety of flavors and offers a satisfying crunch. Cheez-Its are another option that offers a similar texture and flavor profile, with a crispy cracker exterior and a cheesy filling.

Healthier Alternatives

If you’re looking for a healthier option, you might consider trying rice cakes or popcorn. Both of these snacks offer a light and crispy texture and can be satisfying snacks when you’re in the mood for something crunchy. Popcorn can also be a great source of fiber, while rice cakes can be a low-calorie option that you can top with your favorite spread, such as peanut butter or hummus.



Bottom Line

Above in the article, we’ve uncovered the history of PB Crisps and recalled the excellent ol’ days of snacking. While we may not have a clear answer on when or if PB Crisps makes a comeback, we can still cherish the memories they’ve left behind. Who knows, maybe we’ll stumble upon a hidden stash of these treats one day, and we can relive the nostalgia all over again. 

Please leave a review or any memories of this snack in the comments below. Thank you!

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