Purple Candy – All About Sweet, Royal-Color Treats

Purple candy stands out on any candy buffet or dessert table with its bold and vibrant hue. They are a popular choice among candy lovers due to their unique and appealing color. The color purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, and creativity. That’s why purple sweets are considered a perfect addition to events that want to create an air of sophistication and elegance.

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Let’s dive into the delicious list and overview of fascinating purple candy.

Purple Candy

6 Most Popular Purple Candy Available on the Market 

1. Nerds Candy

Nerds Candy

David Klein and his wife, Judy Klein, came up with the idea for the Nerds candy in 1976. The popular breakfast cereal known as “Nerds Cereal,” which was developed by Kellogg’s in 1965, was initially going to be made into candy. After several fruitless attempts, they ultimately succeeded in creating these delightfully little, sugar-coated maize puffs known today as Nerds.

Over the years, several flavors have been added, including “Fruit Juicy Red,” one of the most well-liked ones on the market. They’re delicious little sweets. 

Nerds candies were produced by the Sunmark Corporation and first appeared on the American market in 1983. Because they typically come in pairs, nerds stand out. Although you may obtain them in mixed flavors, most boxes you purchase will only have two varieties. You receive two tastes in one box as a result.

There are small candy boxes, of course, and they usually contain just one flavor, which is indicated by the color of the candy and the packaging. For example, purple candy has a grape flavor. 

Since the majority of these varieties come in duos, if you buy a standard size, you’ll receive strawberry and grape or another flavor combination. You’ll discover that the same flavors are typically combined with little modification or variation. 

2. Purple Pixy Stix

Purple Pixy Stix

Pixy Stix is a sweet and sour treat, packaged in a little tube that resembles a paper straw. These little packets each contain a mouthful of sweet, tangy candy with a fruit taste that you can eat by pouring it into your mouth. Frutoli initially produced these simple sweets in St. Louis. A variety pack of this purple candy has a mix of cherry, orange, Maui Punch, and, of course, grape. 

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This candy was created as a result of the rise in the popularity of water-flavored products. Many people mistakenly believe that Pixy Stix was created out of thin air. However, this candy was really the outcome of this research with another item.

The original candy was first created in 1942 as a spinoff of a powdered treat offered by the Fruzola Company. Instead of being consumed as a drink when combined with water, this drink mix was consumed by people in powder form. This gave rise to the concept of Pixy Stix and resulted in the production of this iconic treat.

The Fruzola Company eventually changed its name to Sunline Inc. and started producing Lik-M-Aid, a product that is somewhat similar to Pixy Stix. Nestle acquired the confectionery and modified its marketing strategies to make the Wonka brand more appealing to children of all ages. However, it recently sold the line of candies to Ferrero SpA.

3. Purple M&Ms

Purple M&Ms

If you’re one of those individuals who try to arrange their M&M’s candies by color upon opening a packet so that they make a pretty rainbow, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there isn’t a purple candy hue to follow the blue, as there would be in a true rainbow. 

When Forrest Mars, the son of the man who invented the Milky Way chocolate bar, first manufactured M&Ms in 1941, purple was still among the original hues. However, M&M’s color scheme underwent a significant alteration in 1949 when TAN took the place of purple. Although this brownish hue is in no way superior to purple, there haven’t been any convincing justifications for this alteration until now. It seems to be a mystery, which seems almost like an illegitimate seizure of the sugar kingdom. 

Aqua, pink, and purple were the options for the 2002 candy manufacturer’s global vote to add a new hue to the sweet palette. With 41% of the vote, a racer in royal colors came out on top this time. The purple M&M exalted after being banished for years. But things never go as we anticipate because life frequently takes unforeseen detours. The purple candy was quickly taken from the ordinary package again once it had sold out because the vote was only for a temporary promotion. 

Despite not being the center of attention in shops, you may still find the enigmatic prince of M&Ms in some uncommon seasonal combinations. You simply need to keep an eye out for it, and you could get the chance to taste a piece of the history of purple candy that is intricately crafted. 

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4. Grape Blow Pops

Grape Blow Pops

Thomas Tate Tidwell Sr. created Charms Blow Pops. The Charms Candy Company would subsequently spread awareness of this product. Even though they are no longer the firm that promotes them, this is currently their best-selling product of all time. The grape flavor of Blow Pops is a beautiful purple color. 

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Ross Cameron, Walter Reid III, and Vincent Ciccone developed the initial concept for the candy. Ciccone was regarded as a prodigy in the realm of candy-making and had a background in chemistry. More than 20 of his ideas were credited to him, some of which were patented and utilized to create new goods. This confection probably wouldn’t have been created if not for Ciccone’s abilities.

Charms Candy Company was purchased by Tootsie Roll Industries in 1988. Just in time for the Tootsie Roll candy lineup to make Tootsie Roll the largest lollipop maker in the world, the Blow Pop was added to their Tootsie Roll range. The soldiers of the Second World War would find consolation in this candy, and many kids and adults would enjoy it for years. At this point, Tootsie Roll was not the product’s owner, but they succeeded when they did so later in the product’s life.

Watermelon, strawberry, cherry, grape, and sour apple Charms Blow Pops were the flavors offered for sale. There are now 16 variations of this product, and each one has the same robust and delectable flavor that these candies are famous for.  

This purple candy is a highly popular Halloween treat right now, and every year, both the full-size and mini-size candies are distributed to trick-or-treaters. Kids are always quite pleased to get such a distinctive and fun candy at a house they approach for treats on this occasion, making this one of the crucial times of the year for sales of this product.

5. Milka


One of the most well-known chocolate product brands in Europe is Milka. You may have seen the posters depicting a rare purple cow in an Alpine meadow. Since the early 1900s, Milka, a German chocolate company, has captured the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere with its “Lila” cow logo

In the late 1800s, Henri Nestlé, the father of chocolate, created a powdered milk product. As a result of this commercial success, his friend Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate. 

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The three primary components of Milka purple candy are cocoa beans, 100% Alpine milk powder, and sugar. However, we should keep in mind that Milka comes in a variety of flavors, and various tastes require different ingredients. 

Although Milka conjures up images of amazing tastes, it also evokes positive emotions such as happiness, love, and pleasure. That is precisely how this purple candy wants us to feel and think while we use and appreciate its products. Everyone continues to adore Milka even after all these years. 

6. Kool-Aid Popping Candy (Grape Flavor)

Kool-Aid Popping Candy Grape Flavor

Kool-Aid is an American sweet that offers purple candy variations. It is owned by the Chicago, Illinois-based Kraft Heinz corporation.  The principal form, powder, was initially developed in 1927 by Edwin Perkins, who got the idea from Fruit Smack, a then-popular liquid concentrate that was the source of his invention. 

Over the years, there have been several taste variants available. While certain tastes in the series have remained constant and won’t ever alter or be dropped, other flavors come and go. They’ve also added some new products and drinks, such as the twist-off Kool-Aid bursts, which are already combined into liquid form. 

Original Kool-Aid flavors include grape, cherry, orange, strawberry, raspberry, and lemon-lime. There are Kool-Aid collectibles available today that are quite valuable. In some ways, it resembles items like Coca-Cola memorabilia. 

The arrangement with Soda Stream to make Kool-Aid tastes accessible to be used in conjunction with the Soda Steam machine that individuals use to brew sodas in their homes was one novel addition to Kool-Aid. The deal between Kraft and Soda Stream took place in 2012. 

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the world of purple candy is full of variety and flavor. Therefore, it has become an essential part of events and celebrations around the world. Whether it’s fruity grape and blackberry flavors or soothing lavender and plum flavors, there’s a purple candy for everyone.  Today, children and adults alike enjoy the taste and look of the colorful treats that we call purple candy. 

So, next time you have a sweet craving, try a luxurious and regal purple candy and see for yourself how delicious they are!

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