Oh Henry!

Candy bars are some of the most popular and well-known kinds of candy that people have experienced in their lifetime. Candy bars often make a big impression and even basic candy bars are still preferred by many people over some of the more unique candies that are on the market. The Oh Henry bar is … Read more

Milk Duds

If you like chocolate and caramel, then this happy mistake that became a Milk Dud is absolutely for you. While the original intention of the candy was not the end result, what we got is something delightfully chewy that has always been a big hit in the candy market.  Milk Dud History This is a … Read more

Andes Mints

The perfect blend of chocolate and mint, you really can’t go wrong with an Andes mint. Have you ever tried these? They’ve been around for a lot of years and the flavors of the layers of mint and chocolate meld together to make the perfect combination.  Andes Mints History Andes Mints have a long history … Read more


This is one of the most distinctive and popular candies on the market and almost everyone knows what this little treat tastes like. There are not many confectionary items that can match a Butterfinger bar when it comes to taste and crunchiness all rolled into one. This has long been a favorite candy bar of … Read more

Anise Squares

This candy has been around for a very long time. Anise is one of the most traditional flavors of candy and you will find that anise is also used in many loaves of bread, sweets, and other kinds of crackers and snacks. This is a flavor that is unique and has been a favorite for … Read more


Kool-Aid is perhaps one of the longest-standing popular drinks in history. It’s incredibly affordable to use and it comes in tons of different flavor options as well.  This term inspires excitement and maybe some great memories of a childhood with a red mustache from the glass of Kool-Aid you enjoyed after playing outside or on … Read more

Baby Ruth Bar

The Baby Ruth Bar is a chocolate bar that is made from peanuts, caramel, and nougat. Formally known as the Kandy Kake, it was renamed in 1921 by its then-owner, the Curtiss Candy Company. Since then, it has been continuously known as the Baby Ruth Bar. While many mistakes the bar as having been named … Read more

Zero Bar

The Zero Bar is a candy bar that is made by The Hershey Company. It features a combination of caramel and almond nougat as well as peanuts. The entire bar is covered in white chocolate fudge. This is a unique candy treat that not everyone has experienced, but the candy has been around for almost … Read more

Wise Popcorn

Wise Foods is based in Berwick, PA. They sell across the US and they make all kinds of products because of their famous popcorn. The company was originally created to sell their world-famous Wise Potato Chips, but they later expanded to make Cheez Doodles, tortilla chips, pork rinds, and popcorn. The company was really the … Read more