PB Max

PB Max is a little known but popular candy bar first produced in the year 1989. The PB Max bar contains a combination of peanut butter, milk chocolate, and cookie pieces. PB Max has a achieved a small but loyal following despite its current discontinuation. It is often thought that the mars company did not like peanut butter much and thus discontinued PB MAX.  Read more interesting information about PB Max here on this page.

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PB Max

PB MAX’S STORY AND HISTORY – Information About PBMax

PB Max was introduced in the year 1989 by Mars incorporated. Since PB-Max’s inception, it has achieved a surprisingly large following of loyal supporters. This is surprising since Mars Inc. discontinued it some time ago. and PB-Max was a short lived product, and yet there still remains a strong demand for it. Several petitions seem to be still ongoing to attempt to cajole Mars Inc. into reproducing Pb Max  The Mars candy corporation has a long history of producing it’s signature chocolate bars especially the ones that made it most famous, the chocolate bars that were made with a chocolatey nugget center. Called the mars bar, It  was the first nugget chocolate bar that was created by the mars company that was like this. Others soon followed like the Snickers, Milky Way, and Three Musketeers. The Mars company is also known for endlessly introducing new ways to sell their products and new products that were inspired in part by other products in order to see if they will sell just as much as their original counterparts or perhaps more than there original counterparts. Some examples would include the M&Ms® candies and their many spinoffs. This includes the Minis, peanuts, crispy (discontinued), dark chocolate, and pretzel. The same thing can be said about their skittles candy (many different flavor packages are offered and some have been discontinued due to poor sales but little people care about these releases). These are great demonstrations on what mars does in order to add to their line of products. It seems to be working for them so far but every now and then something doesn’t quite work out and the company is faced with the decision to stop production of the product. The decision is usually unanimous since there clearly is no point in producing more of them. And when the decision is unanimous, the disappearance of these products goes unnoticed or in many other cases, they go without knowing, or people simply didn’t care much for it and don’t much care for it’s disappearance.

At some point in the late 80s, early 90s, the mars company tried to make another variant of it’s famous mars bar. The idea was the first of it’s kind and it closely resembles a candy that is produced today. The PBMax bar was a bar that had peanut butter and oats on top of a whole grain cookie square covered in chocolate. Sweetened with sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oil to prevent separation. Due to it’s obscurity, there is no information on how it fared with customers and what became of it. According to the information that is available, the sales weren’t a factor in it’s cancellation. The reason why the bars are no longer produced is because the mars family had a distaste for peanut butter for reasons unknown. This doesn’t constitute canceling a product that managed to gain $50 million dollars in sales. Unfortunately this wasn’t the route that mars went in when making this decision. It’s structure resembles the TWIX bar, a whole grain cookie square covered in caramel and coated with milk chocolate, the only ingredient missing from these bars is the peanut butter. This bar must have been what replaced the Pbmax bar and occupied peoples memories of it’s very existence. The TWIX continues to be produced today and is a favorite amongst consumers that seek chocolate candies. These are very difficult to make in a mom and pop shop (the way mars makes them) so there doesn’t seem to be a sign for declining sales.

The Pbmax bar’s existence is fresh in everyone’s minds again, there are blogs and a Facebook page dedicated to bringing the bar back. There doesn’t seem to be any sign to this happening any time soon. The Mars company probably had peanut allergies that ran in the family and they were just trying to look out for their own. Nobody knows for sure but it’s all we have to go on. There might be an alternative out there somewhere but even if it’s presence is made known, there is no way of knowing if the small community of people that want to bring the pbmax bar back would settle for this replacement compared to the original bar that they remember from the 90s.

There is a small following of people that remember the Pbmax bar, (or were recently reminded of it since it’s life was so brief). The mars company made an irrational reason for canceling the production of the bar. A disdain for peanut butter wasn’t a very professional decision a company could ever make. They didn’t benefit from making such a decision and they might be regretting it right now. You might need to ask yourself as the CEO and owner of a large corporation. Why would you discontinue a product that brought in over $50 million dollars in revenue. Because of it’s following, there are Facebook pages and blogs dedicated to convincing the mars company to bring these bars back. They might have lasted for a brief period of time but it’s revenue says otherwise and the company might have benefited from going against the decision they made in discontinuing these bars. The possibilities of the mars company beginning back the bars is hard to tell. Nobody knows what goes on in the company and weather or not if a small internet following would be enough to compel a large corporation like mars to change their minds. Because there is no further emphasis on why they decided to discontinue the bar is very small other than their disdain for peanut butter. The reason why the Mars family hated peanut butter is unknown so it’s left open for interpretation. Did they hate the flavor? Was there a family trend for peanut allergies? Who knows other than the mars family themselves. There might be a chance for these bars to come back assuming the leadership is different from what it was a decade ago. Nobody knows for sure but it’s highly recommended that you start looking for bars that closely resemble the Pbmax bar. You could try a payday but even that would have it’s differences. It’s a close enough comparison that you might be able to stick with until the company decides against it’s original decision to cancel the Pbmax bar. You may be able to find PB MAX out there somewhere but it will take a lot of searching. Otherwise stick to a good alternatives such as a payday bar or a Twix, as both are similar.

The Company That invented PB-max

The Company that made PB-Max is called Mars, Incorporated. Mars Inc makes many famous candy brands such as Crispy m&ms and the Marathon Bar. Mars Inc. discontinued PB-Max for difficult to see reasons, as PB Max seemed to be bringing in over 50 million dollars of revenue.

The Year PB Max Was Invented

PB Max was first made in the year 1989. PB Max’s lifespan however was to be short lived, it was discontinued in the early 1990’s.

PB MAX’S Discontinuation.

PBMAX has been discontinued and is no longer made. It has often been said that for some reason Mars did not like peanut butter very much. To this day it is unclear why this may be, however the PBMAX bar very well may have been discontinued for this reason. IT is known that Pb Max did fairly well in sales however. It is currently very difficult to find PB Max for sale anywhere and has been for several years.

Is PB Max for sale?

Many people come here trying to find where they can find PB max for sale in stores. As of this time we were unable to find any stores that seem to sell PB max anymore. If any PB Max bar’s are left they are likely now or soon to be expired. Even online there seems to be no current leads on anyone who sells Pb max, and there likely wont as time goes on, but we will keep you updated if that changes.

PB Max Commercials

Did Twix Replace PB Max?

It has been suspected by some that Twix may have been allowed to replace PB Max on stores shelves. One of the primary differences between PB-Max and Twix is that Twix does not contain peanut butter. Other then they are rather alike in nature. Both have a gram cookie center, following by a layer of Carmel covering and a chocolate coating.