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Gold Candy – Overview of All-Time Festive Favorite Treats

Whoever said “all that glitters is not gold” clearly never tasted gold candy. Gold candy is not just a shiny treat that catches the eye, but it’s also a symbol of luxury, success, and celebration. Needless to say, it can add a touch of glamor and sophistication to any event. 

One of the most popular gold candies is the gold chocolate coin. The shiny gold wrapper adds a touch of festivity to the already delicious chocolate, making it a perfect addition to any celebration. Classic golden candies offer a rich caramel flavor that is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

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If you are curious about the beautiful gold candy varieties, keep reading because we’re about to discover the sweet mystery of golden tastes.

Gold Candy

8 Popular Varieties of Gold Candy

1. Gold Hershey’s Almond Kisses

Gold Hershey’s Almond Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses is the first gold candy that comes to mind when talking about popular sweets. were introduced in 1907, and the classic silver-wrapped Kiss quickly became one of America’s most beloved candies. In 1990, Hershey’s decided to introduce a new version of the classic Kiss, this time with an almond center.

The candy was made with the same high-quality chocolate as the classic Kiss, but with a crunchy whole almond in the center. In 1991, Hershey’s decided to give the Almond Kisses a special twist for the holiday season. They wrapped the candy in gold foil and changed the name to Gold Hershey’s Kisses.

The gold Hershey’s Kisses were not only delicious but also became a popular decorating item for holiday baked goods. They were also a popular addition to holiday candy dishes, and many people started using them as part of their holiday decorations. They are still wrapped in gold foil and continue to be a popular addition to holiday treats and decorations.

2. Toblerone


Toblerone is a popular Swiss chocolate brand that is well-known for its distinctive triangular shape and packaging. Toblerone was first created by Theodor Tobler and his cousin Emil Baumann in Bern, Switzerland, in 1908. Theodor Tobler was inspired by the shape of the Matterhorn mountain and decided to create a chocolate bar that would mimic its triangular shape.

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Toblerone quickly became popular in Switzerland and was later introduced to the rest of the world. The golden color is achieved by adding extra milk powder to the chocolate mixture, giving it a creamier taste and a distinctive hue. Toblerone also offers a variety of gift sets and packaging options, making it a popular choice for gift-giving occasions.

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3. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is a popular Italian chocolate brand that is known for its golden color and elegant packaging. Those chocolate sweets from Ferrero Rocher are often shaped like spheres. Each chocolate ball is individually wrapped in foil and set on the paper liner with care. Candy has a significant cultural association with celebrations like Christmas and has spread throughout many nations. Throughout the 1990s, chocolate rose to prominence in the United Kingdom. Its characteristics were made known to everyone through the commercial “Ambassadors.”

In 1982, the sweet made its debut in Europe. But initially, there was an issue with the label printing, forcing a temporary halt to manufacture. The majority of the candy-making process is still under wraps. Very few media outlets have even visited the facility, and smartphones and other such gadgets are not permitted inside.

During the production process of this sweet treat, two flat wafer sheets are filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream, along with whole hazelnuts. These sheets are then molded into hemispheres and clamped together to form a ball. After being coated with milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, the candy is wrapped in a distinctive gold foil.

4. Werther’s Originals

Werther’s Originals

A brand of caramel candies known as Werther’s Original was created in Germany in 1909. It was given that name in honor of Werther, where Gustav Nebel originally made the candy. Simple ingredients like butter, milk, sugar, and vanilla were used to make the original Werther’s candy, which was then boiled to create a thick, creamy caramel.

The most popular taste of Werther’s Original, even though it comes in a range of flavors, is the hard candy kind. Werther’s Original brand also produces soft caramel and chewy caramel candies, which come in a variety of flavors. Some of the most well-liked flavors are caramel coffee, caramel apple filling, and, of course, the classic caramel hard candy flavor. Outside of the wrapper, the candies are often small, rectangular, or round, and brown, tan, or black in color.

Because of the sugar and cream mixture’s meticulous heating, the candy’s distinctive gold color was obtained. Werther’s Original is a well-known brand of gold candy that has grown in popularity over time. The gold tint of the original Werther’s sweets remains a defining characteristic of the brand despite the many alterations it has undergone.

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5. Twix


Twix is a candy bar that was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1967 by the Mars company. It was later introduced to the United States in 1979. The caramel layer in Twix bars is a key component of their taste and texture. The resulting caramel is smooth, sweet, and slightly chewy, providing a delicious contrast to the crunchy biscuit and smooth milk chocolate.

The color of Twix bars is a result of the caramel and milk chocolate combination.

The caramel layer gives the bar a slightly darker gold color, while the milk chocolate coating provides a lighter, more golden hue. This combination of colors has become iconic and is instantly recognizable as Twix.

The gold candy bar that is currently commonly referred to as Twix did not always go by that name. The candy bar gained popularity in the United States snack and candy industry in the 1980s, when it transitioned from being a European-sold treat that was most popular in the United Kingdom. “Raider” was the initial name for Twix.

6. Lindt Lindor

Lindt Lindor

The chocolate truffle brand Lindt Lindor was founded in 1949 in Switzerland. A silky chocolate coating encloses a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth core in a Lindor truffle. In the late 1800s, Lindt’s Master Chocolatier, Rudolf Lindt, created the Lindor truffle. This gold candy was developed to provide a bite-sized sample of Lindt’s premium chocolate.

The truffles are made to be consumed one at a time, individually wrapped so that consumers may enjoy the silky chocolate shell and the rich, creamy chocolate core. The premium chocolate used to produce Lindt Lindor truffles gives them their golden hue.

The premium chocolate used to produce Lindt Lindor truffles gives them their golden color.

It is a result of Lindt using only the best cocoa beans and ingredients to make their chocolates.

Today, Lindt Lindor is a well-liked chocolate company with a reputation for its premium flavors and ingredients. Instantly recognized, Lindt Lindor’s signature gold packaging has come to represent the company’s dedication to quality and enjoyment.

7. Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

Although Cadbury is often associated with cheap chocolates that can be purchased in huge quantities, the Wispa gold-wrapped bar is an attempt to deviate from the standard. This bar, which is covered in genuine gold leaf and has a wrapper that looks like a Twix bar, was made with Willy Wonka in mind.

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This gold candy bar had a restricted supply and was about $1,600 in price. But if you think that something cannot be purchased, you may be misinformed. The company acquired the bar back after failing to find a buyer and put it on display in Cadbury World, its museum. As a result, Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate is unquestionably the priciest chocolate bar. 

8. Haribo Gold-Bears

Haribo Gold-Bears

Haribo Gold Bears is a popular brand of gummy gold candy that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. They are known for their distinctive bear shape and bright gold color and have become a beloved staple in the candy industry.

The history of Haribo Gold Bears can be traced back to 1920 when Hans Riegel Sr.

founded the Haribo company in Bonn, Germany. Riegel began producing hard candies but later expanded his offerings to include a range of gummy sweets, including fruit-flavored gummy bears.

This chewy, gold candy was first introduced in 1967, and quickly gained popularity thanks to its bright color, soft texture, and delicious fruity taste. They were an instant hit with both children and adults and have remained one of Haribo’s most popular products ever since.

The gold color of Haribo Gold Bears is a key part of their branding and marketing.

According to the company, the gold color symbolizes the high quality and premium taste of the candies. The color also helps to distinguish the Gold Candy Bears from other gummy candies on the market, making them instantly recognizable to consumers. Over the years, Haribo has introduced several variations on the classic Gold Bears, including sour and sugar-free options.

Bottom Line

Gold candy has become an increasingly popular and luxurious treat in recent years. Its shimmering appearance and association with wealth and opulence have made it a popular choice for special occasions and high-end events. They may not be a necessity, but for those looking to treat themselves or impress their guests, gold candy is a delicious way to add some glamor and luxury to any occasion.

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