Conversation Hearts

Everyone on earth probably has tried out conversation hearts at Valentine’s Day and these chalky little treats with their messages is one of the staples of the holiday. Many people love these kinds of slightly-sweet candies Conversation Hearts are the most well-known of this genre of candy, especially in the United States. This is a … Read more


Do you ever remember getting those colorful little square pieces of gum as a kid? One was never enough so you could mix and match colors and before you know it, you have a mouthful of Chiclets gum! Memories like this are some of the best! You may have never tried Chiclets or perhaps you … Read more

Jujubes Candy

This little fruity candy is a staple at movie theaters and is available in vending machines and candy stores all over the US. These simple little snacks are delightfully chewy and brightly colored ad they have not changed much since the first years that they were sold. There are indications that this candy has been … Read more

Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses are a delectable bite-sized candy produced under the Hershey’s brand. There are so many different Hershey’s options out there but kisses will probably always remain one of the highlights of the brand because you can just unwrap a single kiss and pop it in your mouth for enjoyable flavor.  There’s a lot to … Read more

Dr Pepper

Dr. Pepper happens to be one of the oldest sodas in America out there. From a corner drug store in Texas to a big-name soft drink brand, you really don’t want to miss out on Dr. Pepper. That smooth and refreshing flavor has never been matched, although there are many brands and copycats that have … Read more

Hershey Bar

The Hershey Bar is a candy bar made of chocolate. A rather simple candy, the normal Hershey Bar is considered the milk chocolate variety, and despite being a rather simple, if not plain, chocolate bar, the Hershey’s Bar is considered a classic and is the flagship candy bar for an entire corporation that surrounds this … Read more

Clark Bar

The Clark bar is somewhat little known, but it is definitely worth knowing about. It has earned it’s self many fans over the decades. The Clark Bar is a candy bar made with milk chocolate and peanut butter. Clark Bar has a very unique taste to it, it has crisp when bitten and has a strong … Read more