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Green Candy – A Sweet Celebration of the Color of Life

When you think of candy, “green” might not be the first word that comes to mind. However, green candy is a fun and unique treat, and candy brands all over the world produce a wide range of candies that come in different hues of green.

Whether it’s a St. Patrick’s Day party, a spring wedding, or a baby shower, green candies are often used to add a pop of color and sweetness to the occasion. For example, the color green is often associated with growth, making it a popular choice for events that celebrate life and vitality.

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Below, we will check out some of the most popular and loved Green Candy varieties. 

Green Candy

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with Green Candy

Green candy has its own unofficial celebration day, and this is St. Patrick’s Day. Since green candy is iconic and most widely used during St. Patrick’s Day, it is also interesting to explore why green is an iconic color for this celebration. 

One of the reasons is that Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle. Therefore, the celebration is connected to this color. Another factor was the Irish flag’s green stripe. The white in the center depicts the harmony between the two religions, while the orange and green traditionally stand for Ireland’s Protestant and Catholic populations, respectively.

There is still more religious symbolism present. St. Patrick is credited with using green shamrocks to teach people about the Holy Trinity, which is another justification for coloring everything green. 

Of course, we mustn’t forget leprechauns when talking about St. Patrick’s Day. These naughty little men were formerly reported to dress in crimson and gold coats and sharp red caps. Nowadays, they are seldom seen wearing anything other than green, and according to folklore, they pinch anyone who isn’t donning their preferred hue. But that’s probably plenty of reason to wear anything green during St. Patrick’s Day or get the all-time favorite green candy.

6 Popular Varieties of Green Candy

1. Green Hi-Chew

Green Hi-Chew

Green High-Chew is one of the best green candies you can choose for your themed event. Hi-Chew candy was first introduced in 1975 and later, in February 1996, it was reintroduced as individually wrapped candies.

Due to the Japanese traditional taboo of taking food out of the mouth, Taichiro Morinaga set out to develop an edible type of chewing gum that could be swallowed, which is how Hi-Chew got its start. Caramel was previously manufactured in Morinaga. In 1931, Morinaga was able to produce his brand-new confection known as Chewlets by fusing flavors with his chewy caramel. World War II severely damaged the company, which had to be completely rebuilt. In the shape of Hi-Chews, as they are now known, Chewlets were reintroduced.

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Individual Hi-Chew candies are wrapped in foil with brand stamping or plain white wax paper. Each individual candy piece has a colorful, flavored interior and an outside, white coating (which is the same for most tastes). The strawberry, cheesecake, yogurt, cotton candy, sweet and sour mix, and superfruit mix tastes are the outliers to this rule. However, green High-Chew is definitely a game changer. The flavor of this green candy is sour apple, which is sweet and tangy all at once. 

2. Apple Laffy Taffy

Apple Laffy Taffy

The Beich’s Candy business is where Apple Laffy Taffy‘s beginnings may be found. Paul F. Beich created Beich’s in 1893. The business was in charge of marketing the Beich Whiz bar, a once-famous chocolate-covered marshmallow treat. Beich’s Caramels, with the flavor name in the center, such as “Beich’s Banana Caramels,” was the name of the Laffy Taffy candy when it was originally released.

It should be noted that while they were termed “caramels,” they really appeared to be composed of a form of taffy rather than caramel. A sticky mixture of cooked sugar, butter or vegetable oil, flavorings, and coloring is pulled or stretched until it gets aerated to create taffy candy. The confection eventually adopted the name “Beich’s Laffy Taffy”.

This green candy used to come in larger quantities and a variety of colors, and it used to be square in shape and thicker. Laffy Taffy is still very tiny compared to other sweets, but it is generally flatter and longer today. When dealing with sweets made from taffy, which can grow sticky even though people enjoy eating it for its sticky and chewy quality, each piece is separately wrapped.

3. Ice Breakers Mints

Ice Breakers Mints

Since the 1990s, Ice Breakers Candy has been around. Nabisco is the candy brand that invented this treat. You will quickly notice some similarities between LifeSavers and this breath mint product because this is really the same firm that produced Life Savers confectionery. Hershey acquired the LifeSavers brand in 2000 for a hefty sum of money, yet being a part of this new business has had no appreciable impact on the Ice Breakers candy brand.

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Hershey had the greatest chewing-gum market share as of 2006, and their popular range of breath-refreshing goods included Ice Breakers confectionery. Hershey’s success in this market has been largely attributed to this product, to which the company has recently introduced additional distinctive tastes. Ice Breakers are like a happy medium between chewing gum and breath mints since not everyone prefers sticky, heavy chewing gum.

This green candy comes in the gum and hard mint varieties, and you’ll undoubtedly discover that both are satisfying in their own ways. Both of these fantastic items may help you have fresher breath, and each variation has something unique to offer.

4. Green Mentos

Green Mentos

Chewy green candy known as Mentos has been a staple in American culture for years. They are available in a broad range of tastes, including the traditional mint and fruity ones like strawberry, orange, and grape. However, the grape flavor definitely stands out from the crowd. Mentos is a candy that truly offers something for everyone because some of the more recent varieties even contain chocolate and caramel.

This green candy is more than simply sweet. They have grown to become a recognized part of the culture. Who could ever forget the iconic Mentos ads from the 1990s, in which individuals used Mentos to get out of tricky situations? These commercials are so well-known that they have even been made fun of in movies and television shows.

Green Mentos are renowned for their distinctive texture in addition to their cultural importance. When you first bite into them, they have a pleasing crunch and are chewy but not too sticky or gummy. It’s understandable why Mentos has long been advertised as a breath freshener. They are a fantastic choice for after meals or whenever you need a fast pick-me-up because of their potent tastes and chewy texture, which assist to counteract foul smells and freshen breath.

5. Mike And Ike Lime Candy

Mike And Ike Lime Candy

Louis and Irvin Glanser, brothers, developed Mike and Ike in 1940. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the Glasner brothers ran a tiny family enterprise known as the Just Born Confectionery Company. At that time, they offered a variety of sweets and snacks, including peanut butter kisses, chocolate eggs, and marshmallow Peeps. In this period, the Glanser brothers made the decision to develop a novel candy that they called Mike and Ike.

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Cherry, lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry were among the first Mike and Ike flavors. The lime flavor had a green candy color. The packaging for these five flavors included cartons with a bold yellow label. The Glaser brothers saw that Mike & Ike had the potential to become a well-liked confectionery when the product immediately became popular with consumers. They started concentrating their efforts on promoting the sweet and broadening its appeal.

6. Green Apple Frooties

Green Apple Frooties

The history of Apple Frooties green candy dates back to the early 1960s, when a candy manufacturer called Tootsie Roll Industries developed a new type of candy. The company was founded in 1896 by Leo Hirschfield, and it had been making Tootsie Rolls, a chocolate-flavored candy, for many years. 

Frooties, introduced by Tootsie Roll in the 1970s, are one of the few remaining penny sweets created in the United States. They come in value-priced packages and are the ideal snacks for traveling. Frooties are soft, chewy, bite-sized candies that are bursting with the flavor of fresh fruit.

Frooties were also sold in a wide range of flavors, which made them appealing to a broad audience. They come in 11 mouthwatering flavors: Green Apple, Grape, Fruit Punch, Strawberry, Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Cherry, and the newest addition, Mango. 

Over the years, Tootsie Roll Industries has continued to expand its line of Frooties, adding new flavors and packaging options. Frooties have become a household staple and are often found in candy dishes, goody bags, and vending machines.

Bottom Line

Above in the article, we explored the delicious list of green candies. Green candy is a popular choice for events like St. Patrick’s Day, where it is used as a symbol of good fortune. You can create a themed candy buffet with a variety of green-colored candies, like gummy bears, jelly beans, and sour belts. 

So, the next time you’re looking for a sweet treat, consider going green with one of these delightful candies.

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