Space Food Sticks

Space food sticks are linked indelibly with the first trips to space and they were very popular in the space race era due to this connection. If you have not heard of these snacks, that is because they were discontinued in the 1980s when the original space race craze officially ended. This being said, they … Read more

Dubble Bubble Gum

Dubble Bubble gum has been popular for generations, particularly in the US and the UK, and there are many varieties of gum on the market these days. Many of these gums are made to freshen your breath but at the beginning of the history of chewing gum, gum was made for the purpose of blowing … Read more

Mamba Candy

Fruity, juicy, chewy, delicious – all of these words have been used to describe Mamba candy and they are all absolutely right. Originally launched in the German market, this candy has been popular since the day it debuted.  Mamba Candy History Mamba has a long, steady history behind it. This candy was originally produced in … Read more


Caramello bars have been around for a long time and they are sold under different names in the UK and Australia. The general name for the candy confection is actually Cadbury Caramilk, but in the US, this candy bar is more familiarly known as Caramello. The entire styling of the bar is different depending on … Read more

Double Dip Candy

Have you ever heard of Double Dip Candy? This confectionary candy was introduced by Swizzles Matlow and became exceptionally popular for a short time frame. This powdery, sweet candy had a dipping stick and will closely remind you of the popular Fun Dip candy on the market today.  Let’s take a closer look!  Double Dip … Read more

Smartfood Popcorn

When people talk about popcorn that can be eaten on the go, they always talk about Smartfood popcorn. This tells you how completely the company has met its original goal of sweeping away the low-quality and tasteless cheesy popcorns that were sold prior to the creation of the Smartfood brand. Smartfood has become the standard … Read more

Bar None

Many people are well aware of the existence of Hershey’s and its products. People know about the Hershey’s bar and other products that are made by this company that is quite famous by now. However, there have been some products that the candy giant has made that have not been as popular or as well … Read more

Nerds Candy

Nerds have been a popular candy for decades. They are a fun little candy that you can just pop a handful in your mouth or mix and match flavors however you like. Sometimes Nerds candy can be a little sour and other times they can be very sweet.  They have added many popular flavors over … Read more