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Sugar Babies Candy (History, Pictures & Commercials)

Sugar Babies candy has a unique history. This is a candy that was supposed to be the “child” of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama. The candy company that produced these products came up with the Sugar Babies candy as an offshoot of the original product, which was the Sugar Daddy Candy. This is a really snackable and yummy candy that you will love if you enjoy sugary candy with a caramel flavor.

Sugar Babies candy are soft, chewable, and caramel flavored candy that many people enjoy. This is a candy that has changed hands many times and has remained popular despite all of the turnovers in product ownership. From an association with a family of candies to being a stand-alone item that is sold on its own, this little candy has stood the test of time for years.

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Sugar Babies Candy


This is a pan-coated and chewy milk caramel treat. Sugar Babies are made on the same model as the Sugar Daddy candy, which was sold in a bar form on a stick. Sugar Babies were developed in 1935, and they were actually named after a song in part. The song was called “Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby,” but the candy was also developed as the “child” of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama.

Pan-made candies are made in a really old-fashioned way. This is one of the first ways that round and small candy pieces were created with many different materials. Older-style candies were made with simple methods, and at the time that Sugar Babies candy were created, multi-layered candies were not common. Pan-coated candies were a great solution for the needs of the candy market at the time as well. These candies could hold up to the heat of the summer before refrigeration was available everywhere.

This was actually not a candy that was marketed directly to children. This is because this was just the way that candies were made for everyone at the time that this candy was first on the market. Later on, the candy was marketed to kids like many other candies. Ironically, these candies are probably much more popular with adults than with kids. Children are attracted to really busy and complex candy bars these days, and caramel is less popular with children partially due to the inability to enjoy this kind of candy when you have braces on.

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The more popular and well-known version of this candy is the Sugar Daddy. Sugar Daddy candy are sold in bar form on a stick. The candy is wrapped in a wax paper wrapper. This is not a really attractive candy, but it makes up for the way it looks with the way it tastes. The Sugar Babies version of the candy is actually much more attractive than the original Sugar Daddy candy. It has a shiny shell on it that makes it more attractive than the bars, but these are still irregular candies that are not made to be uniform like M&Ms.

The candy was originally associated with what is now not an acceptable stereotype. The candy was named after women that were kept by rich men who were their Sugar Daddies. This is a very old reference at this point, but it is still controversial since the candy has not changed names. It is likely that the current manufacturer, the Charms Company, has decided that most people no longer know about this reference and that changing the name would just make the candy lose its loyal following.

The original marketing effort that was done in the 70s to make these candies more popular was the idea of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas having kids. The Sugar Mama candy was basically just a Sugar Daddy bar with chocolate covering it. Sugar Mamas were discontinued in the 80s, but Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies have survived and are still sold today.

The Sugar Mamma bar was probably the victim of changing times. Candy bars with chocolate are far more complicated these days, and the two-ingredient bar was probably just too simple when compared to the other candies on the market at this time. Candy bars are different these days, and when the shift happened to make more complex candy bars, the Sugar Mama was not interesting enough to make it through the change in the market.

The Welch Company, who first made sugar babies candy, was sold to Nabisco and then later to Warner-Lambert Company. The candies were then sold to Tootsie Roll Industries. This was a great place for them to land because Tootsie Roll knows how to make the most of a candy that has a long history. They are not inclined to change anything that is working, and that has a loyal following.

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There are seasonal Caramel Apple Sugar Babies as well that are only stocked during the holidays. This is essentially the same candy but with an apple flavor built into the core of the sugar baby. The apple flavor is a green apple. Many people are not even aware of the seasonal version as it is not sold for a long time each year. The regular caramel candies are the most popular by far.

If you love caramel, original sugar babies candy are going to be your best bet to enjoy caramels that are easy to eat. Most candy bars include caramel, but it is not a major part of the taste profile of the candy. Caramels are traditionally hard and chewy, but Sugar Babies are more enjoyable because they are easier to eat and are not compromised by other flavors.


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From the Amazon entry:

  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Invert sugar
  • Partially hydrogenated soybean oil
  • Dry whole milk
  • Modified food starch
  • Whey
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Confectioner’s glaze
  • Salt
  • Caramel color
  • Artificial colors (including FD&C Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, and Blue 1)
  • Soya lecithin
  • White mineral oil

The wrappers also state that there can be eggs in the product. This is not a vegan candy product due to the milk and the eggs. There are very few candies that fall within the vegan requirements, and this is one that is often mistaken for being vegan. This is not correct, and if you follow this diet for any reason, from allergies to preference, you will not be able to enjoy this candy.

These candies are 38 grams, and a serving is 19 pieces of candy. Each serving is about 180 calories. For the sugar content in these candies, they are not actually that high-calorie of a snack. People say that these candies are sweet, sugary, and chewy. They are a little softer than the Sugar Daddy candy bars themselves. The sugar shell on these sweets is not on the Sugar Daddy candy bars. That is the main difference between the two products, and it impacts the recipe somewhat as well. The ingredients for the Sugar Babies candy bar do include the necessary components for the candy shell itself.

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Serving Size:28 pieces (41g)% Daily Value*
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 14
Calories 160
Total Fat 1.5g2%
Sodium 40mg2%
Total Carbohydrates 38g13%
Sugars 30g
Protein 0g
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


Sugar Babies candy that is sold in this lineup has a consistent packaging style. The boxes and bags are yellow, and the boxes and bags have small squiggles of red and white confetti on the packaging. The logo is large and central on the box, and the lettering is composed of block letters. The boxes and bags also show a depiction of the candies themselves around the logo.

Sugar Mama was sold with a red wrapper with yellow lettering. This was the only part of the line of candies that were not dressed in yellow with orangey-red confetti designs. The wrappers and boxes have not changed much over time, and people who loved these candies in the 70s and 80s will recognize them today. Tootsie Roll itself is sold with a really simple wrapper, and the livery of the Sugar Daddy and Sugar babies candy are a good match for the candy logos and livery designs that Tootsie Roll still sells today.

This is a really simple design, and it is so colorful that it is quite noticeable. Most of the products are sold in boxes, and you will find that this is the best option for enjoying the candy with it being soft and chewy. This is a candy that can dry out over time, but the cardboard box storage method provides added insulation that keeps moisture in once the box is opened up.

This is a candy that is commonly sold as a theater candy, and the box model makes it a lot easier to enjoy it without spilling the candies all over the floor. Most candy that is sold in movie theaters is sold in boxes like this to make sure that the product does not get spilled all over while it is being eaten. The circus feel of this candy’s livery is well-known and familiar, and Tootsie Roll has not changed the livery because of its familiar nature.



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  1. I am 65 and I still love sugar daddy candy.
    Whenever Halloween rolls around that is I get a craving for candy apple and my favorite.
    But I can’t find the big ones anymore.
    So I buy them in bulk
    I don’t buy the babies anymore I just love the bar candy and sucking like Tootsie rolls.
    I bought them as a kid 1962 and now it’s 2022.
    Yeah for sugar daddy lasting so long!!!!

  2. I have to correct a mistake above. The statement, “Sugar Babies were developed in 1935, and they were actually named after a song in part. The song was called “Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby,”…
    My father, Artie Malvin, wrote the music and lyrics for “Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby” for a Broadway show that opened in 1979: “Sugar Babies, The Burlesque Musical” which starred Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller.
    I noticed that Wikipedia has it wrong as well.
    Thought you’d be interested.

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